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Giloy Benefits, Medicinal Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

Giloy benefits Ayurveda

Gloy also Known as Guduchi is an ayurvedic shrub that is widely used in the ayurvedic system of medicines. Giloy benefits in the treatment of fever, indigestion, constipation, and blood disorders like diabetes, gout, anemia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

This herb has been important in Ayurveda since ancient times. It balances our Tridoshas i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and enhances health. Giloy is termed “Amrita” in Ayurveda which means divine nectar. It has also been called ”Rasayana“, which means herbs that increase vitality and enhance lifespan.


Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is a plant with a distinct role as a handy resource for all forms of life. Modern studies have also supported the use of Giloy for treating various diseases..

Giloy is used in various forms such as – Giloy Churna, Giloy Satva Churna, Kwatha, Guduchi Oil, and Rasa or Juice, the benefits of which we will talk about later.

Giloy (Guduchi)
Botanical NameTinospora Cordifoliya
Rasa(taste)Tikta, Kasaya (bitter, astringent)
Guna (quality)Laghu, Guru, Snigdha (Light, Heavy, Unctuous)
Veerya (potency)Ushna (Hot)
Vipaka (effect after digestion)Madhur (Sweet)
Prabhaava (effect)Vishaghna (Anti-toxic)
Common Names
SanskritGuduchi, Madhuparni, Amrita
HindiGiloy, Guduchi
EnglishHeart-leaved moonseed, Gulancha Tinospora

How to identify Giloy

Giloy is a perennial bushy vine, whose leaves are heart-shaped like betel leaves. It climbs annularly on mango, and neem trees. The stem is light white and brown. Its flowers are in bunches that are yellow or greenish-yellow. Its fruits are similar to peas which turn red after ripening.

Giloy stems and leaves are mainly used for medicinal purposes, but their roots are also considered medicinal. The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India has approved Giloy stem for use as a medicine.

Giloy health benefits

In Ayurveda, Giloy is considered as Tridoshshamaka (pacifies Vata, pitta, Kapha) Jwarahara (antipyretic), Anulomana (naturalizes the organs’ functions), Pramehhara (anti-diabetic), Kusthhara (treats skin disorders), Pachana (improves digestion), Deepana (increases digestive fire), Hridya (good for the heart), Medya (improves memory), Grahani rog (Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS), Kasahara (useful in Coughing), Shoolahara (treats pain), Amlapitta (useful in acidity), Kamala (Useful in jaundice), Vrishya (increases sperm count), blood disorders (gout, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis), It especially pacifies the pitta dosha, so it is the best medicine for the pitta-dominant person.


Giloy benefits in fever

As Giloy is considered to be an antipyretic in Ayurveda, it is primarily used to treat fevers. Modern studies suggest that Giloy has significant anti-infective and antipyretic activity. Its antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties help in regulating body temperature.

It increases our immunity making us more resistant to serious infections like dengue, malaria, and swine flu. Its anti-infective nature helps to fight against numerous infections. It also increases the number of platelets count, reduces fever symptoms, and boosts immunity.

In Ayurveda, Amritarishta made from “Amrita” (Giloy) is used as Jwara Rogadhikar (drug of choice for fever).

Giloy benefits in diabetes

In Ayurveda, Giloy is the most commonly used medicine for diabetes mellitus. It lowers blood sugar levels by increasing glucose metabolism. It is therefore beneficial for diabetes. Modern studies have confirmed Giloy is an anti-diabetic agent.

People who have diabetic disorders can get rid of it by using Giloy Satva Churna and Giloy juice.

Giloy benefits for immunity

Giloy is considered suitable for enhancing our immunity. Due to its powerful immune-boosting properties, Giloy is also beneficial in diseases such as dengue, malaria, and coronavirus and helps to prevent other bacterial infections.


Giloy is used as a Rasayana to enhance the immune system it also increases the body’s resistance against numerous infections. Giloy performs important functions to keep our cells healthy and rid us of disease. Along with this, as its anti-toxic nature, it is also considered suitable for purifying blood.

