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There are currently 162 terms in this directory beginning with the letter T.
tācchīlya ताच्छील्म
methods of diagnosis and treatment

tāḍāga ताडाग
Tank / pond water- water which comes from higher levels and blocked by artificial means. Some peoples call Pushkarni’s as Tāḍāga. Sweet in taste and easy to digest.

tāḍanakṣamam ताडनऺभभ ्
Withstands hammering – malleability

tāḍayat iva ताडमत ् इि
Beating like pain

tāḍita guṇa darśanaṁ ताडडत गणु दशनश ॊ
Sees lightening before eyes

taduṇabahumāna तदणु फहुभान
Excessive anxiety for lost things

tadvidyasaṁbhāṣā तद्विद्मसबाषा
Discussion with learned person

taijasaṁ dravya तजसॊ द्रव्म
substances having teja as the predominant mahābhūta;

taīkṣṇya तक्ष्ण्म

taila varga तरै िगश
A class of oils obtained from different vegetable source

taila vartikā तरै िततका
Omentum that is suspended from the curvatures of the stomach and covers the intestine like an apron

taila तरै

tailābhaṁ purīṣaṁ तरै ाबॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool resembles oil

tailābhyaktam तरै बततभ ्
Coated with oil.

tailagandhi तरगत्न्ध
Smell of oil

tailānibhaṁ तरातनबॊ
Oil colored

tailaprabha mukhaṁ तरै प्रब भखु ॊ
Face looks as applied with oil.

tailarūpa purīṣaṁ तरै रूऩ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool resembles oil

tailatulyaṁ purīṣaṁ तरै तल्ु मॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool resembles oil

takra kurcikā तक्र कु धचकश ा
When the milk is boiled with butter milk, the solid portion is collected then it is called as takra kurcikā.

takra varga तक्र िगश
A class of different butter milks

takra तक्र
Buttermilk- Adding 1/4th of water to Mathita, Prepared by churning the curd and removing butter from it.

talam तरभ ्
Palm or sole. Anterior or flexor surface of the hand from wrist to finger

tālaphalopamaṁ तारपरोऩभॊ
Color of Palmyra fruit

tālu तारु
Palate /Anterior fontanel

tāluke tāluṣake vā तारकु े /तारषु के
Two halves of the bones forming the anterior part of the palate supported by the maxillary and palatine bones

tālumāṁsaṁ तारभु ाॊसॊ
Soft palate. The posterior portion of the roof of the mouth

tālupātaḥ तारऩु ात्
Drooping of palate

tālupradeśa (murdhagaḥ) तारप्रु देश (भधु गश ्)
Anterior fontanel. The junction of coronal frontal and sagittal sutures

tama praveśa तभ प्रिेश
Black out

tama तभ
1. One of the three qualities (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) or constituents of everything in creation. 2. Ignorance, illusion, lust 3. Darkness

tamaḥ hṛdi तभ् रृर्द
Feeling of darkness

tamakāḥ तभका्

tamakaḥ तभक्
Black out

tamas तभस ्
Delusion, ignorance : the property of mind, one of the three ‘qualities’ of primordial matter conceived as the fundamental substratum of the universe.

tamasa majjati iva तभस भज्जतत इि

tamo darśanaṁ तभो दशनश ॊ
Black out

tamo vṛddhiḥ तभो िद्ृ धध्

tāmraḥ ताम्र्
Coppery color

tāmrasirārājī ताम्रमसयायाजी
Coppery colored lines of veins

tāmrāvabhāsaṁ ताम्रािबासॊ
Coppery color

tāmravarṇa ताम्रिणश
Coppery color

tāmyataḥ ताम्मत्
Black out

tandrā तन्द्रा
Drowsiness; Torpor: lassitude ; characterized by a lack of vitality or energy

taṇḍula vāri तण्डु र िारय
water obtained by washing rice

tanmanā bhuñjīt तन्भना बञ्ु जीत ्
Giving due respect to food and with full concentration on food we should consume food.

tanmātrā तन्भात्रा
subtle and pre-rudimentary state of mahābhūtas

tāntaṁ akṣi तान्तॊ अक्षऺ
Fatigue of the eye

tantra तन्त्र
System or doctrines, specially signifies system of āyurveda

tantram तन्त्रभ ्
Body as a whole, different systems of body

tantrayukti तन्त्रमत्ु तत
methodology of describing, analyzing and understanding the texts

tantrivat karṇapālī तत्न्त्रित ् कणऩश ारी
Narrow helix

tantubaddhaṁ iva तन्तफु द्धॊ इि
Threadlike appearance

tantujālagavākṣitaṁ तन्तजु ारगिाक्षऺतॊ
Network of veins

tantumatvaṁ तन्तभु त्िॊ
test of Avaleha - Forming like threads -tearicle

tanu तनु
Scanty, Thin. Transparent, Diluted, Delicate

tanucailāvṛtopama darśanaṁ तनचु ैराितृ ोऩभ दशनश ॊ
Sees obejcts covered by nice cloth.

