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Ayurvedic Dictionary

There are currently 448 terms in this directory beginning with the letter V.
vācaṁ nigṛhṇāti िाचॊ तनगवृ णातत
impedes speech

vādaḥ िाद्
debate ; argument in a hostile spirit of challenge with the aid of authoritative knowledge .

vadanaṁ िदनॊ

vādhanaṁ िाधनॊ
substances having immediate adverse effects for short duration

vāditrasaṁprayoga asthāne िार्दत्रसप्रमोग अस्थाने
Playing musical instrument at inappropriate occasion.

vāhi िार्ह
A unit of Measurement; Synonym of droṇi=49.152 kg/l of metric units

vahni sudurbalaḥ ित्वन सदु फु रश ्
Lack of digestive power

vahni ित्वन
Digestive power

vahnisaṁtaptam ित्वनसतॊ प्तभ ्
Making red hot over fire

vaibhatsyaṁ िबत्स्मॊ
Fierce appearance

vaicityaṁ िधचत्मॊ
Confusion or absence of mind

vaidala varga िदर िगश
A class of different pulses

vaiḍūryavarṇa dṛṣṭi maṇḍalaṁ िडै ू मिश णश दृत्ष्ट भण्डरॊ
Pupil with the color of cat's eye gem

vaidyabhāga िद्मबाग
A synonym of Rudra Bhāga; Commission or Fees of a Vaidya.

vaidyavaśaga िद्मिशग
subordinate to vaidya.

vaigandhya िगन्ध्म
Bad smell

vaiguṇyaṁ adhovāyu िगै ण्ु मॊ अधोिामु
Retention of flatus.

vaikalya िकल्म
Loss of motor function or deformity

vaikarañjaḥ िकयञ्ज्
Hybrid variety of the three types of snakes described in Ayurvedic literature i.e. darvikar, mandali and rajimān (folkore).

vaikṛtya indriya िकै ृ त्म इत्न्द्रम
Preverted sensory organs

vairasyaṁ ियस्मॊ

vaiśeṣika guṇa िशै वे षक गणु
specific property; property specifically attributed to a particular mahābhūta & can be percieved only by one sensory organ; e.g. smell attributed to Pṛthvī mahābhūta & can be percieved by olfactory sense.

vaiśeṣikaḥ िशै वषक्
one of the orthodox indian philosophy postulated by Ācharya kanada and famous for molecular theory

vaiśrutyaṁ िश्रै ुत्मॊ
Defective hearing

vaisvaryaṁ िस्िमं
Hoarseness of voice.

vaivarṇya ििण्मश

vajraṁ िज्रॊ

vajrasadṛśa िज्रसदृश
Resembles diamond - a property of described Vaikrānt Tourmaline

vāk bhaṅgaḥ िाक् बङ्ग्
Restricted speech

vāk grahaḥ िाक् ग्रह्
Restricted speech

vāk nigrahaḥ िाक् तनग्रह्
Restricted speech

vāk saṅgaḥ िाक् सङ्ग्
Restricted speech.

vāk stambhaḥ िाक् स्तम्ब्
Restricted speech.

vakra darśanaṁ िक्र दशनश ॊ
Look objects in curved shape

vakra gati िक्र गतत
Unsteady gait.

vakra िक्र
Curved or Tortuous

vakṣaḥ िऺ्

vaktram ितत्रभ ्

vākyadoṣaḥ िातमदोष्
syntactical defects: a statement with deficiency in any of the five constituents of a sentence and does not convey the proper and complete meaning

vākyapraśaṁsā िातमप्रशसा
syntactical excellence: the statement is free from any syntactical impurity and express the exact meaning of the sentence

vākyaśeṣaḥ िातमशष्
Supply of ellipsis; such statements wherein some word or words are found missing, which has to be supplied or supplemented appropriately to get the exact meaning of a sentence in that context.

valayaṁ िरमॊ
Ring like appearance

vali िमर

valināśa िमरनाश
Absence of wrinkles

valkala vastra िल्कर िस्त्र
Cloth made out of bark of tree. It pacifies vata ,

valla िल्र
Indicating measure equivalent to dose of metric units 190,250,375 mg (1.5,2 & 3 guṅjā)

vallī िल्री
Climbers; weak stemmed plants; A synonym of latā

valmīka िल्भीक
Ant hill or termatorium.

