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Ayurvedic Dictionary

There are currently 523 terms in this directory beginning with the letter S.
sa vātam purīṣapravartanaṁ स िातभ ् ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Defecation with flatus

sabhakta सबतत
Administration of medicine mixed with food.

sabhaktaṁ purīṣaṁ सबततॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool mixed with food articles

sacandrakaṁ raktaṁ सचन्द्रकॊ यततॊ
Blood with multi color

sāda साद
Fatigue, exhaustion

sadācāra सदाचाय
Well behavior.

sadāhaṁ purīṣapravartanaṁ सदाहॊ ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Defecation with burning sensation

sadanaṁ manasaḥ सदनॊ भनस्
Loss of mental strength.

sadanaṁ सदनॊ
Weakness, Fatigue, Falling of

sādayati सादमतत

sādhaka pitta साधक वऩत्त
One of the five subtypes of Pitta that is seated in heart. This helps one achieve the desired goal. This Pitta is also responsible for intellect, talent and self respect.

sādhanaṁ साधनॊ
synonym of therapeutics; Tool; Instrument

sādharaṇa hetu साधयण हेतु
Common factors even though the person different entities like constitution. but there are other common factors due to derangement of which the disease took place, like air,water,time etc.

sadoṣaṁ purīṣaṁ सदोषॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Undigested stool.

sadvṛtta सद्ित्तृ
The good conduct/behaviour of man. It can be expressed as right conducts or good conducts or moral conducts which are followed to lead healthy life. Conducts which are good at physical, good at mental and good at verbal are called as Sadvritta.

sadyaḥ सद्म्
Instant, immediate.

sadyaprāṇahara dhūma सद्मप्राणहय धूभ
Harmful smoke/fumes from a preparation which turn out to be fatal almost instantaneously.

sadyovraṇa सद्मोव्रण
fresh wound.

saghoṣaṁ chardi सघोषॊ छर्दश
Vomitting with sound

sagrāsa सग्रास
Administration of medicine with each morsel of food.

sahaja bala सहज फर
Consititutional strength, innate immunity

sahakṣataja mūtraṁ सहऺतज भत्रू ॊ
Urine with blood

sahanana सहनन
Compactness-synonyms are SANHATI & SANYOJAN- a well compact body is known by evenly well demarcated bones, well bound joints, well formed muscle & blood. Those having well compact body are strong otherwise weak & those having moderate compactness have medium strength.

sahapāna सहऩान
the liquids/ solids given along with the drug administration of drug to absorb ,assimilate & distribute in the body

sāhasa daṇḍaḥ साहस दण्ड्
Penalties imposed for offence which may harm life or cause loss of any nature; physical, mental, financial, social, to any person and his belongings or to the state.

sāhasa icchā साहस इच्छा
Desire for Adventure

sahasā raktaṁ सहसा यततॊ
Sudden bleeding

sahatvāsahatva सहत्िासहत्ि
Desire and aversion frequently.

sahiṣṇutā सर्हष्णुता

saindhava lavaṇa सन्धि रिण
Rock salt

sajana kaṇṭha सजन कण्ठ
Adhesion of throat.

sakapha kāsa सकप कास
Cough with sputum

sakaphaṁ mūtraṁ सकपॊ भत्रू ॊ
Mucoid Urine

sakaphaṁ purīṣaṁ सकपॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Mucoid stool

sakaphaprājyaṁ purīṣaṁ सकपप्राज्मॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Mucoid stool

sakrodha darśanaṁ सक्रोध दशनश ॊ
Wrathful sight

sakṣi साक्षऺ
A synonym of Ātmā. Witness to all actions.

sākṣī साऺी
Witness, a person who gives generalized or specialized, account against or in favor of a subjudice matter, under oath when summoned by the presiding court, i.e. witness.

saktaṁ vāk सततॊ िाक्
Restricted speech

sakthi सत्तथ
Lower limb

sakthyutkṣepaṁ nigṛhṇāti सतर्थमत्ु ऺेऩॊ तनगवृ णातत
Restricted forward movement of lower limb

saktu सततु
Is a dietetic preparation. Prepared by frying and powdering husked grains like barley, wheat, rice, parched rice etc.

salasīkaṁ mūtraṁ सरसीकॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembles serous fluid

salavaṇaṁ mūtraṁ सरिणॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine with salt taste

salila icchā समरर इच्छा
Fond of using more water

salilaplāvī समररप्रािी
Floats in water

salilaplāvitāni iva parijñāni darśanaṁ समररप्रावितातन इि ऩरयऻातन दशनश ॊ
Sees objects dipped in water

salilaprakāśaṁ nāsāmala समररप्रकाशॊ नासाभर
Watery nasal excreta

salohitaṁ purīṣaṁ सरोर्हतॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool with the color of blood.

samādhiḥ सभाधध्
The state of self –realization in the practice of yoga; Ultimate state of physical & metal control with gain of eternal happiness

samāgni सभात्ग्न
The state in which the action of Agni is normal due to a balanced state of all the three Doṣas.

samamagātraṁ सभभगात्रॊ
Uniform body surface one of the properties of the gems

samāna vāyu सभान िामु
One of the five subtypes of Vāta (Vāyu) that is seated in proximity to Agni (in between stomach and large intestine). It performs the functions like receiving the food, digestion of the food, division of the food into useful and waste portions, and propulsion of the food.

samantrapūtāmbu prokṣaṇam सभन्त्रऩतू ाम्फु प्रोऺणभ ्
In the condition of fear of poison, water sanctified by the mantras should be sprinkled over the patient’s body.

sāmānya guṇa साभान्म गणु
Common property; properties that are common to more than one mahābhūta like guru (heaviness) attributed to Pṛthvī & Jala mahābhūta.

sāmānya साभान्म
Similar: similarity which is found in many substances and leads to their categorization in one group. Samanya leads to increase of similar; Similarity; denotes similarity between two substances, properties or actions; one of the fundamental concepts in āyurvedic pharmacology that states that substances can potentially lead to an increase or positive impact in the similar substances or attributes in the living system, when engaged in an effective interaction.

sāmānya- viśeṣa siddhānta साभान्म-विशषे मसद्धान्त
An applied principle of āyurveda which is used for maintaining the equilibrium of the body constituent; Doctrine of similar and Opposites

samaśana सभशन
Taking an admixture of desirable and undesirable food items.

