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Shatadhauta Ghrita Uses, Benefits, and Indications

Shatadhauta Ghrita Ayurvedic medicine

Milk and the products made from it have been considered sacred since ancient Vedic times. In Hindu culture, the cow is considered revered, because it nourishes our body. All the nutrients our body needs are found in cow’s milk, making it a complete diet. Shatadhauta Ghrita is one of the products made from cow’s ghee.

Furthermore, cow’s milk and ghee have been widely used as food and medicine for centuries.


Lately, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has announced a National Program (Scientific Verification and Research on Panchagavya) to give scientific validation to Panchagavya products.

What is shatadhauta ghrita ?

Shatadhaut Ghrita is a Sanskrit word, in which Shata means 100 and Dhauta means washed, which means Ghee washed a hundred times. which is why it is called Shatdhauta Ghrita.

Shatadhauta Ghrita is made by churning cow’s ghee 100 times. In ancient times it was made by hand, but now it can also be made by machines.

similarly, washing cow ghee 1000 times makes Sahastradhauta Ghrita (means ghee washed a thousand times), which is even more beneficial.

Shatadhaut Ghrita is an Ayurvedic lotion that is mainly used in treating skin diseases. Being very soft and cooling, it is very effective for skin conditions such as Dagdha (burns), burning pain, wounds, pimples, wrinkles, and disorders like herpes, leprosy, allergic conditions, and eczema.

Shatadhauta Ghrita is especially effective against aggravated Vata and Pitta dosha, as well as disorders caused by these doshas.


In Ayurveda Shatadhauta Ghrita is considered as Shothahara (anti-inflammatory), Shodhana (cleanse the skin or wound), Vrnaropana (promotes wound healing), pacifies skin’s aggravated Vata and pitta dosha, Mansaraktaprasadhana (cleanse skin and blood), Kandughana (Relieves itching), Agnidagdha (Relives burn), Poshana (provide nourishment) and Tvakvarnaprasadhana (improves skin health).

Shatadhauta Ghrita benefits and uses

Shatadhuta Ghrita is made from cow’s ghee, so it has all the qualities of cow’s ghee. We are all aware of Ghee’s health benefits, but it has tremendous benefits when applied topically to the skin. It is a natural lotion with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle properties.

Its Sheeta Guna cools the skin, thereby pacifying the burning sensation caused by vitiated pitta dosha in small wounds.

Its Preenan (contentment) and Poshan (nourishing) property help increase tissue formation, thereby facilitating the reconstruction of damaged tissue cells. Its Snigdha Guna (Unctuous property) aids in pacifying aggravated Vata dosha, to reduce pain caused by wounds

Its Poshana (nourishing) and Twakvarnaprasadhana Guna help to nourish and improve skin health. Shaatdhuta Ghrita can be used as a natural moisturizer, it penetrates through all layers of the skin and nourish it.

Ghee also contains fatty acids, which act as a natural hydrating agent for all skin types.


Shatadhuata Ghrita is an Ayurvedic ointment that treats skin disorders like eczema, allergies, burns, and itching. Besides treating all of the above-mentioned conditions the wound-healing activity of Shatdhauta Ghruta has been shown to be effective in an experimental clinical study1Vyas, Kruti & Barve, Mayur & Ravishankar, Basavaiah & Prajapati, Pradeep & Ruknuddin, Galib. (2015). Wound Healing Activity of Shatadhauta Ghrita: An Experimental Evaluation. Inventi Rapid: Ethnopharmacology Vol. 2015, Issue 3. 1-5..

Apart from these, Shatdhuta Ghrita can be applied to the skin to treat dryness, scalding, wounds, pimples, wrinkles, itching, and dark spots.

Shatdhaut Ghrita and many of its cosmetic products are available for purchase online.

Medicinal uses of Shatadhauta Ghrita

  • Shatadhuta Ghrita cools the skin, and by applying a paste to minor burns, the pain is relieved immediately. Furthermore, it promotes tissue regeneration.
  • It assists in the reconstruction of cutaneous tissue and promotes skin healing.
  • As an anti-wrinkle cream and moisturizer, it is suitable for all skin types.
  • It nourishes the skin and keeps it smooth and hydrated.
  • This ointment removes marks caused by acne, chickenpox, and eczema.
  • Being an anti-inflammatory and pitta pacifier, it relieves skin irritation and pain.
  • You can get rid of dark circles, wrinkles, pimples, and pimple scars by applying Shatadhauta Ghrita daily on your skin.
  • Shatadhuta Ghrita is also used to treat dry lips and chapped lips.
  • It can also be applied to the skin before bathing to soothe dry skin.
  • With its astringent properties, Shatadhauta Ghrita helps balance out the skin’s doshas.
  • It is effective in curing erysipelas (a bacterial infection that affects the upper layer of the skin) and herpes (an infection that affects the genitals).
  • Pregnant women who experience bleeding or blood spots can benefit from a light massage of Shatadhauta Ghrita around the umbilicus.
  • Leech therapy in Ayurveda uses it as an ointment to heal wounds.

A clinical study supports the anti-inflammatory activity of Shatadhauta Ghrita and its usefulness in topical applications2Agnihotri, Supriya & Agnihotri, Anoop & Tupkari, Suresh. (2009). Shata – Dhauta – Ghrita – A Case Study. Indian journal of traditional knowledge. 8..

Apart from these, Shatdhaut Ghrita is used in Ayurveda to make many other skin ointments.

Effect on Tridosha

Shatdaut Ghrita especially pacifies the aggravated Vata and Pitta doshas of the skin and cures the disorders arising out of these doshas. It is very effective in treating skin disorders, eczema, minor burns, and wounds. Apart from these, it keeps our Tridosha balanced.


How to use Shatadhauta ghrita

  • Take Shatadhauta Ghrita Cream in your fingers and gently massage in a circular motion in place of the affected area and leave it to dry.
  • In the same way, after applying it to the face, wash the face with lukewarm water after some time. You can apply it in the morning and at night, and never forget to wash your face with lukewarm water afterward.

Side effects of Shatadhauta Ghrita

Shatadhauta Ghrita is a natural product derived from cow’s ghee, so it has no side effects; it can be used daily as a natural moisturizer cream. It is beneficial for all skin types. It should only be used externally.

How to make Shatadhauta Ghrita at home?


  1. Pure cow ghee.
  2. Pure water.

First, take 500 grams of pure cow ghee in a copper vessel, add double the amount of pure water to it, and wash the ghee by hand in the pot for about 4 to 5 minutes. After this, drain the pot water in another vessel. In this way after washing 8 to10 times, the ghee starts foaming, and after that, the foaming stops. In this way by pouring water over the ghee in the vessel, repeating the process of washing and draining water 100 times, Shatadhatu Ghrita is obtained.


I hope this article about Shatadhauta Ghrita proves to be useful for you. For your suggestions and query related to this topic, let me know in the comment section since I am here to improve.


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