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gadgadaḥ गद्गद्

gāḍha viṭkatā गाढ विट्कता
Hard stool

gāḍhaṁ purīṣaṁ गाढॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Hard stool

gāḍhamuṣṭi गाढभत्ु ष्ट
Closed fist

gagana गगन
A synonym of Mica

gairikapratīkāśaṁ गरयकप्रतीकाशॊ
Blood with the color of Gairika i.e. pale red.

gairikodaka pāṇḍu गरै यकोदक ऩाण्डु
Color of Gairika water i.e. pale red.

gajadanta गजदन्त
Tusk of elephant

galabāhyam गरफावमभ ्
Front of neck

galagraham गरग्रहभ ्
Spasm in throat.

galaḥ गर्
Oropharynx/Throat - Central portion of the pharynx lying between soft palate and upper portion of epiglottis

galajjalaghaṭīdhvani गरज्जरघटीध्ितन
Abnormal sound like the shaking water in a pot

galamaṇi गरभणण
Uvula - Small soft structure hānging from free edge of soft palate in the midline above the root of the tongue

galamārga गरभागश

galanalakam गरनरकभ ्
Trachea -The enlarged upper end of trachea below the root of trunk

galanaṁ गरनॊ
Crack on skin

galasandhiḥ गरसत्न्ध्
Isthmus of faucets. The constricted opening leading from the mouth and the oral pharynx

galaśuṇḍikā गरशत्ु ण्डका
Uvula - Small soft structure hanging from free edge of soft palate in the midline above the root of the tongue

galitvā गमरत्िा
Being melted

gallaḥ गल्र्
The long arch that joins zygomatic processes of the temporal and molar bones on the sides of the skull.

gamana गभन
Motion, gait, process, or instance of changing place

gamanārambhe kampa गभनायम्बे कम्ऩ
Tremor while starting walk

gamane anīśatā गभने अनीशता
Inability to walk.

gambhīra roma गम्बीय योभ
Deep rooted hair

gambhīra गम्बीय
Solemn disposition. Somber

gāṁga jala गाॊग जर
Type of water which is not contaminated with dust, soot, and toxic

gaṁgāmbusambhutaṁ गगॊ ाम्फसु म्बतु ॊ
Originated in river Ganges

gaṇḍaḥ गण्ड्
Zygoma/Cheek - The long arch that joins zygomatic processes of the temporal and molar bones on the sides of the skull.

gaṇḍakaḥ गण्डक्
Groin. The depression between thigh and trunk.

gandha ajñānaṁ गन्ध अऻानॊ
Anosmia or loss of the sense of smell

gandha icchā गन्ध इच्छा
Desire for fragrances

gandha rahitaṁ purīṣaṁ गन्ध यर्हतॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool without smell

gandha vijñānaharaṁ गन्ध विऻानहयॊ
Anosmia or loss of the sense of smell

gandha गन्ध

gandhakaṁ गन्धकॊ
Element sulphur with chemical symbol S with 16

gāndharvacitta गान्धिधचत्त
Fond of music

gandhavahe dhamanyau गन्धिहे धभन्मौ
Olfactory nerves. The nerves supplying the nasal olfactory mucosa.

gaṇḍūpadamukhasadṛśa karīra गण्डू ऩदभखु सदृश कयीय
Sprout like projection resembling the mouth of earth worm

gaṇḍūṣa गण्डू ष
Filling the mouth to its full capacity with liquid (medicinal decoctions/ Luke warm water/medicinal oils) without allowing its movement.

garamaṇi गयभणण
Different types of gems which are antidotes of poisons.

garasaṁjñam गयसऻॊ भ ्
Garavisha is considered as one of the form of kritrim visha (artificial poison) which gets formed by the combination of two or more poisonous or non poisonous drugs and ultimately affects the whole body by vitiating all the dhatus (tissues) in the body. It can go to such extent that it alleviates the dhatus drastically which in turn could prove to be fatal. A phenomenon similar to drug interaction.

garasaṁyogajaṁ गयसमॊ ोगजॊ
Artificially prepared poison by the combination of various substances.

garbhacchidraṁ गबत्च्छद्रॊ
Os uteri. Mouth of uterus.

garbhadruti गबद्रश तु त
It is one of the mercurial process where the material is made to melt inside the mercury

garbhakoṣa गबकोष
Bag of fetal membrane

garbhakoṣṭhaḥ गबकोष्ठ्
Uterus/Bag of fetal membrane. The organ of female reproductive system for containing and nourishing the embryo.