samastavarṇaṁ mūtraṁ सभस्तिणं भत्रू ॊ
Multicolored urine

samaṣṭi mārgai raktaṁ सभत्ष्ट भागै यततॊ
Bleeding through all openings

samatritaya सभत्रत्रत्रम
Group of following three substances when taken in equal quantity Terminalia chebula, Zinziber officinale and Guḍa (Jiggery); Synonyms are Trisama, Samatraya.

samavāyaḥ सभिाम्
Coexistence/ concomitant relation; the eternal and inseparable relationship which subsist between earth and other proto-element and their qualities.

samavāyi kāraṇa सभिातम कायण
inherent cause;

samayoga सभमोग
Combination, a result or product of combining

samayogaḥ सभमोग्
appropriate interaction of sensory and motor organs with their objects

sambaddhābaddhavāk सम्फद्धाफद्धिाक्
Incoherent speech.

sambaddhavāk सम्फद्धिाक्

saṁbhagnaṁ iva ūru सबग्नॊ इि ऊरु
Feels as if thighs are broken

saṁbhagnau iva pāda सबग्नौ इि ऩाद
Breaking pain in foot

saṁbhakṣyamāṇā iva सबक्ष्मभाणा इि
Feels as being eaten internally

sambhavaḥ सम्बि्
Possibility ; feasibility

saṁbheda सबेद
Breaking pain

saṁbhinnaṁ purīṣaṁ समॊ बन्नॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Loose motion.

sambhṛṣṭaparuṣacchavi सम्बष्ृ टऩरुषच्छवि
Fading color.

saṁcāravicāravat karṇa सचॊ ायविचायित ् कणश
sensation like opening and closing of the ear frequently

saṁcaya सचम
Accumulation of vitiated Doṣas in their own seats. First stage of Kriyākāla.

saṁdaṁśa सदॊ ॊश
An apparatus for holding

saṁdaṁśana सदॊ ॊशन

saṁdaṁṣṭa सदॊ ॊष्ट

saṁdarśanaṁ सदशनश ॊ
Clear manifestation of tendon network

saṁḍāsi सडॊ ामस
An apparatus used for holding the utensils etc

saṁdhāana सधान
Allowing the materials along with drugs and sweetening agents in association of liquids for a long time

saṁdhānīya सधानीम
Substances that helps in tissue aggregation;

saṁghāta सघॊ ात
Compactness; one of the action attributed to Pṛthvī mahābhūta.

saṁgīta icchā सगीत इच्छा
Fond of Music

saṁgraha सग्रह
Restricted movement, Retention, Stiffness

saṁhanana hanu सहॊ नन हनु
Stiff Jaw

saṁhananam सहॊ ननभ ्
compactness of body tissues

saṁharṣaṇaṁ सहॊ षणश ॊ
sense of friction, Horripilation

saṁharṣita iva सहॊ वषतश इि

saṁhataṁ सहॊ तॊ

saṁhatamāṁsa सहॊ तभाॊस
Decaying of flesh

samīkṣakārī सभीऺकायी
Astute; One who is judicious; Person who is judicious regarding do's and don'ts in Dietary habits and conduct will remain healthy for longer time.

samīpasthaṁ dūre darśanaṁ सभीऩस्थॊ दयू े दशनश ॊ
Remote appearance of a near object

saṁjñā mohaḥ सऻॊ ा भोह्
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñā सऻॊ ा
Consciousness, Orientation

saṁjñādaurbalya सऻॊ ादौफल्म
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñāhārī सऻॊ ाहायी
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñāmoṣaṇa सऻॊ ाभोषण
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñānāśa सऻॊ ानाश
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñāpraṇāśa सऻॊ ाप्रणाश
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñāsaṁstambha सऻॊ ासस्तम्ब
Loss of consciousness

saṁjñāsaṁsthāpana सऻॊ ासस्थाऩन
revival of consciousness.

saṁjñāsthāpana सऻॊ ास्थाऩन
one category of medicinal substances that restore consciousness

saṁjṛmbhikā सजॊ त्ृ म्बका

saṁkhyā सख्ॊ मा
Number; one among 10 parādi guna.

saṁkleda hṛdaya सतॊ रेद रृदम

saṁkledaṁ guḍavadgataṁ सतॊ रेदॊ गडु िद्गतॊ
Jiggery like stickiness, as poison originates from water & become sticky like jiggery when it comes in contact with water & spreads throughout body during rainy season.

saṁkoca सकोच
Contraction of body parts.

saṁkrāmika roga सक्रामभक योग
The word Sankraman means concurrence, transaction. Sankraman denotes passing from one point to another, Sankramika roga means the diseases which are passing from one person to another i.e. infectious or communicable diseases.

saṁkṣaya oja सऺॊ म ओज
Diminished resistance power

saṁkṣepa सऺॊ ेऩ
contraction of body parts

saṁkṣobhamanaḥ सऺॊ ोबभन्
Perplexed mind

saṁkṣya सक्ष्म
Emaciation, Diminished resistance

saṁlāpa icchā सराऩ इच्छा
Fond of conversation

saṁlayana सरमन

saṁloca सरोच
Plucking pain

sammīlanaṁ सम्भीरनॊ
closing of the eye or Nictation

sammohaḥ सम्भोह्
Impairment of orientation

sammūḍhā सम्भढू ा
loss of tactile sensation

sammūrcchā सम्भच्ू छाश

saṁparivṛta nābhi सऩॊ रयितृ नामब
Tortuous umbilicus

sampat virudda सम्ऩत ् विरुद्द
Unwholesome in richness of quality- intake of substance that are not matured, over matured or putrefied.

saṁprahāra icchā सप्रहाय इच्छा
Fond of war.

saṁprasekaḥ सप्रसेक्

saṁprasrāva akṣi सप्रस्राि अक्षऺ

saṁprasrāva mukhaṁ सप्रॊ स्राि भखु ॊ

saṁrabdha akṣi सयब्ध अक्षऺ
Wrathful eye

saṁrabdha सयब्ध

saṁrambha सयम्ब

saṁrodhaḥ सयोध्

saṁsadana ससदन

saṁsaktaṁ ससततॊ

saṁśamanaṁ सशभनॊ
Pacification of vitiated Doṣas; Palliative therapy.

saṁsargaja ससगजश
Means a contagious disease which spreads from person to person by direct or indirect by immediate contact with infected/sick person.