valmīkaśikharākāraṁ िल्भीकमशखयाकायॊ
appears like Peaks of Hillock - a type etc. of clay used for different processes like shodhana

vamana dravya िभन द्रव्म

vamana िभन
Therapeutic emesis.

vamanopaga िभनोऩग
Substances that facilitate emesis

vamathu िभथु

vaṁga िगॊ
Element Tin- Stannum with chemical symbol Sn at 50 - one of the member of low melting metals

vamiḥ िमभ्

vaṁkanāla िकनार
an apparatus used to intensify the flame by blowing

vaṁśī िशी
The dust particle visible in the rays of sun

vanacchanai िनच्छनै
Dried cow dung cakes obtained from forest area

vanaspati िनस्ऩतत
One among 4 categories of medicinal plants; big trees having fruits but having rudimentary or modified flowers like Ficus bengalanesis

vānaspatya िानस्ऩत्म
One among 4 categories of medicinal plants; big trees having both fruits and flowers; e.g.: Mango tree

vāpi िावऩ
step well water- which is well constructed with masonry works, which has stairs to descent inside and fetch the water. also called as Pacca well. Is sweet in taste and light for digestion.

vapuḥ िऩ्ु

varadāyī ियदामी
Acting as giving boons

vārāha meda sadṛśaṁ िायाह भेद सदृशॊ
Resembles the fat of the pig

vārāha sneha sadṛśaṁ िायाह स्नेह सदृशॊ
resembles the fat of the pig

varcaḥ िच्श

vāribindukalpa akṣi िारयत्रफन्दकु ल्ऩ अक्षऺ
Water drop like projection in eye.

vāripūrṇa netra िारयऩणू श नेत्र

vāritara िारयतय
One of the classical test for examining the bhasma-when pinch of bhasma is sprinkled over constant water , it floats indicating lightness compared to water

vāriviprahatāḥ िारयविप्रहता्
Bettered by flowing water.

varṇa िणश
1. Color 2. Complexion; an action attributed to Agni Mahābhūta

varṇabhraṁśa िणभ्रश शॊ
Diminished color or complexion

varṇahāni िणहश ातन
Diminished color or complexion

varṇakṣaya िणऺश म
Diminished color or complexion

varṇanāśa िणनश ाश
Diminished color or complexion

varṇāpaghāta िणाशऩघात
Diminished color or complexion

varṇapraṇāśa िणप्रणाश
Diminished color or complexion

varṇasaṁkāśa िणसश काश
Diminished color or complexion

varṇavikṛti िणवश िकृ तत
Diminished color or complexion

varṇavināśa िणविनाश
Diminished color or complexion

varṇopatāpa िणोऩताऩ
Diminished color or complexion

varṇya िण्मश
Complexion promoters

varti िततश
Wick like project

vartimadhyam िततभध्मभ
Holding the wick in the middle should be ignited; a method of preparing Liquefied Sulphur (Gaṅdhaka druti)

vartivatasnehakalka िततितस्नेहकल्क
Formation of wick on rolling between fingers – a classical test indicating the completion of preparation of medicated oil/ghee

vartma ित्भश

vartmasaṅkoca ित्भसङ्कोच
Eyelids remain closed

vartula ितरुश
A property of material

vāruṇi िारुणण
It is the fermented liquid obtained from the palm trees like dates – familiarly known as tāḍi, nīra

Vasā िसा
The upadhātu of Māṃsa Dhātu. The unctuous portion of pure Māṃsa;

vasāgandha िसागन्ध
Smell of fat

vasāmiśraṁ िसामभश्रॊ
Mixed with fat

vāsana िासन

vāsanā िासना
Perfuming/ fragrance/storing- one of the processes to impart some qualities

vasātulyaṁ िसातल्ु मॊ
Resemblance of fat

vaśīḥ िशी्
One of the attributes and also synonym of the ātma (soul): Controller, The one who controls

vasopamaṁ िसोऩभॊ
Resemblance of fat

vāṣpa akṣi िाष्ऩ अक्षऺ

vastra िस्त्र

vastrabaddha िस्त्रफद्ध
It is a process generally used to segregate the material in bundles

vastragālita िस्त्रगामरत
Screening / filtering / straining through cloth

vastraniṣpīḍana िस्त्रतनष्ऩीडन
Squeezing through cloth/flannel

vāta asahatva िात असहत्ि
Irritation towards wind.

