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na badhyante न फध्मन्ते
Not to be bandaged, ulcers due to scalds, in lepers, fleshy condylomata due to a bite from a poisonous rat or any other poisonous ulcers should not be bandaged.

nābhi bandhanam नामब फन्धनभ ्
Umbilical end of cord. The attachment connecting the fetus with the placenta

nābhiḥ नामब्
Navel, Umbilicus. The depressed point in the middle of the abdomen. The Scar that marks the former attachment of umbilical cord to the fetus

nābhihate daṇḍarājī syāt नामबहते दण्डयाजी स्मात ्
It is a sign of death of a poisoned person in which bruise does not occur on the skin of the person even when hit by sticks.

nābhimaṇḍalam नामबभण्डरभ ्
Round area of umbilicus. The depressed point in the middle of the abdomen, the

nābhināḍī नामबनाडी
Umbilical cord. The attachment connecting the fetus with the placenta.

nābhipradeśaḥ नामबप्रदेश्
Umbilical region. The depressed point in the middle of the abdomen, the scar that marks the former attachment of umbilical cord to the fetus

nadana kar¸a नदन कणश
Flute like sound in the ear.

naddhatvam iva nāsikā नद्धत्िभ ् इि नामसका
Feeling of fullness

nādeya udaka नादेम उदक
River water

nāga नाग
Element Lead-Plumbum with chemical symbol Pb at 82

nagnatava नग्नत्ि
Nudity or exhibitionism

naik varṇa dṛṣṭimaṇḍala नकै ् िणश दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Multicolored pupil

naikamūla roma नकै भरू योभ
Deep rooted hair

nairlajjya नरै ज्श ज्म

naiṣṭika hetu नत्ष्टक हेतु
Nishṭha refers to permanently getting rid from the sufferings/ pain, and Hetu refers to cause. Diseases hinder the person from getting salvation, so diseases are considered as Naișṭhika Hetu.

naiṣṭikī cikitsā नत्ष्टकी धचक्रकत्सा
It’s made up of two words. Nishṭha and Chikitsa. Nishṭha refers to permanently getting rid from the sufferings / pain. Means for this is naiṣṭikī cikitsā

nakha bhedaḥ नख बेद्
Decaying of nails

nakha नख

nakhacyutiḥ नखच्मतु त्
Falling of nail

nakhāḥ nakhāni vā नखा् नखातन िा
Nails. A horny cell structure of the epidermis forming flat plates upon the dorsal surface of the terminal phalanges

nakhamāṁsam नखभाॊसभ ्
Nail bed or Nail Matrix/Digital pulp. The portion of a finger or toe covered by the nail.

nakhaprabha नखप्रब
Color of Nail

nakhasadanaṁ नखसदनॊ
Falling of nails

nakhasandhiḥ नखसत्न्ध्
Nail root & Nail fold. Root of a horny cell structure of the epidermis forming flat plates upon the dorsal surface of the terminal phalanges

nakhaśātam नखशातभ ्
Falling of the fingernails.

nakhaśātanaṁ नखशातनॊ
Falling of nails

nakṣatra darśanaṁ नऺत्र दशनश ॊ
Sees star like objects

nakula नकु र
It is a wild animal, which is included in animate group of poison, i.e. mangoose.

nakulanirjitāḥ नकु रतनत्जतश ा्
If the snakes are afflicted by the attacks of mongoose, then the poison of such snakes is mild in nature.

nālam नारभ ्
Penis or Phallus. The male organ of copulation and in mammal’s urination.

nāma नाभ
Name/Basonym of a plant

namana नभन
Bending of the body

namanayati नभमतत
Ability to bend; an adverse effect attributed to excessive use (Atiyoga) of Tikta rasa.

nānārujāvat purīṣapravartanam नानारुजाित ् ऩयु ीषप्रितनश भ ्
Defecation with various types of pain

nānāvarṇaṁ नानािणं
Multi color.

nānāvidhaṁ purīṣaṁ नानाविधॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool in different forms

napuṁsaka नऩसॊु क

napuṁsaka नऩसॊु क

nara ati icchā नय अतत इच्छा
Nymphomania; Excessive desire for sexual intercourse with males

nara dveṣa नय द्िेष
Aversion to males

nārī ati icchā नायी अतत इच्छा
Excessive desire for sexual intercourse with females

nartana bhrū नतनश भ्रू
Trembling of eyebrow

nāsā nāsikā vā नासा नामसका िा
Nose -organ of smell

nāsā नासा

nāsākṣisandhiḥ नासाक्षऺसत्न्ध्
Inner canthus. The angle at the inner end of the slit between the eye lids.

nāśaṁ नाशॊ
Absense, Loss

nāsānāḍī नासानाडी
Nostril-Anterior nares. External aperture of the nose

nāsapuṭabahirbhāgaḥ नासऩटु फर्हबाशग्
Ala of nose. Wing of the nose, Broad portion forming the lateral wall of each nostril.

