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Suvarna Prashan Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage & Side effects

suvarna prashan : सुवर्णप्राशन

Immunomodulators are considered one of the most effective methods of managing health and disease. Ayurvedic Suvarna Prashan is an ancient vaccination technique used to enhance the physical and mental development of the child and enhance overall immunity.

The concept of immunomodulation has been present in Ayurveda for centuries. Ayurvedic practitioners have also been practicing it for centuries. However, ayurvedic medicine emphasizes strengthening the body’s immunity rather than directly neutralizing the disease-causing agent.


The Ayurvedic concept of “vyadhi-kshamatva” covers much broader concepts than the term “immunity” used in modern medicine. Ayurvedic treatment aims to boost immunity using Rasayana and Vajikaran therapies and Ojasa-enhancing treatments.

What is Suvarna Prashan?

Suvarna Prashan or Suvarna Bindu Prashan is one of the sixteen Sanskar mentioned in the ancient science of medicine. Suvarna Prashan means the administration of processed gold in liquid form, in which gold mixed with honey and ghee is given to the child.

A child consuming Swarna Prashan benefits from strength, radiance, improved intelligence, digestion, metabolism, immunity, fertility, and longevity.

Swarna Prashan is a Rasayana described in Ayurveda to increase children’s immunity, strength, memory, and intellect. Swarna Prashan consists of gold particles mixed with honey, ghee, and other Medya (nootropic) herbs to form a fine paste or syrup administered to children.

Modern studies have also demonstrated that Swarna Prashan produces adaptive immunity in the body.

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar is one of the oldest vaccination practices mentioned in Ayurveda. It prevents bacterial and viral infections, respiratory tract infections, colds, and flu. Suvarna Prashan Sanskar is now being accepted as a vaccination program.


Suvarna Prashan is mainly mentioned in Kashyap Samhita. Acharya Kashyap gives the main description of Kaumabhritya (Pediatrics), Who has described in detail the Suvarna Prashan method and its benefits.

Ingredients of Suvarna Prashan

In Suvarna Prashan, gold, ghee, and honey are added as the main elements. Apart from these, other memory enhancers and Rasayana herbs make Suvarna Prashan even more beneficial.

How to make Suvarna Prashan

  • Note: Acharya Kashyap has described the importance of the purification of Swarna (gold) before administration, therefore gold should be purified before internal administration.

Pure Gold is rubbed on a stone in pure water to prepare Suvarna Prashan medicine by the traditional method. As a result, a delicate thin paste is obtained. Honey and ghee are then added to the paste to be given to the children.

Remember that Ayurveda recommends not taking ghee and honey in equal amounts. It is against diet and combination.

Currently, Swarna Bhasma is used in Swarna Prashan, which is safer, more effective, and readily available.

Suvarna Prashan Dosage

  • Infants up to 6 months: 1 drop / 2 drops daily.
  • Children from 6 months to 2 years: 2 drops daily.
  • Children from 2 to 10 years of age: 4 drops daily.
  • Above ten years of age: 6 drops daily.
  • A single dose shortly after birth may also be effective.
  • It is usually administered in the early morning on an empty stomach and is appropriate for children from birth to 16 years of age.
  • As per Kashyap Samhita, use for 30 days to 6 months to develop acumen, disease resistance, and immunity.

Suvarna Prashan Benefits

According to Kashyapa Samhita, by taking Swarna Prashan for a month, the child does not get sick, and becomes very intelligent. If he takes it for six months, the child learns quickly and remembers everything he hears.


Sanskrit verses –

Suvarnaprashan hi itat medhagnibalvardhanam ।
Ayushyam mangalam punyam vrishyam grahapaham॥
Masat Parammedhavi Kyadhibhirn cha dhrishyate।
Shadbhirmasai Shrutadhara Suvarnaprashnad Bhaveta॥

— Sutrasthanam, Kashyap samhita

Kashyapasamhita describes the following benefits of Suvarna Prashan Sanskar.