saṁśayaḥ सशम्
indefinite statements which leave doubt as to the final and correct opinion

saṁskāra virudda सस्काय विरुद्द
Drugs and diets which prepared in a particular way produce poisonous effect. Exp- meat of peacock roasted on a castor spit.

saṁskāra सस्काय
Transformation or processing or value addition, one of the 10 parādi guna.

saṁskāravāhīḥ सस्कायिाही्
Anaphrodisia: hermaphrodite born with obstructed seminal passage

saṁskṛta vādī सस्ॊ कृ त िादी
Speaking in abnormal sound

saṁśodhana सशोधन
Substances used for expelling out vitiated Doṣa and mala through various body openings viz. Mouth, Nose, Anus, etc.

saṁśoṣa सशोष
Dryness, Wasting

saṁsrāva mukham सस्रॊ ाि भखु भ ्

saṁstambha सस्तम्ब
Retention, Stiffness

saṁśūna सशॊ नू

samuccayaḥ सभच्ु चम्
words, sentence or paragraphs where in a multitude of things possessing some common property are grouped together and enumerated

sāmudga साभद्ु ग
Consuming the medicine both at beginning and also end of the meals.

sāmudra jala साभद्रु जर
Type of surface water. Sea water that which is very much prone for contamination with dust, soot, toxic gases, micro organisms etc environmental impurities by human activities.

sāmudra lavaṇa साभद्रु रिण
sea or common table salt

samudramaṁthana सभद्रु भथॊ न
Churning of oceans for getting ambrosia/ nectar (mythology).

samukṣipta vāk सभक्षु ऺप्त िाक्
Speedy talk, Fast Talk

samutpīḍavat mūtraṁ सभत्ु ऩीडित ् भत्रू ॊ
Micturition with pressing pain

saṁvāhana सिाहन
Pleasing touch or thumping with hands slowly.

saṁvejanaṁ roma सिेजनॊ योभ

saṁvejayet सिॊ ेजमेत ्

saṁvita iva nāsikā सवित इि नामसका
Feels as nose is more widened

saṁvṛtaḥ सिॊ तृ ्
contracted , covered

saṁvṛtalomakūpa sirā सिॊ तृ रोभकू ऩ मसया
Vein covered by hair

saṁvṛtaromakūpa sirā सिॊ तृ योभकू ऩ मसया
Vein covered by hair

saṁvṛtāsyatvaṁ सिॊ तृ ास्मत्िॊ
Closed mouth

sāmya साम्म
state of equilibrium or balance

samyagdagdha सम्मग्दग्ध
Proper cauterization, Stage of burn in which the injury is superficial and assumes the color of ripe Tāl fruit (Borassus flabellifer) and is not raised above the surrounding skin and develops preceding symptoms.

samyakdrutam सम्मतद्रतु भ ्
Properly melted

samyakyoga सम्मतमोग
Proper contact or proper utilization

saṁyama pārśva समॊ भ ऩाश्िश
Contraction of the flanks

saṁyoga virudda समॊ ोग विरुद्द
Combination unwholesome- Intake of sour substance with milk.

saṁyoga समॊ ोग
Combination; one of the 10 parādi gunas; Combination of two or more substances together is saṁyoga. This kind of process exhibits peculiarities which are not seen in case of individual substances. Such as combination of honey &fish, fish & milk.

sandhimuktatā सत्न्धभतु तता
Looseness of joints

sandigdhā vāk सत्न्दग्धा िाक्
Sceptical speech

sāndra सान्द्र
thickness/dense; one of the 20 gurvādi guṇa; caused due activated pṛthvī; denotes physiological & pharmacological density; nourishes; the property of the substance which causes viscosity and viscidity

sāndratvaṁ साॊद्रत्िॊ
Indicates thick consistency viscosity/ semi solidness

saṅgaḥ सङ्ग्
Contraction of body parts, Retention.

saṅkulāni iva darśanaṁ सङ्कु रातन इि दशनश ॊ
Sees objects in mixed form or confused form.

sānnaṁ purīṣaṁ सान्नॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool mixed with food articles


sannihitāgadam सत्न्नर्हतागदभ ्
Physician should be fully provided with all kinds of antitoxic medicines.

sannikarṣa इत्न्द्रमाथ-श सत्न्नकषश
a process sequential involvement of object, sense organ, manas, and soul to obtain the direct perception

sannirodha adhovāyu सत्न्नयोध अधोिामु
Retention of flatus

santāpa सन्ताऩ

santarjana सन्तजनश
Threatening to others.

santarpaṇa सन्तऩणश
Word tarpaṇa means sense of well being. It is a function of Rasa Dhātu. Food substance and herbs that increase Rasa Dhātu and subsequently Kapha are all grouped under Santarpaṇa. Caraka as defined the word Tarpaṇa as that which satisfy the hunger. Contrary to this is Apatarpaṇa.

santata सन्तत
Prominence, Continuous

sāntvana सान्त्िन

sānubādhanaṁ सानफु ाधनॊ
substances having long term side effects

sānunāsikaṁ साननु ामसकॊ
Nasal voice

sanyastasaṁjñā सन्मस्तसऻॊ ा
Loss of consciousness

sapaicchilyaṁ purīṣaṁ सऩत्ै च्छल्मॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Slimy stool

sapākaṁ सऩाकॊ
Suppuration, it is a symptom produced in animate type of poisoning which means inflammation which after certain period converts into suppurative stage.

saphenaṁ सपे नॊ

sapicchaṁ mūtraṁ सवऩच्छॊ भत्रू ॊ
Slimy urine

sapicchāpratimaṁ raktaṁ सवऩच्छाप्रततभॊ यततॊ
Blood in slimy touch.

sapiṇḍika सवऩत्ण्डक
Preparation is similar to Madhukroda , additionally honey is mixed and prepared in the form of bolus.

sapraseka mukhaṁ सप्रसेक भखु ॊ

sapravāhikaṁ purīṣaṁ सप्रिार्हकॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Defecation with bearing and gripping pain

saptadhātu सप्तधातु
Seven structural elements of the body: Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja and Shukra

saptamuṣṭi सप्तभत्ु ष्ट
Indicates the quantum of material; Quantity which is equal to Seven fistfuls

sapūyaṁ chardi सऩमू ॊ छर्दश
Vomit with pus

sara सय
Unstableness/mobilizes; one among 20 gurvadi guna; caused due activated jala; denotes physiological & pharmacological instability & mobility; causes mobilization; helps in reduction of body tissues.