vāta dveṣa िात द्िेष
Aversion to wind

vāta kopana िात कोऩन
substances that vitiates Vata Doṣa

vāta prasravaṇa िात प्रस्रिण
Excessive passing of flatus

vāta saṁśamana िात सशभन
substances that pacify vitiated Vata Doṣa

vaṭaka िटक
Pills - one of the Dosage form with round solid masses/balls

vātapūrṇadṛtisparśa िातऩणू दृश ततस्ऩशश
Looks as balloon filled with air

vātapūrṇatā िातऩणू तश ा
Filled with gas

vatsanābha ित्सनाब
A Poisonous Root Aconitum ferox having an appearance similar to that of the navel of a calf.

vāṭya maṇḍa िाट्म भण्ड
Is a gruel prepared out of 1 part of coarse powder of roasted Yava (barley) and 14 parts of water.

vāṭya िाट्म
Porridge- prepared with fried barley

vaya िम
Age- it is defined as the state of body correspondence to length of time, broadly divided in 3 stages, childhood, adulthood and old age.

vayaḥ sthāpana िम् स्थाऩन
Substances which delay ageing process;

vayas िमस ्
Age, any time or period of life

vāyavyaṁ dravya िामव्मॊ द्रव्म
substances having vayu as the predominant mahābhūta;

vāyu िामु
A synonym of Vāta, one of the three bodily Doṣas, that is predominant of Vāyu and Ākāśa Mahābhūtas. This is a vital biological force that performs the fuctions like all sensory perceptions, all motor activities, and higher mental activities. This is of five subtypes: Prāṇa, Vyāna, Udāna, Samāna and Apāna. The major sites of distribution of Vāyu are: Large intestine, pelvis, extremities, ears, bones and skin. The attributes of Vāyu are: Rūkṣa (dry), Laghu (light), Śīta (cold), Khara (rough), Sūkṣma (minute), Cala (mobile).

vāyukopa िामकु ोऩ
Excessive passing of flatus

vāyusañcāra िामसु ञ्चाय
Excessive passing of flatus

vedanā sthāpana िेदना स्थाऩन

vedanaṁ śvāsa िेदनॊ श्िास
Breathing with pain

vega aprādurbhāva िेग अप्रादबु ाशि
Deprived of reflex

vega िेग
Derived from Vij- to agitate, to make quickly. The Vega word means in the medical context, natural urges (for elimination), reflex, and excitement. Usually, however it is taken in the sense of natural urges of the body, which call for urgent satisfaction. in Ayurvedic parlance denotes natural reflexes or urges. They are of two types Dharaniya (Suppressible urges) such as Greed, Anger etc and Adhāraṇīya (non suppressible urges) such as Sneezing, Sleep etc.

vegāntara िेगान्तय
Interval between two attacks (impulses) of poison.

vegasrāvī िेगस्रािी
Sudden bleeding.

vegavat िेगित ्

vepana िेऩन

vepathu िेऩथु

vertebrae in horizontal position."

veśavāra िेशिाय
Meat which is devoid of any bone is cooked, ground along with spices such as pepper, garlic etc and ghee. This mixture is made into flattened balls and cooked in steam. Resembles present day cutlet in many respect.

veśavārābhaṁ िेशिायाबॊ
Stool resembles the veśavāra condiment

veśmanaḥ vibhūṣā िेश्भन् विबषू ा
Decoration of palace.

veṣṭana िेष्टन
Cramps in body

veṣṭanai iva pārśva िेष्टनै इि ऩाश्िश
Cramps like pain in flanks

veśvāra िेशिाय
soup prepared with boneless meat by adding sufficient water and seasoning with 3 pungent, ghee & jiggery

vibaddha muktaṁ aniyata purīṣapravartanaṁ विफद्ध भतु तॊ अतनमत ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Dry or loose defecation irregularly.

vibaddha muktaṁ antarāntarā purīṣapravartanaṁ विफद्ध भतु तॊ अन्तयान्तया ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Dry or loose defecation irregularly.

vibaddha muktaṁ purīṣapravartanaṁ विफद्ध भतु तॊ ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Dry or loose defecation irregularly.