  • “Medhagnibalvardhanam” Strengthens the body and increases sharpness, intelligence, and physical strength.
  • “Ayushyam” Increases longevity
  • “Mangalam” (auspicious)
  • “punyam” virtue
  • “Vrishyam” / “Vajikar” develops fertility (aphrodisiac)
  • “Grahapham” protects against the ill effects of planets and disease-causing microorganisms.
  • “Maasat Parammedhavi” If given for one month, the child becomes Param Medhavi (highly intelligent) and does not suffer from diseases.
  • “Shadbhirmasai: Shrutadhara” If given for six months, the child learns quickly and remembers what he hears.
  • Enhances skin tone

Describing Suvarna Prashan in Kashyap Samhita, Acharya Kashyap has mentioned that by taking liquid gold with honey and ghee for a month, children do not get infected with diseases, and there is no harmful effect of planets on them. It means that Swarna Prashan develops adaptive immunity in children so that they do not fall prey to diseases early.

Boosts the immune system

The Swarna Prashan is known to induce an immune response. Therefore, it is used as a Rasayana in Ayurveda. It works as a Rasayana and cures fever, typhoid, and weakness. The present study shows that Swarna Prashan stimulates the immune system.

Improves digestion power

Swarna Prashana aids in the absorption of minerals and nutrients from food. As a result, children who consume Swarna Prashana grow with better digestion, appetite, and immunity.

Nourishes skin and evens out skin tone

Swarna Prashana eliminates toxins from the body by detoxification. It improves blood circulation and skin complexion, thereby creating a healthy glow.


Enhances intelligence and memory

Suvarna Bhasma stimulates the nervous system. It is especially beneficial for children with low immunity, intelligence, memory power, and dyslexia (learning disorder). It increases memory and intelligence and contributes to the growth of a healthy immune system and academic performance.

Improves physical and mental health

As a nerve stimulant that promotes a healthy immune system, Suvarnaprashan provides a good life with physical, mental, and social well-being.

Significance of Pushya Nakshatra for Suvarna Prashan

According to Ayurveda, Swarnaprashan should be taken daily or in Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya is one of the 27 Nakshatra. Therefore, Pushya Nakshatra is considered highly advantageous for starting Suvarna Prashan.

Suvarna Prashan, on this day, offers highly favorable results in terms of action.

Research and testing

In a study, the effectiveness of Suvarnaprashan was tested with regard to immunity, growth, and development in preterm infants.

In this study, forty preterm infants aged 0-3 years were divided into two groups of 20 babies each. The first 20 babies were given four drops of Suvarnaprash monthly on each Pushyanakshatra, while the other 20 babies were not given any medicine. During the 6-month study, it was found that the number of mild infections occurring in infants receiving Suvarna Prashan was lower than in infants who did not receive Suvarna Prashan. Furthermore, the average duration of illness in infants receiving Suvarnaprashan was 2.75 days, while it was 3.9 days in infants who did not receive Suvarnaprashan, showing a positive outcome in disease recovery. In addition, in infants receiving Suvarnaprashan, disease recurrence was only 10%, while in infants not receiving Suvarnaprashan it was 25%1Rathi, Renu & Rathi, Bharat. (2009). Efficacy of in Preterm infants- A Comparative Pilot study Suvarnaprashan..

These positive results demonstrate the effectiveness of Suvarnaprashan.

Suvarna Prashan side effects

  • Current toxicity clinical trials have concluded that Swarnaprashan is free from toxicity since the ingredients used for its preparation are only used after their non-toxic verification.
  • Acharya Kashyap has described the importance of the purification of Swarna (gold) before administration, therefore gold should be purified before internal administration.
  • Improper use eg., Impure gold, improper dosage, and duration can cause adverse effects in children.
  • Occasionally, babies may vomit the medicine due to its smell and taste. Apart from this, no other side effects have been noted.
  • Swarna or Swarna Bhasma (incinerated gold) should always be purified before being used for Swarna Prashan. Improper use, and administration (in an impure form), can certainly have adverse effects on the body.


Thousands of years ago, Acharya Kashyap described the practice of giving processed gold to children as ‘Suvarnaprashan.’


Suvarna Prashan is a thick syrup prepared from processed gold, honey, ghee, and Medhya (brain stimulant) herbs that improve physical and mental strength and increase intelligence, immunity, fertility, digestion, metabolism, and life span.


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