tanuḥ तन्ु

tanukaṁ तनकु ॊ
Watery and clear

tanurūhaḥ तनरूु ह्

tanusirārājī तनमु सयायाजी
Thin lines of veins

tanutvaṁ तनत्ु िॊ

tāpa ताऩ
Heat; Hotness; Temperature

tapanīya तऩनीम
Red hot gold. Appearance of Rakta is similar to Tapanīya.

tapanīyābhaṁ raktaṁ तऩनीमाबॊ यततॊ
Blood in golden color

tapas तऩस ्
Penance, the undergoing of religious austerities, the practice of self denial and of meditation and mental concentration helpful to self- denial.

tapta khalva तप्त खल्ि
Hot Mortar and pestle

tāra ताय
Element Silver-Argentinum with chemical symbol Ag at

tārakā तायका
Iris and cornea. The colored contractile membrane suspended between the lens and the cornea in the aqueous humor of the eye, separating the anterior and

tārakarma तायकभश
Transmutation of lower metals into silver/silver plating

tarakṣu तयऺु

taratamayoogānupalabd hi तयतभमोगानऩु रत्ब्ध
Non-availability of gradation; properties & actions have gradation but not the substance;

tarjanī तजनश ी
Index finger. Second digit

tarka तकश
speculation and logic; Argument

tarpaka kapha तऩकश कप
One of the five subtypes of Kapha that is situated in head, and it nourishes the different sensory organs.

tarpaṇa तऩणश
that which satiates

tarṣaḥ तष्श

taruṇāsthi तरुणात्स्थ
Cartilage. A specialized type of dense connective tissue consisting of cells embedded in a ground substance or matrix.

tatatā laghvalpā bhojanairapi ततता रघ्िल्ऩा बोजनयवऩ
Fullness of abdomen even when less food has been taken

tatkṣaṇa तत्ऺण
Freshly collected –nasent

tauṣāra तौषाय
Dew water- dew drops , formed at night at cold seasons or rain water accumulated on leaves.

tejobhi iva darśanaṁ तजोमब इि दशनश ॊ
Sees objects as fire

tejojalam तजे ोजरभ ्
Aqueous humor. Transparent liquid contain in the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye

tejojalāśritaṁ bāhyaṁ paṭalaṁ तजोजराधश्रतॊ फावमॊ ऩटरॊ
Cornea. The clear transparent anterior portion of the fibrous coat of the eye composing about 1/6th of its surface.

the eyeball when closed"

the preparation of boundary wall in the administration of tarpana
Submitted by: shirodhara"

tīkṣṇa vīrya तीक्ष्ण िीमश
higher potency

tīkṣṇa तीक्ष्ण
the property of the substance which causes sharpness and quick penetration

tīkṣṇadhūma तीक्ष्णधूभ
When poisonous food is put into fire, the food emits irritating fumes.

tīkṣṇāgni तीक्ष्णात्ग्न
Excessive digestive power

tīkṣṇāsahaḥ तीक्ष्णासह्
Intolerance to pungent things

tikta skandha तततत स्कन्ध
Group of plants having bitter taste.

tikta तततत
Bitter; one among the six rasa. Synonym of one of the medicinal plant

tiktaṁ ततततॊ
Bitter taste

tiktamukharasatvaṁ ततततभखु यसत्िॊ
Bitter taste in mouth.

tiktarasa ततततयस
Bitter Taste.

tiktarasatā ततततयसता
Bitter taste in mouth

tiktāsyatā ततततास्मता
Bitter taste in mouth

tila icchā ततर इच्छा
Found of gingelly

tilābha ततराब
Color of sesame.

tilapiṣṭanibhaṁ ततरवऩष्टतनबॊ
Resembles the color of grinded sesame

timiradarśanaṁ ततमभयदशनश ॊ
Black out

tinduka — तिन्दुक
1. Fruit of Nuxvomica.
2. A unit of Measurement; synonym of karsha=12g of metric units.

tinduka ततन्दकु
1.Fruit of nuxvomica,

tiryak darśanaṁ ततमकश ् दशनश ॊ
Looks sideways

tiryak pātana yantra ततमकश ् ऩातन मन्त्र
1. An apparatus used to distill mercury

tiryakaprekṣī ततमकप्रेऺी
Squint, bite by a hermaphrodite snake makes the patients look sideways.

tīvra तीव्र
Severe, Excessive, Acute

tīvravega śvāsa तीव्रिेग श्िास
Paroxysmal type of breathlessness

toda तोद
Needling pain

toyamṛttikā तोमभवृ त्तका
It is prepared by addition of aged iron oxide (manḍūr) , jaggery, calcium carbonate levigated with concentrated decoction of acasia.Material used for water proofing- Water seal

toyapūrṇadṛti vat तोमऩणू दृश तत ित ्
Abdomen resembles like a bladder filled with water

toyasamacchāyam तोमसभच्छामभ ्
property of With watery shade

trāsa त्रास
Trembling; Fear; Trouble

trāsaḥ ātapatrataḥ त्रास् आतऩत्रत्
Trembling on seeing umbrella.