Giloy benefits in Coronavirus infection

Giloy enhances our immunity so it can protect against various types of viral fever such as dengue fever, and coronavirus infection. Although there is no strong evidence yet that it can cure coronavirus but it gives us the power to fight against it.

Benefits for digestion

Giloy is called Deepana and Pachana (an herb that increases digestive fire and improves digestion) in Ayurveda therefore it works very well in treating constipation and regulating bowel movements. It Improves digestive power by correcting intestinal problems, and taking Giloy powder with amla relieves constipation.

Apart from these, Giloy is considered beneficial for treating hemorrhoids (Piles), indigestion, burning sensation, stress, and anxiety.

Giloy benefits for skin

As whatever we eat reflects on our skin, Giloy act as an anti-toxic agent thus intake of Giloy purifies the blood and detoxifies our body helping us get rid of skin problems. It also has anti-aging properties therefore it reduces dark spots, pimples, and wrinkles.

Giloy juice can be used daily to detox the body and get glowing skin. Its extract can also be applied directly to the skin.


Giloy benefits for eyes

Giloy is also useful in eye disorders as it contains antioxidants that are essential for the eyes. As an antioxidant Giloy helps to improve eyesight and keep them healthy. Boiling Giloy and applying its juice to the eyes enhances eyesight.

Benefits of Giloy in Rheumatoid arthritis

The use of Giloy is beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. it is also considered in Ayurveda to treat Vatarakta ( gouty arthritis). Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties, it helps in treating the symptoms of arthritis. For the treatment of arthritis, boiling the powder of Giloy stem in milk and taking it relieves joint pain caused by arthritis.

Giloy benefits for asthma

Asthma (asthma) is a respiratory disorder in which a person has difficulty in breathing, coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

Drinking juice of Giloy root helps to relieve these symptoms of asthma.

Giloy benefits for memory

Giloy has been called Medya (herbs that improve memory) in Ayurveda. Therefore, By taking it regularly, flushes out toxins from our body and helps to enhance our memory. Apart from this, it also reduces mental stress and anxiety problems as well. Giloy juice and tea can be taken regularly to relieve stress and anxiety.

Giloy and many of its medicinal products are available for purchase online.

Effect on Tridoshas

Giloy works on all three Doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Therefore, it balances all Three Doshas.

How to consume Giloy, Indications

  • Giloy juice is useful for treating fever.
  • Giloy paste can be used to treat wounds.
  • Giloy juice is beneficial for reducing high levels of blood sugar.
  • Guduchi tea relieves stress and improves memory.
  • Giloy powder combined with aloe vera juice can be used to detoxify the body.
  • Giloy powder can be taken with amla juice to relieve constipation.
  • Giloy juice is used to treat pitta dosha-induced burning sensations.
  • Guduchi powder with ghee is used to treat arthritis.
  • Using Giloy powder regularly can help increase sperm counts.
  • Using Guchi powder with castor oil can help treat Gout.

Apart from all these Giloy is used in urinary tract infections, skin disorders, Jaundice, acidity, cough, and diabetes.

Side Effects of Giloy

  • It is safe to take Giloy daily since it does not have any side effects. However, if taken in excess or with other medications, it may cause our immune system to be more active, possibly leading to symptoms of autoimmune disease.
  • When taken in excess dosage, Guduchi can also cause excess heat sensations in the body.
  • Excessive intake of Giloy juice may cause stomach discomfort.


  • Decoction — 50-60ml/day
  • Steam Powder — 3-6 grams/day
  • Leaves Juice — 2.5 to 10 ml
  • Leaves Power — 1-3 gram

Ayurvedic Medicines of Giloy

  • Amritarishta (for fever and immunity)
  • Guduchyadi (Giloy) Churna for immunity
  • Giloy (Guduchi) Satva
  • Guduchyadi Kwatha
  • Guduchi Taila

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I hope this article about Giloy’s benefits, uses, and indications will be valuable to you. To your issues linked besides this topic, permit me to apprehend in the comments, I will be jovial to resolve any of your issues.

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