garbhanābhināḍī गबनश ामबनाडी
Umbilical cord. The attachment connecting the fetus with the placenta

garbhāpatti गबाशऩवत्त

garbhāśayaḥ गबाशशम्
Uterus. The organ of female reproductive system for containing and nourishing the embryo.

garbhaśayyā गबशय्मा
Uterus. The organ of female reproductive system for containing and nourishing the embryo.

garbhiṇī गमबणश ी
Pregnant woman

garbhotpāda गबोत्ऩाद
Conception, fertilization, production of progeny

gatarasam गतयसभ ्
Indicating the complete elution/ extraction /exhaustion of the herbal material

gatāyu गतामु
the patient who is about to die

gati गतत
Motion, moving, gait

gatikṣaya गततऺम
Inability to walk

gatinivāraṇa āhāra गतततनिायण आहाय
Difficulty in deglutition or dysphasia

gatisaṁga गततसगॊ
Restricted gait

gātraḥ गात्र्

gātrāṇāṁ sadanaṁ गात्राणाॊ सदनॊ
Exhaustion in the body parts

gātrapañcakam गात्रऩञ्चकभ ्
Four extremities ,Head &neck

gaura गौय
White, whitish

gauracāmaragauradarśa naṁ गौयचाभयगौयदशनश ॊ
Sees objects white, resembles the Burch of tail of chamari deer

gaurava गौयि
Heavy feeling, Heaviness

gauravarṇa गौयिणश

gauryaḥ sirāḥ गौम्श मसया्
Lymphatic vessels

gavīnī गिीनी
Ureter. The tube that carries urine from kidney to the bladder.

ghanāghātakṣamam घनाघातऺभभ ्
Withstanding hammering, Malleable

ghanaṁ घनॊ

ghanapaṁka घनऩकॊ
1. Used to indicate semi-solid conditions of the preparations 2. for enveloping the bolus material in the preparation of the putapaka swarasa

ghanāsaham घनासहभ ्
Cannot withstand hammering- not malleable

ghanatā घनता

ghanavatī घनिती

ghaṇṭikā घत्ण्टका
Uvula. Small soft structure hanging from free edge of soft palate in the midline above the root of the tongue

gharma icchā घभश इच्छा
Desire to warm atmosphere and warm things

gharmayogata घभमश ोगत
In association with scortching sun

gharṣaṇ घषणश
An act of rubbing/ grinding/ triturating material with the help of mortar & pestle

ghasmaraḥ घस्भय्
Glutton; Greedy for intake of more quantity of food

ghaṭaḥ घट्
A unit of Measurement; Synonym of one drona equivalent to 12.288 kg/l of metric units

ghaṭī घटी
A measure of time; equals 24 minutes

ghaṭṭana hṛdayaṁ घट्टन रृदमॊ
Pressing pain in heart

ghola घोर
Is obtained by churning the curd without adding water and without removing butter.

ghora darśanaṁ घोय दशनश ॊ
Bizarre look.

ghoṣākṛṣṭratāmra घोषाकृ ष्रताम्र
Copper extracted/separated from the alloy bronze

ghoṣavat ucchāsa घोषित ् उच्छास
Expiration with loud sound.

ghrāṇa घ्राण
Smell : Perception of odour

ghrāṇam घ्राणभ ्
olfactory membrane of nose

ghrāṇamārgaḥ घ्राणभाग्श
Nasal cavity - The cavity between floor of cranium and floor of the nose

ghrāṇamūlam घ्राणभरू भ ्
Upper part of nasal cavity/Root of nose

ghrāṇanāśaṁ घ्राणनाशॊ
Anosmia or loss of the sense of smell

ghrāṇaviplava घ्राणविप्रि
Anosmia or loss of the sense of smell

ghṛṣṭa vraṇa घष्ृ ट व्रण

ghṛṣtaṁ rajaḥ kiret घष्ृ तॊ यज् क्रकयेत ्
Gives out fine dust if rubbed.

ghṛṣṭaṁ घष्ृ टॊ

ghṛta varga घतृ िगश
Group of different ghees.

