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lāghava राघि

lāghavam राघिभ ्
lightness : a property of substance

laghu pañcamūla रघु ऩञ्चभरू
Combination of Five roots obtained from small plants; Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Prishnparni (Uraria picta), Brahti (Solanum indicum), Kantkari (Solanum surattense), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris).

laghu रघु
Light/ lightness; one among 20 gurvadi gunas. opposite of guru guna; caused due to activated vayu, agni, akasha mahabhutas; denotes physiological & pharmacological lightness; manifested by lightness in the body, easy to digest, stimulates Agni, decreases all body tissues, pacifies kapha, aggravates Vata, heals wounds;

lāja maṇḍa राज भण्ड
A thin gruel prepared out Laja (parched rice) or roasted rice. Is a good appetizer and pacifies thirst and diarrheas.

lājā राजा
Obtained by roasting undried and unhusked paddy. Is light and easily digestible. Cures thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, cough and pitta.

lājagandhi राजगत्न्ध
Smell is like fried paddy (corn)

lajjā रज्जा
feeling of Shame

lakṣaṇā रऺणा
specific expression indicated by a word or phrase or sentence

lākṣārasa राऺायस
a liquid preparation prepared of lakh by adding 6 times of water and processed in dolayantra

lākṣārasopamaṁ ārtava राऺायसोऩभॊ आतिश
Menstrual blood in the color of the juice of Lac

lālā chardi रारा छर्दश
Vomiting of saliva

lālā strāvīḥ रारा स्त्रािी्
Excessive salivation, Symptom of a rabid dog.

lālā रारा

lālana jihvā रारन त्जविा
Shaking of tongue

lālāsrāvaḥ रारास्राि्

lalāṭaḥ रराट्

lālātantuyutaṁmutraṁ रारातन्तमु तु भॊ त्रु ॊ
Saliva like urine

lambana रम्फन
Pendulous or drooping

laṁghana icchā रघॊ न इच्छा
Desire to fasting

laṁghana रघॊ न
Therapy which produces lightness of the body is called laṁghana.Reduction therapy consists of two parts Pallative and Purification. Laṁ ghana consist of 10 methods. The first 4 are types of purification process excluding blood letting. Remaining six are palliative therapy viz exposure to wind, exposure to sun, fasting, taking medicine / herbs to increase digestive function etc. This therapy is indicated in preventive and treating Kaphaja and Medo roga.

lāñchana राञ्छन
A mark or sign, one of the basis for naming plants.

lāṅgalakī राङ्गरकी
Gloriosa superba, a plant having poison in its root/rhizome.

lasikā रसीका
1. A watery component of the body, lymph, serum. 2. Mala of Rasa. 3. A site of Pitta.

lasikāvat mūtraṁ रमसकाित ् भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembles serous fluid

latā रता
plants with a weak stem; climbers/twinners/prostates/creepers

lauha — लौह
1. Element iron Ferrum with chemical symbol Fe Atomic. no 26.
2. Used to represent all metals.

lauha रौह
1.Element iron ferrum with chemical symbol Fe at 26

lauhapārāyā रौहऩायामा
used in grinding purpose

laukika karma रौक्रकक कभश
It refers to Worldly action. All activities like sitting, standing, sleeping, running, throwing etc comes under this.

laukika रौक्रकक
belonging to or occurring in ordinary world

laulyaṁ रौल्मॊ

lavaṇa icchā रिण इच्छा
Fond of salt

lavaṇa rasa रिण यस
Salty taste

lavaṇa skandha रिण स्कन्ध
Class of different salts;

lavaṇa varga रिण िगश
Class of different salts;

lavaṇa yantra रिण मन्त्र
Salt bath apparatus used in various processes for purpose of indirect heating

lavaṇa रिण
Salty; one of the six rasa.

lavaṇaṁ रिणॊ
Salt, Saline

layana रमन
Loss of consciousness, Delusion, Distraction

lehaḥ रेह्
It means the preparation of the medicines topically in palatable form (in the form of linctus) given for licking.

lehanaṁ oṣṭha रेहनॊ ओष्ठ
Habit of licking lips

lekhanaṁ guda रेखनॊ गदु
Scrapping like feeling in anus

lekhanīya रेखनीम
Scrapping, Scratching, Substances that reduce excess body tissues.

lepa mukhasya रेऩ भखु स्म
Coating in the mouth

lepaḥ रेऩ्

lepana रेऩन
Anointing/application- here application of antiseptics, any other germicidal solution to vitiated land to maintain biologically hygiene.

līla icchā रीर इच्छा
Fond of playing

liṅga śarīra मरङ्ग शयीय
the subtle body

liṅga मरङ्ग

liṅganāśaḥ मरङ्गनाश्
Blurred vision

liṅgaśaithilya मरङ्गशधथल्म
Loss of erection of penis

lipsā मरप्सा

līyate रीमते

lobha रोब
Greed: insatiable desire for having something; Excessive desire to acquire more than need.

locanaḥ रोचन्

lohagandha रोहगन्ध
Smell of metal

lohita darśanaṁ रोर्हत दशनश ॊ
Looks objects in blood color

lohitagandhī रोर्हतगन्धी
Smell of blood

lohitam रोर्हतभ ्
blood or synonym of blood

lohitavarṇa रोर्हतिणश
Smell of metal

loka रोक
World or domain or universe

lolaḥ रोर्
Desire or Fond of

lolaṁ रोरॊ
Unsteady activities

lolanaṁ रोरनॊ
Nodding the head.

lolatā रोरता

loma रोभ
Body hairs

lomaharṣaṇam रोभहषणश भ ्
It is a symptom produced in animate type of poisoning which means raising of hairs.

loṭhana रोठन
Nodding the head

lucyate iva pārśva रच्ु मते इि ऩाश्िश
Feeling of drooping of the flanks

lulita pakṣma रमु रत ऩक्ष्भ
Wavering of eyelashes

luptacita रप्ु तधचत
Confusion or absence of mind

lūtā रतू ा
Poisonous spiders which have poison in various sites in their body.

lūtāviṣaṁ ghoratamaṁ durvijñeyatamaṁ ca tat रतू ाविषॊ घोयतभॊ

lutavisham ghortamam durvigyeyatamam cha tat — लूताविषं घोरतमं दुर्विज्ञेयतमं च तत्
The Cases of venomous spider bites are the most dreadful and most difficult to diagnose and treat.

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