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caitanya चैतन्म
Consciousness: character of self

caitya चैत्म
Religious or sacred tree.

cakrīm चक्रीभ ्
Making levigated material into small disc shaped pellets for preparing ashes.

cakṣu चऺु
Eye. One of the five sense organs.

cakṣuṣyaṁ चऺुष्मॊ
substances beneficial for eye health

cala svaraḥ चर स्िय्
Unsteady voice

cala चर
To move

calaceṣṭā चरचेष्टा
Unsteady activities

cāladanta चारदन्त
Looseness of teeth

caladarśanaṁ चरदशनश ॊ
Unsteady sight

calita agra hasta चमरत अग्र हस्त
tremor of hand

calita bhrū चमरत भ्रू
Trembling of eyebrow

calita eka kapola चमरत एक कऩोर
Trembling of one cheek

cañcalā चञ्चरा

cañcumālakasaṁyuktaṁ चञ्चुभारकसमॊ तु तॊ
Compact beak like ring mark on skin

candrakaḥ चन्द्रक्
Color of Peacock feather

candrakaiḥ santataṁ चन्द्रकै ् सन्ततॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool as the color of peacock feather.

candrakopagataṁ चन्द्रकोऩगतॊ
Stool as the color of peacock feather

candrakopamaṁ चन्द्रकोऩभॊ
Stool as the color of feather of peacock

candrākṛti dṛṣṭi maṇḍala चन्द्राकृ तत दृत्ष्ट भण्डर
Moon shaped pupil

candrārka चन्द्राकश
An alloy of silver and copper in the ratio of 16:12 respectively

caṅkramaṇa चङ्क्रभण
Person after taking food should walk for a hundred feet slowly, that way reduces the heaviness of the body and aid in easy digestion of consumed food.

Cannabis sativa"

capalaceṣṭā चऩरचेष्टा
Unsteady activities

cāraṇa चायण
It is one of the process of mercury where measured quantity of material has to be added for further process of digestion

carma चभश

carvya चव्मश
Food which is consumed after chewing.

caṣakā चषका
A shallow saucer of clay or iron used for frying/roasting of materials

cāṣapakṣanibhaṁ चाषऩऺतनबॊ
Bluish colored urine.

caṭacaṭāyanatvaṁ चटचटामनत्िॊ
Cracking sound

cāṭālatvaṁ yonyā चाटारत्िॊ मोन्मा
Dilatation of vagina.

caṭitatvaṁ iva चर्टतत्िॊ इि
Cracking pain

caturbhadrā चतबु द्रश ा
A group consisting of following four drugs Nagar (Rhizome of Zingiber officinale), Ativisha (Root of Aconitum heterophyllum), Musta (Rizome of Cyperus rotundus), Guduchi (Stem of Tinospora cardifolia).

caturbīja चतफु ॉज
A combination of following four seeds viz. Methika (Trigonella foenum- graecum), Chandrashoor (Lepidium sativum), Kalājaji (Nigella sativa), and yavanika (Trachyspermum ammi).

caturdaṁṣṭro चतदु ंष्रो
Animals having four poisonous fangs.

caturjātaka चतजु ाशतक
Combination of following four fragrant drugs viz. Twak (Bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Ela (Fruit of Elettaria cardamomum), Patra (Leaves of Cinnamomum tamala), and Nagkesar (Androceum of Mesua ferrea).

caturūṣaṇa चतरूु षण
A combination of following four parts of three exothermic drugs that is Pippali and Pippali moola (Fruit and root of Piper longam), Maricha (Fruit of Piper nigrum), Shunthi (Rizome of Zingiber officinale).

caturviṁśatyupakramam चतवु िशं त्मऩु क्रभभ ्
Twenty four modalities of treatment of poisoning.

catuṣpāda चतष्ु ऩाद
a group consisting of following four words Bhishag (Physician), Dravya (Drugs/Medicine), Upasthata (Attendant) and Rogi (Patient)

cauṇṭyam चौण्डम
Canals water – the clear water flowing through the naturally broken stones, filled with water plants having the color of blue lotus.

cayaḥ चम्

ceṣṭā चेष्टा
physical or mental efforts

ceṣṭābhaṅgaḥ चेष्टाबङ्ग्
Loss of motor function

ceṣṭānurūpa चेष्टानरूु ऩ
Imitation of actions of others

ceṣṭāpaharatva चेष्टाऩहयत्ि
Loss of motor function of upper limb

ceṣṭāpaharatvaṁ hasta चेष्टाऩहयत्िॊ हस्त
Loss of motor function of lower limb

ceṣṭāvaha srotāṁsi चेष्टािह स्रोताॊमस
Motor nerves - A nerve that transmits impulses from nervous system to effectors.

ceṣṭāvantaḥ sandhayaḥ चेष्टािन्त् सन्धम्
Movable joints - Joints characterized by the presence of a cavity within the capsule separating the bony elements.

ceṣṭāvibhrama चेष्टाविभ्रभ
Improper activities.

cetaḥ sthānam चेत् स्थानभ ्
Brain - A large soft mass of nerve tissue, contained within the cranium.

