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There are currently 13 terms in this directory beginning with the letter O.
odana ओदन
Rice preparation- Prepared with 5 parts of water and 1 part of rice. Prepared of well cleaned grains, devoid of water, well cooked and warm and light.

of mucous membranes of pharynx."

ojas ओजस ्
The essence of all seven Dhātus, that is vital for life. Also indicates Bala (immunity). It is of two types: 1.Para that is present in the heart and, 2. Apara that is present all over the body. The ten attributes of Ojas are: Guru (heavy), Shīta (cold), Mṛdu (Soft), Ślakṣṇa (smooth), Bahala (abundant), Madhura (sweet), Sthira (stable), Prasanna (bright), Picchila (sticky), Snigdha (unctuous).

ojaskara ओजस्कय
the substance or process which promotes immunity and vitality

ojasvin ओजत्स्िन ्

okasātmya ओकसात्म्म
The daily activities and food which are adapted to the body by habitual use.

oṣa ओष
Burning sensation with sweating and restlessness. Localized burning sensation.

Osadha ओषध
Those varieties of vegetable kingdom which are self destroyed soon after maturity of their fruit. Such as wheat, paddy, Sorghum etc which perish after harvesting

oṣṭha kṣepa ओष्ठ ऺेऩ
Biting lips

oṣṭhaḥ ओष्ठ्

oṣṭhaprāntau ओष्ठप्रान्तौ
Angles of the mouth

oṣṭhasandaśanam ओष्ठसन्दशनभ ्
Biting of lips

oṣṭhau ओष्ठौ
Lips or Labia. Soft external structure that forms the boundary of the mouth.

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