ghṛta घतृ

ghṛtābhaṁ घतृ ाबॊ
Color of Ghee

ghṛtagandhi घतृ गत्न्ध
Smell of Ghee

ghṛtamaṇḍābha घतृ भण्डाब
Looks as the color of the upper part of ghee

ghurghurakaṁ kaṇṭha घघु युश कॊ कण्ठ
Making Ghurghur sound from throat

ghurghurakaṁ śvāsaṁ घघु युश कॊ श्िासॊ
Breathing with 'Ghurghur' sound

ghurghurāyana kaṇṭha घघु युश ामन कण्ठ
Making Ghurghur sound from throat.

ghūrṇatā घणू तश ा
Shivering of body

ghūrṇati iva घणू तश त इि
Feeling as head is rolling.

ghuṭikā / ghuṇṭikā घर्ु टका / घत्ु ण्टका
Malleolus - Bone of the middle ear

gīta icchā गीत इच्छा
Fond of singing

gīta karaṇaṁ asthāne गीत कयणॊ अस्थाने
Singing at inappropriate place.

gītapravṛtti asthāne गीतप्रिवृ त्त अस्थाने
Singing at inappropriate place.

glāni ग्रातन
Fatigue of mind or body, or loss of enthusiasm.

glapanaṁ ग्रऩनॊ
Fatigue of mind or body, Lack of enthusiasm.

glāpayati ग्राऩमतत
produces weariness

godhūmapiṣṭa गोधूभवऩष्ट
1. Used for enveloping bolus in the preparation of the putapaka swrasa 2. it is also used for

gojihvikā gojihvā vā गोत्जत्विका गोत्जविा

gojihvika gojihvika va — गोजिह्विका गोजिह्वा वा
1. Tongue / Epiglottis - A freely movable muscular organ lying partially on the floor of the mouth and partially in the pharynx.
Synonyms: Jihva — जिह्वा
1. Tongue. A freely movable muscular organ lying partially on the floor of the mouth and somewhat on the pharynx.

gokramaṇa गोक्रभण
Grazing of cows & buffaloes, it is method to carried out to take the biological impurities of the vitiated land. There due to GOKRAMAD their will be cow dung which spread over the vitiated land will having the property of bactericidal, veridical etc which keeps land biologically free.

gomayavahni गोभमित्वन
Cow dung fire used in the preparation of medicine & bhasma

gomāyu गोभामु

gomedakopamaṁ mūtraṁ गोभेदकोऩभॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine in the color of Gomedaka (Topaz).

gomedapratikāśaṁ गोभेदप्रततकाशॊ
Urine in the color of Gomedaka (Topaz).

gomūtrābhaṁ pītaraktaṁ गोभत्रू ाबॊ ऩीतयततॊ
Yellowish red like the color of cow's urine

gomūtrābhaṁ गोभत्रू ाबॊ
Color of cow's urine

gomūtragaṁdhī गोभत्रू गधॊ ी
Emitting odour of cow's urine – one of the variety of shilajatu bitumen

gomūtrasamagandha गोभत्रू सभगन्ध
Smell of cows urine

goṇi गोणण
A unit of Measurement; ,Synonym of droni equivalent to 49.152 kg/l of metric units

gopucchākṛti गोऩच्ु छाकृ तत
projection resembles the tail of cow

gorasavarga गोयसिगश
group of cow milk products;

graha ग्रह
Stiffness, Retention, Chocked

grahaṇī ग्रहणी
A part of the gut lying between the stomach and intestines, i.e., Duodenum.

grāhī ग्राही
Substances which increase appetite, digestive power & absorb liquid from stool; e.g. piper longum

grāmyadharmaḥ ग्राम्मधभ्श
Sexual activity

granthi ग्रत्न्थ
Knot like projection

granthibhūtaṁ ग्रत्न्थबतू ॊ

granthilam ग्रत्न्थरभ ्
Nodular appearance

granthiprakāśaṁ ग्रत्न्थप्रकाशॊ

grāsa ग्रास
1. One of the mercurial processes in which quantum of the material has to be decided supposed to digest 2. A kind of germ defect- opacity

grāsantara ग्रासन्तय
Administration of medicine between morsels. This type is adopted in patient who has aversion towards medicine because of bad taste.

grathitaṁ ग्रधथतॊ

grathitatvaṁ ग्रधथतत्िॊ
Nodular skin.

gṛdhragandha गध्रृ गन्ध
Smell of Vulture

gṛdhrasī गध्रृ सी
Sciatic nerve - Largest nerve in the body arising from sacral flexus on either side.