nāsārandhram नासायन्ध्रभ ्
Nostril. One of the external aperture of the nose

nāsāsrotaḥ नासास्रोत्
Nasal meatus. The passage or opening of nose.

nāsāvabhaṅgaśc नासािबङ्गश्च ्
A bad prognostic sign resulting in the cases of snake bite which means that the nose bridge of the patient becomes bent or collapses.

nāsāvivaram नासाविियभ ्
Nostril. One of the external aperture of the nose.

nāsikā नामसका

nāsikābhyāṁ raktaṁ नामसकाभ्माॊ यततॊ
Bleeding through Nose

nāsikāpuṭaṁ vā नामसकाऩटु ॊ
Nostril-Anterior nares. External aperture of the nose

nāsikāviṣaya ajñānam नामसकाविषम अऻानभ ्
Anosmia or loss of the sense of smell

naṣṭa piṣṭi नष्ट वऩत्ष्ट
Loosing original shape of mercury by grinding / reducing , to a very fine state of division

naṣṭacchāyā नष्टच्छामा
Diminished complexion

naṣṭamānasaḥ नष्टभानस्
Confusion or absence of mind

nasya नस्म
Administration of drugs by nasal route, all drugs and measures introduced through nose spread throughout the head and its constituent drugs may influence all the Doṣas, poisons and disease situated in these parts.

nasyadhūmāñjanādiśu नस्मधूभाञ्जनार्दशु
A way to cause harm by administering the poison through the way of nasal application, inhalation (smoking) and collyrium.

nata grīvā नत ग्रीिा
Forward bending of the neck

nātidrutaṁ नाततद्रतु ॊ
One should not eat food in hurry; it may leads to food improper mixing of food with saliva, indigestion and entry of food in wrong tract.

nātivilambitam नाततविरत्म्फतभ ्
One should not eat too slow by this one doesn't get satisfaction, eats more, food becomes cold and is digested irregularly.

nayana budabudaḥ नमन फदु फदु ्
Eye ball. The globe of the eye

nayana नमन

nayanaplava नमनप्रि

netra dūṣikā नेत्र दवू षका
Excreta of eye

netra mala नेत्र भर
Excreta of the eye

netra upadeha नेत्र उऩदेह
Excreta of eye

netra virecana नेत्र वियेचन

netrābhyāṁ raktaṁ नेत्राभ्माॊ यततॊ
Bleeding through eye

netracchādanam नेत्रच्छादनभ ्
Eyelid. One of two movable protective folds that cover the anterior surface of

netraḥ नेत्र्

netrakośaḥ नेत्रकोश्
Palpebrae, Lids. Related to eye lids

netranāḍī नेत्रनाडी
Nasolacrimal duct. A duct connecting nose to the lacrimal apparatus

netrāntapradeśaḥ नेत्रान्तप्रदेश्
Outer canthus. The angle at the outer end of the slit between the eye lids

netraplava नेत्रप्रि

nicaya purīṣapravartanam तनचम ऩयु ीषप्रितनश भ ्
Retention of stool

nidarśanam तनदशनश भ ्
an Illustrative statements which explains a subject matter with the help of an example understandable to common man

nidrā abhāva तनद्रा अबाि

nidrā bhraṁśa तनद्रा भ्रशॊ

nidrā nāśa तनद्रा नाश

nidrā तनद्रा
Sleep; When the Mana (mind) & Indriya’s (sense organs) get exhausted, they withdraw themselves from the objects & the individual get sleep. Sleep is caused by Tamas, Kapha, physical and mental exertion, adventitious, as sequel to diseases and normally at night.

nidrāhāni तनद्राहातन

nidrākṣayaḥ तनद्राऺम्

nidrāviparyaya तनद्राविऩममश

nigamanam तनगभनभ ्
Deduction or conclusive statement ; step of inference for re- establishment of truth

nighaṇṭu तनघण्टु
Lexicon; Texts containing various information of medicinal substances like synonyms, pharmacological properties and actions.

nigraha तनग्रह
Retention, Stiffness, Restriction

nigrahasthānam तनग्रहस्थानभ ्
loopholes of a competitor by which opponent can be defeated in a hostile discussion

nihanti तनहत्न्त
Arrests/ destroys

nihśvāśa तन्श्िास
Inspiration, inhalation

nikocam bhrū तनकोचभ ् भ्रू
Frowning of the eyebrow

nikocanam akṣi तनकोचनभ ् अक्षऺ
Contraction of the eye

nikṣipta तनक्षऺप्त
Placing/Having poured/ To put down

nikuñcanaṁ तनकु ञ्चनॊ
Contraction of skin

nīlā dīnāṁ tamasaśc darśanaṁ नीरादीनाॊ तभसश्च ् दशनश ॊ
Blue/dark vision It is a symptom produced in fifth impulse of poisoning which means that one’s vision becomes blue or in dark color.