sāra साय
1. heartwood/pith of a plant

sarakta chardi सयतत छर्दश
Vomiting with blood

sarakta mūtraṁ सयतत भत्रू ॊ
Micturition with blood

sārasa सायस
Lake water is source of ground water. It improves digestive power and does not aggravate Vāta. Best time for consumption of this kind of water is Hemanta rtu (early winter)

sāravidhamana सायविधभन
Ill nourishment.

sārikā सारयका
a bird turdus salica

sarit icchā सरयत ् इच्छा
Fond of ponds (water bodies)

sarpāḥ सऩाश्

sarpakīṭahataṁ सऩकीटहतॊ
Death due to snake bite/ insect sting.

sarpamaṇi सऩभणण
Wearing of sarp-mani (a type of pearl or gem collected from the head of the snake) is useful as anti poison (antidote) and gives immunity against poisons (folklore).

sarpāṅgabhihataṁ सऩाशङ्गमबहतॊ
It is a pseudo snake bite in which snake does not bite the body part but comes in contact but in a naturally timid person this may cause the aggravation of his bodily vayu (neurological signs) and causing swelling of part. Such a man is said affected by the touch of a snake.

sarpi tulyaṁ purīṣaṁ सवऩश तल्ु मॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool resembles with ghee

sarpi सवऩश
Ghee; Synonym of Ghŗta;

sarpirūpaṁ ārtava सवऩरूऩॊ आतिश
Menstrual blood resembles with ghee

sarpirūpaṁ purīṣaṁ सवऩरूश ऩॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Stool resembles with ghee

sarpit सवऩतश ्
A type of snake bite in which marks (punctures) of fangs of considerable depth are found on the affected part attended with a slight bleeding as well as those which are extremely slender and own their origin to the turning aside and lowering of snakes’ mouth (head) immediately after the bite are attended with swelling and the characteristic changes (systemic).

sarpivarṇaṁ raktaṁ सवऩिणं यततॊ
Blood in the color of ghee

sarpriprakāśaṁ mūtraṁ सवप्रप्रश काशॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembles with ghee

sarudhira mūtraṁ सरुधधय भत्रू ॊ
Maturation with blood

sarujaṁ purīṣapravartanaṁ सरुजॊ ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Defecation with pain

sarvabhūtahitaiṣiṇaḥ सिबश तू र्हतवै षण्
Well wisher of all creatures.

sarvagraha सिग्रह
Accounting of the quantity of the entire food in totality. Considering all the food articles together in meal plate, which may includes cooked cereals, pulses, condiments, drinkables etc. it refers to the whole caloric value of all food articles of meal plate. It is contrast to Parigraha.

sarvakarmoparamaḥ सिकभोऩयभ्
Loss of motor function of joint

sarvāṅgagraha सिाशङ्गग्रह
Restricted movement of the body

sarvauṣadhigaṇa सिौषधधगण
Group of following plants Cyperus rotundus, Santalum album, Tamarindus indica, Acorus calamus, Sassurea lappa, Nordostachys jatamansi, Parmelia perlata, Curcuma zedoria

sarvavarṇaṁ mūtraṁ सििश णं भत्रू ॊ
Multiple colored urine

sarvendriyatāpanaḥ सिेत्न्द्रमताऩन्
Sweating of sense organs.

saśabdaṁ सशब्दॊ
With sound

sasiktaṁ समसततॊ
Urine with sand like substance.

saṣkuli सष्कु मर
Prepared by paste of rice together with the sesamum seeds fried with oil.

sāsmagarbhavat hṛdayaṁ सास्भगबिश त ् रृदमॊ
Feeling of heaviness like bearing of stone in pericardial region

saspandana सस्ऩन्दन
Twitching in the head

sāśṛk pratimaṁ साशकृ ् प्रततभॊ
Menstrual blood in the color of blood of rabbit

sāsṛk सासकृ ्
With blood

saśūlaṁ सशरू ॊ
With pain

satataṁ kāsa सततॊ कास
Continuous cough

satkāryavāda सत्कामिाद
the ideology which believes that the effect is always resides in cause even before its manifestation

sātmaḥ सात्भ्
Concordance: A harmonious state of things or aggreable to natural constitution.

sātmya sampat सात्म्म सम्ऩत ्
Excellence of suitability

sātmya viruddha सात्म्म विरुद्ध
Habit unwholesome of diet and drugs is considered as sātmya viruddha- intake of sweet and cold substance by persons accustomed to pungent and hot substance.

sātmya सात्म्म
Agreeable to natural constitution, wholesome, suitableness, habituation

sattva सत्त्ि
1. One of the three qualities (sattva, Rajas and Tamas) or constituents of everything in creation. 2.Mind, harmony, Natural character, inborn disposition, Conscious mind, Being in existence

satva saṁpata सत्ि सऩत
Excellence of intellect.

satva सत्ि
Means Mental tolerance or Stamina. This is a quality of the mind, sattva has been classified in three types. Prava, avara and madyama stva. Person having the Pravara Satva (Strong will power) are basically health oriented and they follow rules and regulation of Swasthavritta and hence remains health. Their pain bearing capacity is excellent usually they do not become ill, whenever they are sick it is easy to cure them .

satvapariplava सत्िऩरयप्रि
Perplexed mind

Satvapatana koṣṭhī सत्िऩातन कोष्ठी
Furnace used for the extraction of Satva metal contents from minerals

satvapātana सत्िऩातन
Process of Extraction of metals from ores

satyabuddhi सत्मफद्ु धध
Truth knowledge- is the state of self realization of ultimate reality. It eliminates all miseries and leads to liberation. The moment that truth knowledge’s (Satyabuddhi)emerges the soul transcends the ego and all worldly miseries come to an end. Universe is macrocosm while man is the microcosm. The realization that the entire universe and individual are one and same is Satya buddi.

satyavāk सत्मिाक्
Truthful speaking

saugandhik सौगत्न्धक्
A person who is not aroused sexually without smelling the genitals of the other person.

sauhitya सौर्हत्म
Surfeit : Satisfaction

sauhityaṁ asahatva सौर्हत्मॊ असहत्ि
Intolerance to take proper staiation.