gṛdhriḥ गधृ ध्र्
Desire, Greed

gṛdhrihāni गधृ ध्रहातन
Diminished interest to take more food

gṛhadhūmābhaṁ गहृ धूभाबॊ
Resembles the color of soot

gṛhadhūmavarṇaṁ गहृ धूभिणं
Smoky color

gṛhagodhikā गहृ गोधधका
House lizard.

gṛhīta garbhā गहृ ीत गबाश
Pregnant woman or gravida.

grīvā ग्रीिा
Cervix or neck. A part of an organ resembling a neck.

grīvādhaḥ (gra) sandhiḥ ग्रीिाध् (ग्र) सत्न्ध्
Sternoclavicular joints. The joint space between the sternum and the medial extremity of the clavicle

grīvāmūlam ग्रीिाभरू भ ्
Suprasternal notch. Notch above the sternum.

guda adhimāṁsa गदु अधधभाॊस
Piles in Rectum

guda bhraṁśa गदु भ्रशॊ
Prolapsed rectum

guda kīla गदु कीर
Piles in Rectum

gudaḥ गदु ्

gudamāṁsakīla गदु भाॊसकीर
Piles in Rectum

gudamāṁsāṅkura गदु भाॊसाङ्कु य
Piles in Rectum

gudanissaraṇaṁ गदु तनस्सयणॊ
Prolapsed rectum

gudaṅkuraḥ गदु ङ्कु य्
Piles in Rectum

gudapārśvakṣetra गदु ऩाश्िऺश ेत्र
Ischiorectal fossa. Space on either side of lower end of the rectum and anal canal.

gudaśopha गदु शोप
Piles in Rectum

gudāsthivivara गदु ात्स्थवििय
Outlet of pelvis

gudāt raktaṁ गदु ात ् यततॊ
Bleeding per rectum

gūḍha ucchrāsa गढू उच्रास
Shallow expiration

gūḍhasampāditaṁ गढू सम्ऩार्दतॊ
Bite marks hidden due to elevation of margins.

gudopastha deśaḥ गदु ोऩस्थ देश्
Perineum. The structures occupying the pelvic outlet and constituting the pelvic floor

gulma गल्ु भ
plants with multiple stems arising from one root & with a drooping canopy; Shrubs

gulphaḥ गल्ु प्
Ankle. The joint between tibia, fibula and talas bones.

gulphakarṇau/ gulphau गल्ु पकणौ/गल्ु पौ
Malleoli-medial & lateral. Tubercle on Lower end of tibia and fibula

gulphasandhiḥ गल्ु पसत्न्ध्
Ankle joint. The joint between tibia, fibula and talas bones.

guṁjā गजॊु ा
A unit of Measurement; ,Abrus seed/ratti four/ six barley grains are equal to one seed of abrus equivalent to 125 mg of metric units

guṁjābīja samacchāyaṁ गजॊु ाफीज सभच्छामॊ
Resembles the color of the abrus seeds

guṁjāphalasadṛśaṁ raktaṁ गजॊु ापरसदृशॊ यततॊ
Blood with the color of Abrus seed

guṇa गणु
properties of a substance; present in the substance as a co inherent factor to perform a definite set of actions; might be physical, chemical, pharmacological, etc. but mainly pertains to the pharmacological properties.

guṇāntarādhānam गणु ान्तयाधानभ ्
modulation of property

guṇasañcayam गणु सञ्चमभ ्
Accumulation of properties- during the preparation of oil, ghee, guda & fermented products.

guṇṭhanaṁ गण्ु ठनॊ
Hiding of head

guṛa icchā गड़ु इच्छा
Fond of jaggery

guṛaguṛāyana गड़ु गड़ु ामन
Diminished resistance

guṛaśukta गड़ु शतु त
The fermented liquid using the jaggery on attaining acidity

gurū गरूु
1. Heavy / heaviness; one among 20 guravdi guna. caused due to activated prithvi & jala mahabhuta; denotes physiological & pharmacological heaviness; manifested by causing heaviness in the living system, difficult to digest, diminishes the Agni(digestive & metabolic enzymes), increases all body tissues, pacifies Vata, increases kapha; excessive use can cause fatigue, obesity. 2. Synonym of Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruritus Linn.) 3. A spiritual parent or preceptor

gurūtva गरूु त्ि
Heaviness, Gravity

gurvādi guṇa गिु ाशर्द गणु
Group of 20 pharmacological properties of the medicinal substances;

guṭi गर्ु ट
Synonym of vatak- is a final solid doses form in round shape generally prepared from herbs, minerals, animal products by using the natural binding materials

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