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icchā इच्छा
Refers to desired attributes- requisition of whatever is not available with us is desire. Is a spiritual attribute. Desire is produced from pleasure. Derived from the enjoyment of garlands, women etc.

icchādveṣau animittataḥ इच्छाद्िेषौ अतनमभत्तत्
Like and Dislike without any reason

ikṣu varga इऺु िगश
Group of sugar cane products;

ikṣuvikāra इऺुविकाय
Sugarcane products;

in most mammals."

indradhanuṣaprabharakt a raktaṁ इन्द्रधनषु प्रबयतत यततॊ
Blood with multicolor like rainbow

indradhanuṣiṁ darśanaṁ इन्द्रधनवु षॊ दशनश ॊ
Sees rainbow in objects

indragopābha raktaṁ इन्द्रगोऩाब यततॊ
Blood with the color of earthworm

indragopaka इन्द्रगोऩक
A kind of insect of red color

indriya इत्न्द्रम
organs of motor action and sensory perception

indriyabalahāni इत्न्द्रमफरहातन
loss of strength of sensory faculty

indriyabuddhi इत्न्द्रमफद्ु धध
perceived sense as an outcome of the direct perception

indriyādhiṣṭhāna इत्न्द्रमाधधष्ठान
The seat of sense organ like Ear for auditory sensation etc.

indriyāṇāṁ ca vaikṛtyaṁ इत्न्द्रमाणाॊ च िकै ृ त्मॊ
Food mixed with poison on it reaching stomach give rises to derangement of the sense organs.

indriyāntara saṁcāra इत्न्द्रमान्तय सचाय
Rapid conjugation of mind with sensory or motor organs

indriyārthāḥ इत्न्द्रमाथाश्
The objects of sense organs like sound, touch, vision, taste and smell, which are perceived through the sense organs.

indriyārthasannikarṣaḥ इत्न्द्रमाथसत्न्नकष्श
sequential interaction between the sensory organ with object

indubhi ājitaṁ iva darśanaṁ इन्दमु ब आत्जतॊ इि दशनश ॊ
Sees things as covered by the light of moon

indupāṇḍura dṛṣṭimaṇḍala इन्दऩु ाण्डु य दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Moon like pale pupil

indupariveṣa darśana इन्दऩु रयिेष दशनश
Sees circular patch like moon before eyes

ingitagyo manushyanam vakcheshtamukha vaika — इङ्गितज्ञो मनुष्याणां वाक्चेष्टामुख वैक
Kinesics experts should identify poisoners by observing variations in speech, actions, and facial expressions.

iṅgitajño manuṣyāṇāṁ vākceṣṭāmukha vaikṛtaiḥ इङ्धगतऻो भनष्ु माणाॊ

ipsā इप्सा

iṣṭa deśa aśniyāta इष्ट देश अत्श्नमात
In favorable place-place where we have to take should be lonely, neat & clean, with full concentration on meal.

iṣṭa sarvopakaraṇa aśniyāta इष्ट सिोऩकयण अत्श्नमात
With all the favorable accessories- all type of utensils, products, and workers should be present there to serve you.

iṣṭatā इष्टता

iṣṭikā इत्ष्टका

iṣṭikācurṇasaṁkāśaṁ इत्ष्टकाचुणसश कॊ ाशॊ
Resembling brick powder -indicating the color of bhasma of mica & ideal property of dust of fruit of Mallatos philipensis

itarāhvaya इतयाविम
Others; plants are also named on basis of many other parameters.

itastataḥ darśanaṁ इतस्तत् दशनश ॊ
Looking in all directions

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