saumanasyajananaṁ सौभनस्मजननॊ
Substances that cause gladness or cheerfulness of mind; consisting of flowers.

saumya darśanaṁ सौम्म दशनश ॊ
Pleasant sight.

saumya सौम्म
Cool, Gentle, Mild; 2. A synonym of Ficus glomerulata

saurvacala lavaṇa सौिचर रिण
Belonging to or coming from Su-Varchala; prepared by boiling down soda with Emblica officinalis

sauṣirya सौवषमश
Porousness; an action attributed to Akash Mahābhūta

sauṣiryam asthi सौवषमभश ् अत्स्थ
Pores in the bone

sauvīra सौिीय
The acidic fermented liquid obtained from wheat

savidāha सविदाह
With burning sensation

savikalpakam सविकल्ऩकभ ्

saviparyaya sthānayojanā सविऩममश स्थानमोजना
Impropriety in sitting

savyabhicāram सव्ममबचायभ ्
the statement which conveys the multiple implications

scar that marks the former attachment of umbilical cord to the fetus."

serves to attach muscle to bone"

shat padārthaḥ षट ऩदाथश
The Six Matters : Samanya, Vishesha, Guna, Dravya, Karma and Samavaya.

shitabhi adhibhi vridhi — शीताभिः अध्भिः वृद्धि
Aggravation by cold water.

shuci शधु च
Shining, glowing, brilliantly white, holy, clear, clean, virtuous – in the context of water it refers to water which is free from all sort of biological impurities like all micro-organisms/ disease causing pathogens.

siddhāntaḥ मसद्धान्त्
a demonstrated truth established after several examinations and reasoning by scientists

sīdhu सीधु
Fermentation of the sweetening liquids with/without subjecting to heat

sikatānurūpaṁ mūtraṁ मसकतानरूु ऩॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine with sand like substance

sikatānuviddhān malān मसकतानवु िद्धान ् भरान ्
Urine with sand like substance

siktaākāra मसततआकाय
Resembling the granular appearance like that of sand crystals/ silicate

siktānyaṅgāni manyate दष्ट् शीतोदके नेि मसततान्मङ्गातन भन्मते"
It bitten by uchchiting (poisonous crab/ cricket), the person feels as if the whole body is effused with cold water.

siṁha मसहॊ

sindurābha मसन्दयु ाब
Vermilion like in color

sirābhi asaṁvṛta mukhaṁ मसयामब असिॊ तृ भखु ॊ
Appearance of veins on face.

sirādarśana मसयादशनश
Appearance of veins

sirāharṣaḥ मसयाहष्श
Engorgement of veins

sirājālagavākṣitaṁ मसयाजारगिाक्षऺतॊ
Network of veins

sirājālaṁ मसयाजारॊ
Network of veins

sirājālasphuraṇa मसयाजारस्पु यण
Excessive pulsation of the head

sirāścottiṣṭhanti lalāṭe अधस्तात ् त्स्त्रमा मसयाश्चोवत्तष्ठत्न्त रराटे"
A bite by a female serpent exhibits such symptoms as downcast eyes and appearance of veins on the forehead of the victim.

sirātanutvaṁ मसयातनत्ु िॊ
Thin vein

sirātataḥ मसयातत्
Prominent network of vein

sirāvanaddharājīkaṁ मसयािनद्धयाजीकॊ
Network of veins

sirāvṛta मसयाितृ
Appearance of veins

sitā darśanaṁ मसता दशनश ॊ
Sees objects white in color

sitā varṇa मसता िणश
White color

sitaṁ मसतॊ
White color

sitamaśniyāt मसतभत्श्नमात ्
Cold food treatments- person suffering from thirst, heat , intoxication , burning sensation, bleeding diseases, emaciation from copulation should treated with cold food.

sitatā मसतता

sīvanī सीिनी

skandhaḥ स्कन्ध्

skandhi raktaṁ स्कत्न्ध यततॊ
Early coagulation of blood

skanna स्कन्न

skhalat gati स्खरत ् गतत
Unsteady gait.

skhalat vāk स्खरत ् िाक्
Wavering speech

skhalita īṣṭā स्खमरत ईष्टा
Unsteady activity

smṛti apadhvaṁsanaṁ स्भतृ त अऩध्िसॊ नॊ
Loss of memory

smṛti apāya स्भतृ त अऩाम
Loss of memory.

smṛti bhraṁśa स्भतृ त भ्रशॊ
Loss of memory

smṛti hāni स्भतृ त हातन
Loss of memory

smṛti kṣaya स्भतृ त ऺम
Lack of memory

smṛti moha स्भतृ त भोह
Loss of memory

smṛti pramoha स्भतृ त प्रभोह
Loss of memory

smṛti saṁplava स्भतृ त सप्ॊ रि
Perverted memory

smṛti upaghāta स्भतृ त उऩघात
Loss of memory

smṛti vibhrama स्भतृ त विभ्रभ
Perverted memory

smṛti स्भतृ त
It means memory/ reminiscence/ recollection. Is that which results from a particular conjunction between the soul and mind and also from impression. Acc to Caraka memory is nothing but the remembrance of the things directly perceived, heard (scriptures) or explained earlier.

smṛtivibhraṁśa स्भतृ तविभ्रशॊ
Derangement of memory- when on covering of the self by rajas & tamas the recollection of the knowledge of reality is unpaired, it is known as derangement of memory. It the cause of all sort of psychological disorders later may end up with psycho-somatic disorders.

snāna स्नान
Taking bath, is an auspicious , enhances virility, longevity, strength, compactness & immune system(oja), and at the same time cures tiredness, sweat and impurities of the body.

snānaṁ icchā स्नानॊ इच्छा
Fond of bathing

snapana स्नऩन
Heating up to red hot and dipping in specified liquids

snāyu jālāvat स्नामु जाराित ्
Covered by sinew

snāyu स्नामु

sneha dagdha स्नेह दग्ध

sneha स्नेह
Oiliness, unctuousness, lubricity, Moisture, Oil

snehābhyakta iva roma स्नेहाभ्मतत इि योभ
Hair looks s if applied with oil

snehagandha mukham स्नेहगन्ध भखु भ ्
Unctuous smell from the mouth

snehopaga स्नेहोऩग
substances used to facilitate snehan (oleation

snigdha darśanaṁ त्स्नग्ध दशनश ॊ
Sees objects in unctuous

snigdha varṇa त्स्नग्ध िणश
Oily colored

snigdha त्स्नग्ध
Slimy/unctuous/oily; one of the 20 gurvadi gunas; caused due activated Jala mahābhūta; denotes physiological & pharmacological sliminess; manifested by moistening of body parts, increased strength and lustier; pacifies vata, increases kapha.