vibaddhaṁ विफद्धॊ

vibaddhasaṁbaddha mukhaṁ विफद्धसफॊ द्ध भखु ॊ
Mouth filled with mucus

vibandha adhovāyu विफन्ध अधोिामु
Retention of flatus

vibandha hṛdayaṁ विफन्ध रृदमॊ
Feeling of stiffness of pericardial region

vibandhaṁ indriya विफन्धॊ इत्न्द्रम
Weakness of sense organs

vibandhaṁ urasaḥ विफन्धॊ उयस्
Feeling of stiffness in chest

vibandhaṁ विफन्धॊ

vibhāga विबाग
Division or partial withdraw

vibhañjanaṁ विबञ्जनॊ
Breaking pain

vībhatsa ceṣṭā िीबत्स चेष्टा
Bizzare activities

vibhatsatvaṁ विबत्सत्िॊ
Fierce appearance

vibhinnena iva विमबन्नेन इि
Breaking pain

vibhramaṁ विभ्रभॊ
Preverted, Perplexed

vibhraṁśa विभ्रशॊ

vibhrānta cetaḥ विभ्रान्त चेत्
perplexed mind

vibhrānta darśanaṁ विभ्रान्त दशनश ॊ
Perplexed sight

vibhrāntākṣaḥ विभ्रान्ताऺ्
Frantic eye

vibhu विबु
Being everywhere, all pervading, omnipresent. An attribute of ātma.

vicāra विचाय
morbidity; caused due to substance with Vayu mahābhūta predominance.

vicchinnadhāraṁ mūtraṁ वित्च्छन्नधायॊ भत्रू ॊ
Hesitant micturation

vicchinnaṁ ārtava वित्च्छन्नॊ आतिश
Hesitant Menstrution

vicchinnaṁ chardi वित्च्छन्नॊ छर्दश
Intermittent vomiting

vicchinnaṁ kaphaṁ वित्च्छन्नॊ कपॊ
Splitted sputum

vicchinnaṁ śvāsa वित्च्छन्नॊ श्िास
Shattered breathing.

viceṣṭana विचेष्टन
Presence of abnormal actions of body.

vicetaḥ विचेत्
Loss of consciousness.

vicetanaṁ विचेतनॊ
Loss of tactile sensation

vicitra vastra विधचत्र िस्त्र
Alleviates kapha & vayu Doṣa

vicitrarupa darśanaṁ विधचत्ररुऩ दशनश ॊ
Seeing objects in multi color.

viḍa lavaṇa विड रिण
red granular salt

viḍa विड
a mixture of materials like kśāra. Amla. Gandhaka, lavaṇa etc along with group of urine mūtra used to hasten the process of jāraṇa- digestion , also act as appetizer

vidagdha विदग्ध
Partially transformed/ partially digested

vidagdhaṁ raktaṁ विदग्धॊ यततॊ
Decomposed Menstrual blood

vidagdhe anne chardi विदग्धे अन्ने छर्दश
Vomitting while digesting

vidagdhopamaṁ ārtava विदग्धोऩभॊ आतिश
Decomposed Menstrual blood

vidāha विदाह
Internal burning sensation.

vidāhi विदार्ह
substances that produces burning sensation

viḍālapadaka विडारऩदक
A unit of Measurement; Synonym of one karșa=12g of metric units

vidāraṇa विदायण

viddha विद्ध
sting/arrow poison

viddham विद्धभ ्
Unwholesome in rules of eating- taking meals in public, ugly places, in burial ground etc.

vidhānam विधानभ ्
Right interpretation; statements for proper arrangement of subject, views etc. in an orderly manner

vidhāraṇa aśakti adhovāyu विधायण अशत्तत अधोिामु
Inability to bear urge of defecation

vidhāraṇa aśakti mūtraṁ विधायण अशत्तत भत्रू ॊ
Inability to bear urge of micturation

vidhāvana विधािन

vidhiḥ विधध्
A mandatory injunction prescribed in Text

vidhūpana nāsikā विधूऩन नामसका
Smoky sensation

vidhvaṁsanaṁ roma विध्िसनॊ योभ
Falling of hair

vidīrṇa dṛṣṭimaṇḍala विदीणश दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Splitted pupil

vidradhi विद्रधध

vidrumasannibha विद्रभु सत्न्नब
Color of coral red.

viduta darśanaṁ विदतु दशनश ॊ
Sees lightening before eyes.

vidveṣa विद्िेष

vidyā विद्मा
Knowledge, learning, science

vidyādhara yantra विद्माधय मन्त्र
An apparatus used to extract mercury from cinnabar etc.

vigatalakṣmīḥ विगतरक्ष्भी्
loss of lustier.