cetaḥ चेत्
psyche or mind

cetanā चेतना
Conscious element: Universal soul or spirit.

cetanācyuti चेतनाच्मतु त
Loss of consciousness

cetanadravya चेतनद्रव्म
animate substances; substances having consciousness like plants, animals

cetanaḥ चेतन्

cetanāvāna चेतनािान
the conscious one:

chachika छतछक
Prepared by adding large amount of water to Madhita.

chalam छरभ ्
Fraudulent or delusive statements and unmeaning verbosity

chāna छान
A synonym of dried cow dung cake

chardi छर्दश

chardinigrahaṇa छर्दशतनग्रहण

chatra dhāraṇa छत्र धायण
Holding of umbrella- prevents from rain, wind, dust, snow etc. is wholesome for complexion, vision and ojas and has overall salutary effect.

chatrābha dṛṣṭimaṇḍala छत्राब दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Umbrella shaped pupil

chāyā icchā छामा इच्छा
Fond of Shade

chāyā छामा
skin reflection based on color and Complexion

chāyāvighāta छामाविघात
Diminished complexion

cheda छे द
Cutting pain

chedana छे दन
A process in which material is chopped into small pieces by sharing action

chedanaṁ छे दनॊ

chidra danta तछद्र दन्त
Carries in teeth

chidra तछद्र
Opening; Hole

chidraiḥ adhovāyu तछद्रै् अधोिामु
Passing of flatus through ulcer

chidraiḥ purīṣapravartanaṁ तछद्रै् ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Passing stool through ulcer

chidraiḥ śukraṁ तछद्रै् शक्रु ॊ
Passing semen through ulcer

chidraprahārī तछद्रप्रहायी
Attacking on other's weak points

chidyanta iva तछद्मन्त इि
Cutting pain

chidyate iva तछद्मते इि
Cutting pain

Childrens and alpa Satva persons will come under this categories."

chinatti iva तछनवत्त इि
Cutting pain

chinnā dṛṣṭimaṇḍala तछन्ना दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Splitted pupil

chinna vraṇa तछन्न व्रण
Incised wound.

chinnaṁ niśśeṣataḥ asthi तछन्नॊ तनश्शषत् अत्स्थ
Complete cutting of broken bone

cibukaḥ धचफकु ्

cibukam धचफकु भ ्
Chin or Mentum - Point of the lower jaw, region below lower lip.

cikitsya puruṣa धचक्रकत्स्म ऩरुु ष
the body consists of five mahabhuta and atma

cikkaṇa धचतकण

cimicimāyana धचमभधचभामन

cintānurupa धचन्तानरुु ऩ
Imitation of thinking

cintāpara धचन्ताऩय
Thinking excessively

cintyam धचन्त्मभ ्
The subject of thought

cipiṭa धचवऩट

cirapāka धचयऩाक
Delayed digestion

cirāt nimeṣaṁ धचयात ् तनभेषॊ
Closing of eye with difficulty

cirāt niṣekaṁ धचयात ् तनषके ॊ
Delayed ejaculation

cirāt vadanaṁ धचयात ् िदनॊ
Delayed speech

cirāt धचयात ्

ciravāsasa धचयिासस
Wearing rags from road sides.

citrā rāga dṛṣṭimaṇḍala धचत्रा याग दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Multicolored pupil

citraṁ manonugataṁ धचत्रॊ भनोनगु तॊ
Reveals secrets

citrarūpa darśanaṁ धचत्ररूऩ दशनश ॊ
Seeing objectives in multi color.

citta bhraṁśa धचत्त भ्रशॊ
Perplexed mind

cittavibhrama धचत्तविभ्रभ
Perplexed mind

cittavibhraṁśa धचत्तविभ्रशॊ
Perplexed mind

cittaviplava धचत्तविप्रि
perplexed mind

cittopaplava धचत्तोऩप्रि
Perplexed mind

ciyatecāṅgaiḥ त्रफन्दशु त्ै

coṣaḥ चोष्
Sucking type of sensation

covering the alveolar processes of the jaw"

cucchundaragandha चुच्छु न्दयगन्ध
Smell of Rat

cūcukam चूचुकभ ्
Nipple; The conical protuberance in each breast from which the lactiferous ducts discharge in the female.

cullikā चुत्ल्रका
The disappearance of color of plating after staying for some days

cumbikā चुत्म्फका
A kind of magnetic iron which attracts to iron- magnetic property

cūrṇāvakīrṇābha चूणाशिकीणाशब
Dusty appearance

cūrṇitam चूणणतश भ ्
Powdering – preparing fine powder

cūṣaṇa चूषण

cūṣya चूष्म
It refers to suckable

cūṣyata iva basti चूष्मत इि फत्स्त
Sucking pain in bladder.

cyavanaṁ च्मिनॊ
Falling or dislocation

cyutaṁ sthānāt hṛdyaṁ च्मतु ॊ स्थानात ् रृद्मॊ
Dislocated feeling of heart

cyutiḥ च्मतु त्
Falling or dislocation

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