nīla नीर
Blue color

nīlābhaṁ mūtraṁ नीराबॊ भत्रू ॊ
Bluish urine.

nīlāruṇābhaṁ purīkṣāṁ नीरारुणाबॊ ऩयु ीऺाॊ
Reddish blue colored stool

nīloṣṭha नीरोष्ठ
Bluishness of lips due to cyanosis (asphyxia) which is sign of (imminent) death of poisoned patient.

nimajjanam तनभज्जनभ ्
Sinks in water

nimeṣa ekākṣi तनभेष एकाक्षऺ
Closing of one of the eye or Nictation

nimeṣa kṛcchrāt akṣi तनभेष कृ च्रात ् अक्षऺ
Closing of the eye with difficult

nimeṣa तनभेष
Closure of the eyelids, a moment, to flutter the eyelids.

nimeṣākṣi तनभेषाक्षऺ
Closing of the eye or Nictation

nimeṣonmeṣaṇaṁ akṣi तनभेषोन्भेषणॊ अक्षऺ
Frequent closing and opening of eye.

nimīlanam akṣi तनभीरनभ ् अक्षऺ
Closing of the eye or Nictation

nimitta kāraṇa तनमभत्त कायण
Auxiliary cause; Instrumental cause

nimitta तनमभत्त
Means; the cause of anything.

nimnatā तनम्नता
Depressed in the middle of tongue

nipatana तनऩतन
Falling down

nipīdanaṁ तनऩीदनॊ

nirālokā dṛṣṭimaṇḍalaṁ तनयारोका दृत्ष्टभण्डरॊ
Opacity in pupil

nirāntra तनयान्त्र
Free from intestines

nirapatratā तनयऩत्रता

nīrasakomal नीयसकोभर ्
Soft and without any moisture- indicative of the optimal stage of preparing medicated oil/ghee

nirbhaya तनबमश

nirbheda akṣi तनबेद अक्षऺ
Breaking pain in the eye.

nirbhugna akṣi तनबग्ुश न अक्षऺ
Distorted eye or vision

nirbhugna darśanaṁ तनबग्ुश न दशनश ॊ
Sees objects in distorted form

nirbhugna hṛdaya तनबग्ुश न रृदम
Twisting like feeling in heart.

nirbhugna तनबग्ुश न
Distorted, Tortuous

nirbījaṁ तनफॉजॊ
Futility of semen

nirdeśaḥ तनदेश्
Statements which elaborate a theme briefly said with a detail of description

nirdhuma — निर्धूम
1. One of the classical tests for examining the Bhasma specifically for arsenic indicates no free availability of material
2. one of the ideal properties of Shilajatu (shilajit).

nirdhūma तनधूभश
1. One of the classical tests for examining the bhasma specifically for arsenic indicating no free availability of material

nirgamana jihvā तनगभन त्जविा
Protrusion of the tongue

nirgandha तनगन्ध
1.Make the material free from odor/ odorless 2.Make the material sulphur free

nirgandhaṁ mūtraṁ तनगन्श धॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine without smell

nirgandhaṁ raktaṁ तनगन्धॊ यततॊ
Bleeding without smell

nirghṛṇitva तनघणशृ णत्ि
Mercilessness or cruel disposition.

nirjalīkaraṇa तनजरीकयण
A process by which the crystalline water in the materials will be evaporated making amorphous

nirmalāni tejāṁsi तनभरातन तजाॊमस
Sees objects glowing

nirmathan hṛdaya तनभथश न ् रृदम
Stirring like feeling in heart.

nirmathan तनभथश न ्
Churning pain

nirmathanam akṣi araṇivat तनभथश नभ ् अक्षऺ अयणणित ्
Pain in the eye as being churned with Araṇi (Fire producing stick)

nirṇayaḥ तनणमश ्
Decisissive statements which establish a conclusion, settlement of a subject after detailed consideration of all relevant and related facts

nirodha hṛdaya तनयोध रृदम
Stiffness of pericardial region

nirodha तनयोध
Stiffness, Retention

nirucchvās तनरुच््िास ्

niruddharaktaḥ तनरुद्धयतत्
Stoppage of bleeding, after the bite of darvikar snake (group of cobra snake variety) the blood does not come out from the site of bite.

niruddhavāk तनरुद्धिाक्
Choked voice

niruttha तनरुत्थ
One of the bhasma test –shouldn’t increase the weight of silver when mixed with bhasma

nirvacanam तनिचश नभ ्
specific description with such example which could be understood by experts only

nirvikalpakam तनविकल्ऩक-प्रत्मऺ
Non-differentiated knowledge

nirvikāra तनविकाय
Devoid of pathogenecity; the quality of self which is devoid of all bodily and psychological ailments.

