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चिकित्सा परमो धर्मः

The next-generation Ayurvedic platform.

AyurMedia is an emerging online global destination for Ayurveda students and professionals worldwide, offering the latest medical news and expert perspectives; disease & procedural knowledge; health directions; appropriate proficient education, and exam statistics.

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Tell Them

  • That Trees and Plants aren’t just green and sparkling. Ayurveda revolves around perceiving their natural potency to cure various illnesses.
  • Furthermore, it advises individuals on the best approach to keep up health and well-being in their everyday life.
  • If you want to share your educational Ayurvedic writings, you are most welcome.

Our Mission and vision

  • Our mission at AyurMedia is to make Ayurveda effortlessly accessible and convenient for Ayurveda learners and professionals as well as the general public interested in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • As practitioners of holistic Ayurveda, we believe in storytelling and nature’s body equanimity.

Who can write and what are the benefits?

  • Anyone with an Ayurveda background/knowledge, student, or profession can write on AyurMedia.
  • It’s easy to write and publish your writings on our exclusively designed self-publishing platform.


  • If you join, You will be an Author/Editor at Ayurmedia.
  • Your published writings will appear on google.
  • Also, you can learn lots of knowledge while writing because you will be reading many research papers
    You can learn lots of skills like Medical research writing and the Editorial process.
  • You can write on any Ayurveda topic in both Hindi and English.

Publish, grow your audience, and establish your presence.

  • Read, write and publish your writings.
  • Share your story on social media.
  • Get featured on popular search engines like Google and Bing.
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Exclusively designed for next generation of Ayurvedic professionals and students.

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