vighātaṁ विघातॊ
Loss of motor function

vigrathitaṁ विग्रधथतॊ

vihaṅgagandha विहङ्गगन्ध
Smell of birds

vihārapara विहायऩय
Unsteady activities

vihatarasatvaṁ विहतयसत्िॊ

vihvala darśanaṁ विविर दशनश ॊ
Perturbed vision

vihvala विविर

vijihākṣi वित्जहाक्षऺ
Disorted eye

vijihma bhrū वित्जवभ भ्रू
Tortuous eyebrow

vijihmā वित्जवभा
Twisted or Curved

vijjalaṁ purīṣaṁ विज्जरॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Slimy or lubricious stool.

vijñāna विऻान
The act of distinguishing or discerning; a systematic and perfect knowledge

vijṛmbhaṇaṁ विजम्ृ बणॊ

vijṛmbhikā विजत्ृ म्बका

vikalpa विकल्ऩ
Proportional variation there are many kinds of preprations.

vikalpanam विकल्ऩनभ ्
Option; statement which do not fix a rule rigidly but give option for a suitable variant

vikalpasāmarthya विकल्ऩसाभर्थमश
Having potential for various formulations; one of the specific character of dravya

vikampana विकम्ऩन

vikāraḥ विकाय्
it signifies 1. derivatives 2. ailments

vikaraṇa विकयण
derangement , because of subtle property of poison it penetrates into and deranges the minutest capillaries.

vikarṇa nāsikaṁ विकणश नामसकॊ
One whose ear and nose are cut.

vikarṣiṇaḥ विकवषणश ्
Sucking pain

vikartana विकतनश
Cutting pain

vikartikā विकततका
Cutting pain

vikāsarodha maṇeḥ विकासयोध भणे्

vikāsī विकासी
Property of a substance by virtue of which it gets distributed all over the body without passing through routine digestive process and causes depletion of ojas & displaces tissues from their physiological places

vikiraṇa mūtraṁ विक्रकयण भत्रू ॊ
Frequent micturation.

vikleda वितरेद

vikothaḥ विकोथ्

vikrānta mukhaṁ विक्रान्त भखु ॊ
Awkward face

vikriyā sandhi विक्रक्रमा सत्न्ध
Depressed joint

vikrocanam विक्रोचनभ ्

vikrośanaṁ विक्रोशनॊ

vikṛta akṣi विकृ त अक्षऺ
Abnormal, Deformed

vikṛta iva darśanaṁ विकृ त इि दशनश ॊ
Sees obejcts in deformed size

vikṛta kāla विकृ त कार
Unwholesome time-if it is having contrary, excess, deficient to those of the seasons.

vikṛta udaka विकृ त उदक
Vitiated water-water should be known as devoid of merits when it is excessively deranged in respect of smell, color, taste,& touches too slimy, deserted by aquatic bird-animals are reduced & is unpleasing.

vikṛta vāyu विकृ त िामु
Air that known to cause illness such as not in accordance with the season excessively moist, speedy, harsh, cold, hot excessively clashing with each other, affected with unsuitable smell, vapor, gravel, dust & smoke

vikṛtadeśa विकृ तदेश
Unwholesome place-it contains excessive moisture , is troubled by reptiles, mosquitoes, flies, rats. Vultures, jackals etc. with dried & damaged crops, smoky winds crying birds & dogs, with natural calamities like flood ,earthquakes etc.

vikṛtayanti विकृ तमत्न्त
Destroys/ damages/ deforms - a property of Vaikrānta

vīkṣaṇa asahatva िीऺण असहत्ि
Intolerance to see the objects

vikṣepāḥ विऺेऩा्
Seizures; Irregular movement or sudden spasm

vikṣepaṇa विऺेऩण
Abnormal movement

vikūjanam विकू जनभ ्
Voice resembles the sound of pigeon or indistinct sound

vikūṇanaṁ विकू णनॊ
Contraction of the eye

vilāpa विराऩ
Lament; Utters moaning sounds


vilekhanaṁ ātmānaṁ विरेखनॊ आत्भानॊ
Scratches on his own body

vilepa विरेऩ

vilepanaṁ icchā विरेऩनॊ इच्छा
Fond of applying unguent

vilepī विरेऩी
A rice gruel preparation differing in consistency with Peya. It is more solid than Peya. To prepare Vilepi, 4 parts of water and 1 part of broken rice are taken and boiled till rice is soft.

