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Ayurvedic Unit Converter: Convert Ayurvedic Measurements

    Ayurvedic Unit Converter

    Ayurvedic Unit Converter Powerd By Ayurmedia. Please let us know in the comment area if the one
    you were trying to convert is not listed and we’ll add it shortly.

    Measurement in Ayurveda

    In ancient times, barter was a common form of the trade before the advent of currency. Similarly, different measurement methods have been utilized in different regions and across cultures.


    Ayurveda has a variety of units of measurement to measure time, length, volume, weight, etc. The classical Ayurvedic texts describe these measurement units, which were used to measure various types of entities during ancient times.

    As an example, Anguli Pramaan (linear measurement) was introduced for measuring length and body size, and Anjali Pramaan (volume measurement) was used to measure volume.

    The units of measurement for weight were also different, such as Ratti Pal, Kol, Ser, Masha, Tola, etc. These units were used for determining the amount, dose, and quantity of ingredients in ayurvedic formulations.

    Synonyms of Ayurvedic Weight Measurement Units according to Sharangdhar

    Ayurvedic UnitsSynonyms
    ShaanDhran, Tank
    KolKshudrak, Vatak, Tankdvaya, Badar, Drankshan
    KarshPani, Panimanika, Hanspad, Udumbar, Chatushan, Pichu, Suvarn, Kavalgrah, Shodashika
    ShuktiArdhpala, Ashtamika
    PalaMushti, Aamra, Chaturthika, Prakunch, Shodashi, Bilva
    KudavaArdhsharava, Ashtmaan, Anjali
    ManikaSharav, Ashtpala
    AadhakBhajan, Kanspatra, Chatushashtipala
    DronKalash, Unmaan, Rashi, Ghata
    ShoorpaKumbh, Chatushashtisharav
    DroniVahi, Goni

    Our objective for introducing Ayurvedic unit converter

    In Ayurveda, the quantity or dose of medicines is mentioned in Ayurvedic units, and in view of the need to convert those units to modern metric units, we have introduced an Ayurvedic unit conversion tool.


    This ayurvedic unit conversion tool lets you convert more than 32 ayurvedic units to modern units. In case the one you were trying to convert isn’t listed, please leave it in the comments and we’ll add it soon.

    Measurements of time in Ayurveda

    Ayurvedic UnitsModern Equivalent
    1 Kshana0.38 seconds
    1 Lava0.77 seconds
    1 Kashtha1.55 seconds
    1 Kala4.66 seconds
    1 Ghati24 minutes
    1 Muhoorta or Yaam48 minutes
    1 Prahara3 hours
    1 Ahoratra24 hours or 60 Ghati
    1 Paksha15 days or 15 Ahoratra
    1 Masa30 days or 1 month (2 Paksha)
    1 Ritu (season)60 days or 2 months
    1 Ayana6 months or 3 Ritu
    1 Samvatsara12 months or 1 year (2 Ayana)
    1 Yuga5 years
    5 Yuga25 Years
    10 Yuga50 years or Half-century
    20 Yuga100 years or century
    Ayurvedic measurements of time

    Liner measurement in Ayurveda

    Ayurvedic UnitsModern Equivalent
    1 Yavodar0.24 cm
    1 Angula1.95 cm
    1 Vitahasti22.86 cm or 12 Angula
    1 Aratni41.91 cm or 22 Angula
    1 Hasta45.72 cm
    1 Rajhasta55.88 cm
    1 Vyama182.88 cm
    Measurement of length in Ayurveda

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