snigdha- aśniyāt त्स्नग्ध- अत्श्नमात ्
Eating unctuous food gets digested quickly, taste well, stimulates the unstimulated digestive fire, and alleviates Vata and Pitta.

snigdhāana upācaret त्स्नग्धान उऩाचयेत ्
Unctuous food treatment- person who are vata prakriti, dryness in the body, exhausted by copulation, who indulge in excess physical activities should be treated with unctuous food.

sogragandhyasṛk सोग्रगन्ध्मसकृ ्
Blood with intense odor.

spandana स्ऩन्दन
throbbing or Twitching

sparśa ajñānaṁ स्ऩशश अऻानॊ
Loss of tactile sensation

sparśa asahatva स्ऩशश असहत्ि
Intolerance to be touched

sparśa dveṣa स्ऩशश द्िेष
Intolerance to be touched

sparśa hāni स्ऩशश हातन
Loss of tactile sensation

sparśa nāśa स्ऩशश नाश
Loss of tactile sensation.

sparśa vaiguṇyaṁ स्ऩशश िगै ण्ु मॊ
Loss of tactile sensation.

sparśa स्ऩशश
Touch : the finest and subtle source of proto-element of vayu

sparśam na suṣūyate स्ऩशभश ् न सषु मू ते
Intolerance to be touched or tenderness

sparśana स्ऩशनश
Perception through skin

sparśana स्ऩशनश ेत्न्द्रम
the organ of tactile sensation

sparśanākṣamaṁ स्ऩशनश ाऺभॊ
Intolerance to be touched or tenderness

sparśanāsaha स्ऩशनश ासह
Intolerance to be touched or tenderness

sparśaruk स्ऩशरुश क्
Intolerance to be touched or tenderness

sparśodvigna स्ऩशोद्विग्न
Intolerance to be touched or tenderness

spaṣṭa sirā स्ऩष्ट मसया
Prominence of veins

spaṣṭa snāyugaṇa स्ऩष्ट स्नामगु ण
Clear manifestation of tendon network

sphaṭika sannibhaṁ स्पर्टक सत्न्नबॊ

sphaṭikābhaṁ स्पर्टकाबॊ

sphaṭikacchāya स्पर्टकच्छाम

sphik त्स्पक्
Buttocks; Hips

sphoṭai citā jihvā स्पोटै धचता त्जविा
Spreading of blisters

sphoṭana स्पोटन
Cracking pain

sphoṭarahitaṁ स्पोटयर्हतॊ
Free from elevations & projections

sphura स्पु य
Throbbing sensation

sphuraṇa स्पु यण
Throbbing sensation

sphuraṇaṁ cirāt स्पु यणॊ धचयात ्
Delayed pulsation

sphurati iva स्पु यतत इि
Throbbing sensation

sphuṭam स्पु टभ ्

sphuṭana roma स्पु टन योभ
Falling of hair

sphuṭanaṁ sandhi स्पु टनॊ सत्न्ध
Cracking sound of joint

sphuṭanānvita danta स्पु टनात्न्ित दन्त
Cracking of teeth

sphuṭati iva स्पु टतत इि
Cracking pain

sphuṭita स्पु र्टत

srak icchā स्रक् इच्छा
Fond of garlands

sraṁsaḥ स्रस्

sraṁsana guda स्रसॊ न गदु
Prolapsed rectum

sraṁsana roma स्रसन योभ
Falling of Hair

sraṁsanaṁ स्रसनॊ
Flabbiness, drooping

srastaṁ akṣi स्रस्तॊ अक्षऺ
Flabbiness or drooping of the eye

srastāṅgaḥ स्रस्ताङ्ग्
Looseness of the body

srastāṅgaśca स्रस्ताङ्गश्च
Loosened limbs, it is a symptom produced in the third impulse of bird poisoning which means the bird develops slothness of the limbs.

srastauṣṭhakarṇatā स्रस्तौष्ठ कणता
Pendulous lips and ears, the symptom of drooping (hanging down) of the lips and ears is seen if the quadruped is bitten by poisonous creature.

srāva akṣi स्राि अक्षऺ

srāva स्राि
Exudation, Discharge

srotas स्रोतस ्
1. Structural or Functional Channels meant for the transportation of Dhātus undergoing transformation. 2. Appearance of a Srotas is similar to the Dhātu that it transports. 2. They are of two types: Sthūla (macro) and Aṇu (micro).

srotasāmavabadhnāti स्रोतसाभिफध्नातत
constricts the srotas.

srotojakardamanibha स्रोतोजकदशभतनब
Color of collirium

sṛṣṭa mūkṣatā सष्ृ ट भऺू ता
Excessive passing of urine

sṛṣṭa purīṣaṁ सष्ृ ट ऩयु ीषॊ
Loose motion

sṛṣṭaviṭkaḥ api bhūya vegaśaṅkī सष्ृ टविट्क् अवऩ बमू

srutakṣārapratimaṁ mūtraṁ स्रतु ऺायप्रततभॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembling alkaline water

stabdha darśanaṁ स्तब्ध दशनश ॊ
Fixed gaze

stabdha romatā स्तब्ध योभता

stabdha स्तब्ध

stagaṇa darśanaṁ arkestamastakanyastag abhasto-stambhaṁ āgatāḥ स्तगण दशनश ॊ

stagana darshanam arkestamastakanyastag abhasto- stambham aagtah — स्तगण दर्शनं अर्केस्तमस्तकन्यस्तग भस्तो-स्तम्भं आगताः
Vision loss after sunset.

staimitya स्तमभत्म

stambha purīṣa pravartanam स्तम्ब ऩयु ीष प्रितनश भ ्
Retention of stool

stambha स्तम्ब
Fixedness , stiffness , rigidity , torpor , paralysis , stupefaction

stambhanaṁ स्तम्बनॊ
substances used to check any flow through or out of the body

stanaḥ स्तन्

stananaṁ स्तननॊ
Snoring sound

stanasaṁdaṁśa स्तनसदॊ ॊश
Biting of mother's breast

stanya स्तन्म
Breast milk. It is an Upadhātu of Rasa Dhātu. This nourishes the baby. It is dominant of Jala Mahābhūta.