vilocanaḥ विरोचन्

viloma adhovāyu विरोभ अधोिामु
Retention of flatus

vilūnapakṣa विरनू ऩऺ
Bird with wings cut off.

vimala विभर
Stainless, spotless, clean, bright, pure, clear, transparent – in the contest of water refers to water which is free from all physical and chemical impurities like Clay, mud, turbidity, carbonate and non carbonate salts etc.

vimārga विभागश
An abnormal path

vimlāpanaṁ विम्राऩनॊ
mutiliation of swelling by massage

vimoha pakṣma विभोह ऩक्ष्भ
Falling of eyelashes

vimoha विभोह
Impairment of orientation

vimukta विभतु त

vimuṁcati विभचॊु तत
Disassociates/ releases

viṇa/vida विण
excreta of animal

vinadya purīṣapravartanaṁ विनद्म ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Defecation with excessive bending

vinagna bhāva विनग्न बाि
Nudity or exhibitionism

vināma विनाभ
Bending of the body

vinamya mūtraṁ विनम्म भत्रू ॊ
Micturation with excessive bending

vinamya purīṣapravartanaṁ विनम्म ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Defecation with excessive bending

vināśaḥ विनाश्
demolition or dying out

vinaṣṭa vāk विनष्ट िाक्

vinaṣṭamamlatājātaṁ विनष्टभम्रताजातॊ
The liquid attaining acidity by losing its sweetness

vinaya विनम
modesty or decency

vinidrā वितनद्रा

vinigrahaḥ वितनग्रह्

viniṣṭa vāk वितनष्ट िाक्

viniṣṭhanan वितनष्ठनन ्
Defecation with burning and gripping pain

viniṣṭhīvana वितनष्ठीिन

vipaka — विपाक
the principle that indicates the pharmacological behavior of a substance post digestion and metabolism.
Expressed in terms of Rasa — 3 in number 1. Madhura 2. Amla 3. Katu, It is ascertained based upon the action of the

vipāka विऩाक
principle that indicates the pharmacological behavior of a substance post digestion & metabolism; expressed in terms of rasa; 3 in number

viparītaṁ विऩयीतॊ

viparyayabuddhiḥ विऩममश फद्ु धध्
Perverted intelligence

viparyayaḥ विऩममश ्
when exceptionary example is given in an already existed exception

viparyayaḥ विऩममश ्
Reverse action

vipaśyan विऩश्मन ्
Looking in all direction

vipluta akṣi विप्रतु अक्षऺ
Unstable eye ball.

viplutaṁ iva darśanaṁ विप्रतु ॊ इि दशनश ॊ
Perverted sight

viplutaṁ visphoṭitaṁ asthi विप्रतु ॊ विस्पोर्टतॊ अत्स्थ
Multiple cracks on bone

vipradveṣa विप्रद्िेष
Aversion to Brahmins

vipralāpa विप्रराऩ
Incoherent speech

vipūyakaḥ विऩमू क्
Bed smell

viramitaśabda वियमभतशब्द
Subsiding of sound on placing the material over fire- one of the test indicating the completion of medicated oil/ghee preparation

virasaṁ वियसॊ

virasāsyatā वियसास्मता
Distaste in mouth.

virecana dravya वियेचन द्रव्म
substances inducing purgation;

virecanopaga वियेचनोऩग
adjuvant of purgation; D97substances used to facilitate purgation

vireka vaiṣamyaṁ वियेक िषम्मॊ
Retention of urine or stool

vireka वियेक
therapeutic purgation.

virocanaṁ वियोचनॊ
Excessive defecation

virodana वियोदन

virodha वियोध
Suppression, Obstruction

viruddha āahāra विरुद्ध आहाय
The food, drinks, & medicine, which does the dislodgement of Dośa from its site I.e. Dośatlkesa, but does not expel it out and which acts contradictory to the body tissues. They do not help in the nourishment of Dhātu and in due course produce many diseases/incompatible food. Food which are antagonist to body and Dhātu are called as Viruddha.

vīrudha िीरुध
plants having weak stem; creepers, climbers, prostate, etc; one of the 4 categories of medicine plants.

virupa akṣi विरुऩ अक्षऺ
Deformed or Abnormal eye

virya — वीर्य
1. The principle responsible for the therapeutic activity of the substance; may be compared with the fraction of a substance possessing the active principles; it is ascertained either by contact or period of its stay in the body.
2. One of the bases of nomenclature of plants.