trāsaḥ suptasya त्रास् सप्ु तस्म
Trembling in sleep

trasareṇuḥ त्रसयेणु्
The first perceptible unit of measurement: Combination of six paramāṇu, the finest particle

trastaḥ adbhyaḥ त्रस्त् अद्भ्म्
Trembling on seeing water

trastalohitaṁ akṣi त्रस्तरोर्हतॊ अक्षऺ
Frightened eye

trastaṁ akṣi त्रस्तॊ अक्षऺ
Frightened eye

tridaṇḍa त्रत्रदण्ड
Tripod: three holding pillars of life viz. sattva, ātmā, śarira

triguṇa त्रत्रगणु
The three primary attributes of universe and also the properties of manas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas

trijātaka त्रत्रजातक
Group of three fragrant drugs, Elettaria cardamomum, Cinnamomum zeylanicum

trikam त्रत्रकभ ्
1. Sacral region or sacrum. The region behind the triangular bone situated dorsal and caudal from the two ilia between the fifth lumbar vertebra and coccyx. 2. region around shoulder girdle

trikārṣika त्रत्रकावषकश
Group of three drugs taking in karshapraman[10gm] Zinziber officinale Cyperus rotundus, Aconitum heterophyllum

trikaṭu त्रत्रकटु
Four pungent; group of four parts of three plants which are punj+D461ent in taste viz., Piper nigrum, Elettaria cardamomum, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum tamala

triloha त्रत्ररोह
Three metals; Gold, Silver, Copper.

trimada त्रत्रभद
Group of Three drugs: Plumbago zeylanicum, Emblica ribes, Cyperus rotundus

triphalā त्रत्रपरा

triśarkarā त्रत्रशकश या
Group of three sweet substances; jiggery, sugar, honey

triskandhaḥ त्रत्रस्कन्ध्
the three modes of description namely etiology, symptomatology and the knowledge of therapeutics through which entire āyurveda is described also known as three sutra

trisūtraṁ त्रत्रसत्रू ॊ
Literally means Three Sutras: A synonym of Ayurveda. It conveys the sense that when the tenets of Ayurveda are concised they can be categorized into only Three kinds of Sutras: 1. Causes; 2. Signs & Symptoms and 3. Therapeutics meant for both the healthy and the diseased.

trividha kukṣi त्रत्रविध कु क्षऺ
Features of three fold belly-consumer of food should make three portion of his belly ,such as one portion of the space for solid items, one for liquids & one for vata, pitta, and kapha.

trivṛta त्रत्रितृ
A class of following 3 fats

triyak patana yantra — तिर्यक् पातन यन्त्र
1. An apparatus used to distill mercury.
2. for the preparation of Arka distillation of herbal drug.

tṛṇa dhānya तणृ धान्म
Millets- Grains from graminae family which grow stray and wild. They includes Indian millet, little millet, Kodo millet etc.

tṛṇa pañcamula तणृ ऩञ्चभरु
A group of five grasses viz. Desmostachya bipinnata, Arundo donax, Saccharum spontaneum, Saccharum officinarum, Imperata cylindrica; having properties like diuretic.

tṛṇaccheda तणृ च्छे द
Cutting grass by nail

tṛpti तत्ृ प्त
Early satisfaction.

tṛptighna तत्ृ प्तघ्न
substances delaying satiety

tṛptyakṣamatva तप्ृ त्मऺभत्ि
Intolerance to take proper satiation.

tṛṣṇā nigrahaṇa तष्ृ णा तनग्रहण
substances that quench thirst

tṛṣṇā तष्ृ णा

tṛṭ तट्ृ

tṛṭa तटृ

tudatī तदु ती
pricking sensation

tulā तरु ा
A unit of Measurement; 100 pala are equal to one tulā i.e each pala is equal to 48 gms and 100 palas 4.8 kg of metric units

tulyārthatā तल्ु माथतश ा
Similarity or mutuality in action. A character of sāmānya

tunḍa āra तन्ु ड

tuṇḍāhat तण्ु डाहत ्
It is a type of snake bite in which the place of contact is wet by the saliva of the snake but no marks of fangs are seen.

tunnasevanī तन्ु नसेिनी
Sutural joint. Articulation between two bones

turaṅgasthānagandha तयु ङ्गस्थानगन्ध
Pungent alkaline smell.

tuṣāmbu तषु ाम्फु
This is the fermented liquid using the coarse grains of barley

tūṣṇī bhāva तष्ू णी बाि
Less talking.

tvacā त्िचा
Skin. One of the five sensory organs that perceives the sense of touch.

tvacya त्िच्म
beneficial for the skin

tvak koca त्िक् कोच
Contraction of skin

tvak sphoṭana त्िक् स्पोटन
Cracking of the skin

tvak त्िक्
Bark (stem / root) of a plant

tvarita gati त्िरयत गतत
Brisk walk

tyāgaḥ त्माग्
Giving up, Renunciation

tyaktvā त्मतत्िा

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