stanyadveṣa स्तन्मद्िेष
Aversion to breast milk

stanyajanana स्तन्मजनन

stanyapānaṁ kiṅcit स्तन्मऩानॊ क्रकङ्धचत ्
Less intake of breast milk

stanyaśodhana स्तन्मशोधन
substances which rectifies vitiated Stanya(breast milk)

sthairya स्थैमश

sthālī yantra स्थारी मन्त्र
A shallow iron pan used for frying/roasting of materials

sthānasaṁśraya स्थानसश्रम
The interaction between the Doṣas & Dushyas. Fourth stage of Kriyakala. This represents the prodromal phase of a disease.

sthāpanā स्थाऩना
Justifying a proposition on the basis of reasons, instance, and conclusion.

sthaulya स्थौल्म

sthāvaraṁ स्थाियॊ
The poison obtained from inanimate things such as aconite, opium, cannabis, oleander, arsenic, orpiment etc.

sthira त्स्थय
Stability; Immobility; One of the 20 gurvadi gunas; caused due activated pṛthvī; denotes physiological & pharmacological stability & immobility; causes obstruction; An attribute of Kapha

sthiraḥ hanū त्स्थय् हनू
Stiff jaw

sthiraḥ nayanaḥ त्स्थय् नमन्
Fixed eye

sthiratā त्स्थयता

sthitaṁ त्स्थतॊ
Keeping/ placing

sthūla स्थूर
grossness/bulkiness; one of the 20 gurvadi gunas; caused due activated pṛthvī; denotes physiological & pharmacological grossness & bulkiness; causes covering or protection.

sthūlākṣaḥ स्थूराऺ्
Clumsy eye

stimita त्स्तमभत
Rigid, Inflexible, Fixed

stokaṁ stokaṁ स्तोकॊ स्तोकॊ
Frequent and scanty

stokaṁ स्तोकॊ

strak स्त्रक्

strīpuṣpaharaṇa स्त्रीऩष्ु ऩहयण
Helps in arresting the menstrual bleeding as observed in yellow orpiment

styānaṁ स्त्मानॊ
Feeling of heaviness, Thick, solid, Massive

styānatā स्त्मानता
Feeling of heaviness

subādhakam सफु ाधकभ ्
Difficult to treat

subahuśaḥ mūtraṁ सफु हुश् भत्रू ॊ
Frequent micturation

sucarita सचु रयत
Good behavior.

sūcibhi iva toda सधू चमब इि तोद
Needling pain

sūcibhi tudyamānena iva सधू चमब तद्ु मभानेन इि
Needling pain

sūcīpāṣaṁ na paśyatiu सचू ीऩाषॊ न ऩश्मतत
Unable to see tiny things like needle hole even with a lot of efforts.

sucirata सधु चयत

sūcyā iva सच्ू मा इि
Needling type of pain

sudāruṇaṁ akṣi सदु ारुणॊ अक्षऺ
Difficulty in opening eye

sudīna सदु ीन
Wretched, pathetic

sudurbalaḥ agni सदु फु रश ् अत्ग्न
Loss of digestive power

sugandha सगु न्ध
quality that is minute and give a sense pleasure & satisfaction; these improves appetite.

sugandhāmalaka सगु न्धाभरक
when dried seedless Emblica offcinalis is added to Sarvoushadhi gana;

sugandhapiṣṭasūtena सगु न्धवऩष्टसतू ने
Mercury rubbed with gandhak

sugandhī triphalā सगु न्धी त्रत्रपरा
A Class of following 3 fragrant plants Areca catechu, Syzygium aromaticum, Myristica fragrans;

sugandhi सगु त्न्ध
Stool with fragrant smell

sukha सखु
1. A feature indicative of Ātmā. 2. A favorable perception. 3. Happy, delighted, joyful, pleased, Agreeable, pleasant

sukhanirmocya patram सखु तनभोच्म ऩत्रभ ्
Literal meaning is easily separable lamellae indicates cleavage

sukhasca kālayoga सखु स्च कारमोग
Favorable time

sukhāyu सखु ामु
Happy life , ailment free individual life; A life pleasant for self as well as society

sukṣma śarīra सक्ष्ु भ शयीय
Subtle Body; see Ativāhika purușa

sukṣma सक्ष्ु भ
minuteness/penetrating; one of the gurvadi gunas; caused due activated akash, agni & vayu; denotes physiological & pharmacological minuteness & penetration;

sūkṣmadaṁṣṭrāpado सक्ष्ू भदॊष्राऩद
Minute fang marks.

sukṣmadvāra guda सक्ष्ु भद्िाय गदु
Narrowed anal canal

sukṣmaḥ सक्ष्ु भ्
the property of the substance which causes minuteness and decrease body mass

sukṣmai śalyai ācitaṁ iva akṣi सक्ष्ु भै शल्मै आधचतॊ इि अक्षऺ
Feels as eyes being speared with tiny arrows

sukṣmakhacitaṁ सक्ष्ु भखधचतॊ
Multiple openings

sūkṣmaṁ सक्ष्ू भॊ
Minute, Poison penetrates into and deranges the minutest capillaries owing to its extreme subtle essence.

sululita akṣi सरु मु रत अक्षऺ
Slight trembling of the eye

sumanagandha सभु नगन्ध
Smell of Jasmine

supakvaṁ सऩु तिॊ
Properly cooked/ processed indicative of Avaleha, gudapaka etc.

supapatidhanuṣprabhaṁ raktaṁ सऩु ऩततधनष्ु प्रबॊ यततॊ
Blood with multicolor like rainbow

suptacchavi सप्ु तच्छवि
Diminished complexion

suptaḥjihvā सप्ु त्त्जविा
Numbness of tongue

suptaṁ सप्ु तॊ

suptatā सप्ु तता

suptiḥ सत्ु प्त्

sūpya dhanya सऩू
Properly roasted and dehusked grains. They are light in property.

surā icchā सयु ा इच्छा
Fond of Alcohol

surā सयु ा
Indigenous beer- beverage prepared from fermented cereals. The cereals that are either cooked or ground are mixed with Jiggery and other spices and are subjected to natural fermentation. Beneficial for emaciated, suffering from obstruction in urine, piles, alleviates Vata and useful in anemia.