vīrya viruddha िीमश विरुद्ध
Potency Unwholesome- taking diet and drugs having cold potency in combination with those of hot potency.

vīrya िीमश
1. The principle responsible for the therapeutic action of the substance; may be compared with the fraction of a substance containing the active principles; it is ascertained either by contact or duration of its stay in the body.

vīryaviruddha aśniyāta िीमविरुद्ध अत्श्नमात
Non- antagonistic food. food doesn’t have two component of different VIRYA.

viṣa adhiṣṭhāna विष अधधष्ठान
poisonous part/ source of inanimate poison.

viṣa āśrayasthāna विष आश्रमस्थान
part containing poison in animals

viṣa dūṣita tṛṇa विष दवू षत तणृ
Poisoned grass.

viśada विशद
Non adhesiveness.

viṣāda विषाद
Dejection; Depression

viśadam विशद
Clear; Transparent, Lucid; one of the 20 gurvadi gunas; caused due activated akash & pṛthvī; denotes physiological & pharmacological clarity and transparency; clears channels. An attribute of Vata.

viṣadātā विषदाता

viṣādhānaṁ विषाधानॊ
Vehicle of poison, blood is a vehicle for poison through which it circulates readily throughout the body producing fatal symptoms in the body.

viṣaghātiyoga विषघाततमोग
Antitoxic medication.

viṣaghna विषघ्न
Antitoxic medication.

viṣaghnairgadaiḥ spṛṣṭam विषघ्नगै दश ै् स्ऩष्ृ टभ ्
(The food) detoxified by antitoxic medication.

viṣaghnam विषघ्नभ ्
antidote for poison (antitoxic).

viṣahatam विषहतभ ्
death due to poisoning.

viṣakanyā विषकन्मा
A girl/woman made poisonous by administering small amount of poison to her, right from birth becomes poisonous.

viṣaṁ विषॊ

viṣama dṛṣṭimaṇḍala विषभ दृत्ष्टभण्डर
Irregular pupil

viṣamāgni विषभात्ग्न
The state in which the action of Agni is rendered erratic (either excessive or decreased, variable from time to time) due to the dominant influence of Vata.

viṣamāśana विषभाशन
Food takes untimely which is quantitatively either excess / low.

viṣamāsana विषभासन
Unequal proportion

viṣamavinatā aṅguli विषभविनता अङ्गमु र
Irregular bending of fingers

visaṁhata hanu विसहॊ त हनु
Dislocation of Jaw

visaṁjñā विसऻॊ ा
Loss of consciousness.

visaṁjñakalpaḥ विसऻॊ कल्ऩ्
Loss of consciousness.

visaṁjñatā विसऻॊ ता
Loss of consciousness

viṣānvaya विषान्िम
Potentially poisonous contamination.

viṣapītaṁ विषऩीतॊ
Person who had ingested poison.

viṣāprada विषप्रद

viśardhita विशधधतश

visarga विसगश
Period of liberation: period of time when moisture, unctuousness and strength of the body gets enhanced

visargaḥ विसग्श
suns act of hydration bestows strength to the living organisms

viṣasadbhāva विषसद्बाि
presence of toxicity.

viṣasaṁkaṭaṁ विषसकटॊ
catastrophic stage of poisoning, a combination of factors like bodily constitution, season, food, vitiated body elements which on being present simultaneously produce fulminating symptoms in the victim.

viṣasūdana विषसदू न

viṣavarga विषिगश
Class of poisons

viṣavegaḥ विषिेग्
Impulse (attacks) of poison, a poison produces 7 attacks in human, 4 in animals, 3 in bird. Impuse occur when poison cross one compartment/ membrane (kalā) to invade the next.

viṣavīrya विषिीमश
Power of poison.

viṣayeṣvasakta विषमेष्िसतत
Unattached to sexual pleasure

viśeṣa विशषे
Specialty; Dissimilarity; opposite of sāmanya; denotes dissimilarity between two substances, properties or actions; one of the fundamental concepts in āyurvedic pharmacology that states that substances can potentially lead to a decrease or negative impact in the dissimilar substances or attributes in the living system, when engaged in an effective interaction.

