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There are currently 19 terms in this directory beginning with the letter Ū.
ūrdhvabhāgaṁ tu mūlajam ऊध्िबश ागॊ तु भरू जभ ्
The tendency of poison of plant origin is to move upwards and affect the upper body .

ūrdhvadaṁtapankti ऊध्िदश ॊतऩत्न्तत
Upper row of the teeth.

ūrdhvadṛṣṭi ऊध्िदृत्ष्ट
Looking upwards

ūrdhvajatru ऊध्िजश त्रु
Head & neck. Part above the sternum.

ūrdhvakāyaḥ ऊध्िकाम्
Upper part of the body

ūrdhvakoṣṭhaḥ ऊध्िकोष्ठ्
Part of the alimentary canal up to the stomach.

ūrdhvāṅgam ऊध्िाशङ्गभ ्
Head & neck

ūrdhvapātana ऊध्िऩातन
A process of materi by which mercury etc. Materials are made to sublime in upward sublimation apparatus

ūrjaskaraṁ ऊजस्कयॊ
substances that are primarily used for promoting health;

ūruḥ ऊरु्
Thigh (femur)

ūrumūalam ऊरुभरू भ ्
Groin, inguinal region. Inguin. the depression between thigh and the trunk

ūrunalakaḥ ऊरुनरक्
Femur. the thigh bone extending from hip joint to knee joint

ūrupiṇḍikā ऊरुवऩत्ण्डका
Quadricipatal Prominence of the thigh.

ūrvasthi ऊित्स्थ
Femur. The thigh bone extending from hip joint to knee joint

ūṣā pāna ऊषा ऩान
It’s made up to two words Ushā – early morning, dawn, day break and Pāna- refers to drink. Water which is consumed in the early morning empty stomach.

ūṣā ऊषा
Burning sensation with restlessness

ūṣmā ऊष्भा
Hotness; Heat

ūṣṇaṁ aśnīyāta ऊष्णॊ अश्नीमात
Eating warm food – it taste well the eaten food stimulates the digestive fire.

ūṣṇīṣa dhāraṇa ऊष्णीष धायण
Wearing head wear- wearing ușnīșa bestows complex, is good for hairs, and prevents dust& wind.

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Who compiled the Ayurvedic terminology?

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