nirvīrya तनिॉमश
The material with no potency

nirviṣa तनविषश
Type of a non venomous snake bite which is marked by presence of one or more fang marks and absence of swelling and presence of slightly vitiated blood at the spot and is not attended with any change in physiological condition of the person bitten.

nirvṛtti तनिवशृ त्त
Manifestation : originate or come into existence

niryāsa तनमाशस
Exudate of a plant

niryātam तनमाशतभ ्
A process of Extraction

niryūha तनमहूश
synonym of kashaya - boiled & filtered liquid of herbs for specific time used for the therapeutics & pharmaceutical manufacturing

niśācara तनशाचय
Walking in night

niśāvihāra तनशाविहाय

niścandra तनश्चन्द्र
One of the classical test for examining the bhasma/kajjali indicating no free availability/complete compounding of material

niśceṣṭa तनश्चेष्ट
Loss of motor function

nishphalam — निष्फलम्
1. Without use /waste/useless/worthless
2. without any effect/result

niṣkramaṇa jihvā तनष्क्रभण त्जविा
Protrusion of tongue.

niṣkriya तनत्ष्क्रम
Inactive. A specific property of Ātmā.

niṣkriyata iva akṣi तनत्ष्क्रमत इि अक्षऺ
Feeling of displacement of eye

niṣkulī तनष्कु री
Peeling of epidermal layer in ash gourd etc

nispandana तनस्ऩन्दन
The twitching in the head

niṣpatram तनष्ऩत्रभ ्
Without lamellae -A property of mineral

niṣphalam तनष्परभ ्
1. Without use/useless

niṣphalatā तनष्परता
Infertility; Futility of semen

niṣpicchaṁ ārtava तनत्ष्ऩच्छॊ आतिश
Non slimy menstrual blood

niṣpīḍan तनष्ऩीडन ्
Compression, It is treatment procedure of poisoning in which expelling of poison is done by squeezing the area of bite where incision is not advisable.

niṣpīḍyata iva तनष्ऩीड्मत इि
Compressing type of sensation

niṣprabha तनष्प्रब
Lack of complexion

niṣprekṣyaṁ तनष्प्रेक्ष्मॊ
Blurred vision.

nissaṁjñā तनस्सऻॊ ा
Loss of consciousness.

nissāra तनस्साय
Ill nourishment

nissāraṇaṁ guda तनस्सायणॊ गदु
Prolapsed Rectum

nissāraṇaṁ jihvā तनस्सायणॊ त्जविा
Indrawing of tongue

nistandrī तनस्तन्द्री

niṣṭhā pāka तनष्ठा ऩाक
Final stage of digestion that succeeds Avastha Pāka

niṣṭhanaṁ तनष्ठनॊ
Defecation with bearing and gripping pain

niṣṭhīvana तनष्ठीिन

niṣṭhīvikā तनष्ठीविका

nistoda तनस्तोद
Needling pain

nisvanaṁ purīṣapravartanaṁ तनस्िनॊ ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Defecation without sound

niśvāsa daurgandhyaṁ तनश्िास दौगन्ध्मॊ
Bad smell on breathing

niśvāsa saṁgraha तनश्िास सग्रह
Labored breathing

niśvāsa saṁrodha तनश्िास सयोध
Labored breathing

niśvāsa vaigandhyaṁ तनश्िास िगन्ध्मॊ
Bad smell on breathing

niśvāsa तनश्िास
Breath (exhalation)

nitambaḥ तनतम्फ्
Buttock. The external prominences posterior to the hips

nitātaṁ ārtava तनतातॊ आतिश
Continuous menses

nitya तनत्म
Eternal which is existed for ever

Nityaga kala तनत्मग कार
Eternal moving time is that which is concerned with the day / Season.

nityagaḥ तनत्मग्
Continuously going on process

nityagya तनत्मग्म
Eternal moving time is that which is concerned with the day / Season.

nityatva तनत्मत्ि

nivṛti तनितृ त
It refers to Freedom from action- satya buddhi transcends all karma and affords freedom from action is Nivṛtti. This freedom from action or state of inaction is considered to be the highest achievement.

niyamaḥ तनमभ्
Austerity; act of voluntary penance or meritorious piety

niyamana तनमभन
One of the mercurial processes by which the mercury is restrained from the hyper reactive state achieved during rodhana/ bodhana process

niyatiḥ तनमतत्

niyogaḥ तनमोग्
Injunction; statements in the form of command or orders which are to be followed strictly without doubt or discussion

nṛśaṁsa icchā नशृ सॊ इच्छा
Fond of cruel activities.

nṛtya icchā नत्ृ म इच्छा
Fond of dancing

nyāsa न्मास

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