surabhigandha सयु मबगन्ध
Pleasant smell

surābīja सयु ाफीज
It is the residual portion lying below the medak in the fermentation process consists of seed of fermentation

surāsura सयु ासयु
Group of gods and demons who gathered for churning the sea to get ambrosia, in the quest of immortality.

surātulyaṁ mūtraṁ सयु ातल्ु मॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembles Alcohol

surāvikāra icchā सयु ाविकाय इच्छा
Fond of Alcohol derivatives

surāvikṛti dveṣa सयु ाविकृ तत द्िेष
Aversion to Alcohol derivatives

surendragopapratimaṁ raktaṁ सयु ेन्द्रगोऩप्रततभॊ यततॊ
Blood with the color of earthworm

suruciraḥ सरुु धचय्

suṣira danta सवु षय दन्त
Carries in teeth

suṣuptiḥ सषु त्ु प्त्

suśuṣkaṁ chardi सशु ष्ु कॊ छर्दश
Dry vomit/Vomit of dry material

suṣūyana सषु मू न

sūta सतू
Element Mercury-Hydroargyrum with symbol Hg at At. no 80 a synonym of rasa & parada

suteja सतु जे
Dazzling appearance.

sūtikayā daṣṭa सतू तकमा दष्ट
Bite by a recently delivered snake.

sūtraṁ सत्रू ॊ
précised form of text; Aphorism

sūtreṇa सत्रू णे
With cotton thread

suvarna — सुवर्ण
1. A unit of Measurement; Synonym of one karsha=12 g of metric units.
2. A Synonym of gold.

suvarṇa सिु णश
1. A unit of Measurement; Synonym of one karsha=12 g of metric units

sūyana समू न

svabhāva saṁsiddhi स्िबाि समसद्धध
Natural mechanism

svābhāvoparamavāda स्िबािोऩयभिाद
the ideology of the Buddhist philosophy which believes that natural destruction is inevitable to everything

svādhātryaṅga akasmāt paritaḥ विरेखनॊ स्िाधात्र्मङ्ग अकस्भात ् ऩरयत्"
Scratches his own body as well as that of the nurse.

svādu āsyatā स्िादु आस्मता
Sweet taste in mouth

svādubhakṣaṇa dveṣa स्िादबु ऺण द्िेष
Aversion to sweet food

svagandha asahatva स्िगन्ध असहत्ि
Intolerance to self-body smell.

svajātyavasthāna स्िजात्मिस्थान
A property attributed to the substance, a substance remains in the same Jati (category) even after processing;

svalpatriphalā स्िल्ऩत्रत्रपरा
A group of following 3 fruits

svalpavāka स्िल्ऩिाक
Less talking

svāṁgaśīta स्िाॊगशीत
Allowing to cool on its own , self cooling- Annealing

svana karṇa स्िन कणश
Flute like sound in the ear

svanaṁ yonimukhāt स्िनॊ मोतनभखु ात ्
Sound from vagina.

svāpa स्िाऩ

svāpana kaṭi स्िाऩन कर्ट
Numbness in hip

svapna स्िप्न
Dreams that occur during sleep due to the activity of Raja.

svapnanāśaḥ स्िप्ननाश्

svapnanityatā स्िप्नतनत्मता
Excessive sleep

svapnasukha icchā स्िप्नसखु इच्छा
Excessive desire to sleep

svapvajananaṁ स्िप्िजननॊ
substances that facilitates normal sleep

svarabheda स्ियबेद
Hoarseness of voice

svaragada स्ियगद
Hoarseness of voice

svarāmaya स्ियाभम
Hoarseness of voice

svarapīḍā स्ियऩीडा
Hoarseness of voice

svararuk स्ियरुक्
Hoarseness of voice

svarasa स्ियस
Expressed juice of a plant part

svaropaghātaḥ स्ियोऩघात्
Low voice

svasaṁjñā स्िसऻॊ ा
Technical Terminology; Jargon; Technical nomenclature; the meaning of certain words which are peculiar to any science wherein they are used in a different sense other than their usual popular meaning.

svastha स्िस्थ
Healthy; Composed of two words, Swa and Stha. Swa means own, self and Stha means stable, steady, thus Swastha denotes self abiding, being in ones natural/prākritika state. 2. One who is in his own norms, individual who enjoys normal health.

svasthahita स्िस्थर्हत
substances that maintains and promotes health

svasthāturaparāyaṇaṁ स्िस्थातयु ऩयामणॊ
The science which is beneficial for the diseased as well as healthy persons.

svasthavṛttaṁ स्िस्थित्तृ ॊ
One who exists free from diseases is called Swastha, the actions or procedures or conduct which should be adopted to maintain health continuously without break is known as Swasthavŗtta. It includes a regular adherance to Dinacharya, Ratricharya,Rtu charya and such other doctrines of Ayurveda

svāsthya स्िास्र्थम
Health; sound state of body/soul health, ease, comfort, contentment, satisfaction. State of well being.

svataḥsuśītama स्ित्सशु ीतभ
Annealing/ self cooling

svatantra स्ितन्त्र
Independent, autonomous. An attribute of Ātmā.

svathavṛttau hitam स्िथित्तृ ौ र्हतभ ्
substances that primarily maintains and promotes health;

sveda स्िेद
Sweat, perspiration. Mala of Meda Dhātu. The function of Sveda is to withhold Kleda (watery portion) in the skin.

svedaja स्िेदज
Substances which are believed to be originated from sweat glands.

svedana स्िेदन
one of the process applied in purification/refining of the material

svedanaṁ स्िेदनॊ
substances used for swedan (sudation)

svedanī yantra स्िेदनी मन्त्र
An apparatus used for steaming / fomenting

svedāpanayanaṁ स्िेदाऩनमनॊ
substances that reduces excessive sweating

svedavat स्िेदित ्

svedopaga स्िेदोऩग
substances which facilitates swedan (sudation)

svinna त्स्िन्न
Process of Fomentation/Steaming

svinnaṁ māṁsa त्स्िन्नॊ भाॊस
Putrefaction of flesh

syādadhobhāgam जङ्गभॊ स्मादधोबागभ ्"
The tendency of animate poison is to move downwards and affect the lower body more.

syandana akṣi स्मन्दन अक्षऺ

syandana mukhaṁ स्मन्दन भखु ॊ

syandana स्मन्दन

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