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There are currently 7 terms in this directory beginning with the letter E.
ebhyo'nyathā cikitsyāḥ एभ्मोऽन्मथा धचक्रकत्स्मा्
Poisoned patients without the signs of (imminent) death should be treated.

ekadaṁṣṭrārdita एकदॊष्रार्दशत
If bitten by poisonous frog (toad), then there will be the mark of only one fang.

ekadeśasādhyatva एकदेशसाध्मत्ि
Different parts different effects; properties & actions are specific to the part of the substance;

ekakāla bhojana एककार बोजन
Food should be given once a day in order to stimulate digestive fire. In certain condition to ignite the digestive fire in Agnimandy condition, this process of having meal per day is adopted.

ekāntaḥ एकान्त्
Statements which are absolute, not differing from context to context and could not be modified.

ekapiṇḍam एकवऩण्डभ ्
Making the material in homogenous mass by the process of grinding , rubbing, pounding the form of solid doses

ekavāsaraḥ एकिासय्
the preparations or medicated oil & gudpaka etc. are advised not to process in a single day

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What is Ayurvedic Dictionary Sanskrit with translation?

Ayurvedic Sanskrit Dictionary is an A-Z database of Ayurvedic medical terminologies for the students of Ayurveda and the general public interested in Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, it contains 6000+ Ayurvedic Sanskrit terms with the meaning, simply search the term or use A-Z alphabets to get the term meaning with a description.

Can I submit Ayurvedic terms?

Yes, we welcome submissions, if you think we missed any term you can submit it along with its meaning and description. Just click on the Submit a term and enter the term with its meaning and description. The term will be published with your name.

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Who compiled the Ayurvedic terminology?

Ayurvedic Sanskrit Dictionary with translation (Sanskrit – English): Ayurvedic terminology dictionary. Compilation by the National Institute of Ayurveda India, information sourced from Updated by AyurMedia with minor typographical corrections and more helpful explanations.

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