viśīrṇa roma विशीणश योभ
Falling of hair

viśīrṇa vāk विशीणश िाक्
Withering speech

viśīrṇa विशीणश

viśīrṇabandhana danta विशीणफन्धन दन्त
Looseness of teeth

viśīrṇādhāraṁ mūtraṁ विशीणाशधायॊ भत्रू ॊ
Fluent less micturation

viśīrṇaṁ iva darśanaṁ विशीणं इि दशनश ॊ
Sees things as broad

viśīrṇaṁ kūrcakaḥ विशीणं कू चकश ्
Falling down or teeth enamel

viśīrṇamāṁsaṁ विशीणभाॊसॊ
Putrefaction of flesh

viṣkira śakuni vasā वित्ष्कय शकु तन िसा
gallinaceous bird fat

viṣkira वित्ष्कय
Gallinaceous- those animals and birds which disperse food before taking; Includes birds which scratch the earth in search of food. Exp- the watail, wild fowl, snake bird, lapwing, peacock etc.

viśleṣa jānu विश्रेष जानु
Splitting pain in knee

viśleṣaṁ विश्रेषॊ
Dislocation, Flabbiness

viśliṣṭiṁ uraḥ वित्श्रत्ष्टॊ उय्
Depression of chest

vismāpana विस्भाऩन
Creating surprise

vismaraṇa विस्भयण

viṣopadrava विषोऩद्रि
Complications/secondary diseases due to poisoning.

viṣopasarga विषोऩसगश

viṣpaṣṭaṁ iva ābhāti akṣi विष्ऩष्टॊ इि आबातत अक्षऺ
Bright looking eye

visphoṭa विस्पोट

visra विस्र
A smell like that of raw meat, smell like blood. An attribute of Pitta.

visragandha विस्रगन्ध
Smell of live fish

visraṁ विस्रॊ
Smell of live fish

viṣṭambha adhovāyu विष्टम्ब अधोिामु
Retention of flatus

viṣṭambha purīṣa pravartanaṁ विष्टम्ब ऩयु ीष प्रितनश ॊ
Retention of stool

viṣṭambha विष्टम्ब
Fullness of abdomen due to constipation

viṣṭhabdhaṁ akṣi विष्ठब्धॊ अक्षऺ
Stiffness of eye

viśuddhaṁ chardi विशद्ु धॊ छर्दश
Whitish vomit

viśuṣkabhāva akṣi विशष्ु कबाि अक्षऺ
Absence of mucus in eye

viṣyanda विष्मन्द
liquefaction; caused due to Jala mahābhūta predominance.

viṭ chardi विट् छर्दश
Vomitting with stool

viṭ jalaṁ purīṣaṁ विट् जरॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Watery stool

viṭ mārgaḥ विट् भाग्श

vītamāṁsaṁ nakha िीतभाॊसॊ नख
Nail with less flesh

vitaṇḍā वितण्डा
Talk in which one cant establish his own view

viṭapa विटऩ

viṭasagandha विटसगन्ध
Smell of stool

vītaśoṇitaṁ nakha िीतशोणणतॊ नख
Nail with less blood

viṭgandha विट्गन्ध
Smell of stool

viṭgandhaṁ mūtraṁ विट्गन्धॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine with the smell of Stool

vītī bhāva िीती बाि
Emaciation, Wasting

vitrāsana वित्रासन

vitrastaṁ akṣi वित्रस्तॊ अक्षऺ
Frightened eye

viṭsaṁsṛṣṭaṁ mūtraṁ विट्ससॊ ष्ृ टॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine mixed with stool

viṭvarjitaṁ purīṣaṁ विट्ित्जतश ॊ ऩयु ीषॊ
Watery stool

vivarṇatvaṁ वििणत्श िॊ

vivarta oṣṭha विितश ओष्ठ
Twisted lip

vivartavāda विितिाद
the ideology of the Vedānt philosophy which believes that Brahma is only truth and others in the world are false

vivecana वििेचन
Discriminating , distinguishing, analyzing, and dividing.

vivekaḥ वििेक्
Discrimination : the faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties , a state of wisdom

vivikta icchā विवितत इच्छा
Fond of staying in solitude

vivrīyate muhu nāsikā विव्रीमते भहु ु नामसका
Frequent widening of nose.

vivṛta akṣi विितृ अक्षऺ
Widely opened eye.

vivṛtaḥ विितृ ्
expanded or opened

vivṛtaṁ kṛcchreṇa mukhaṁ विितृ ॊ कृ च्रे ण भखु ॊ
Mouth opens with difficulty

vivṛtatā mukhaṁ विितृ ता भखु ॊ
Opened mouth

vivṛtti mukhaṁ वििवृ त्त भखु ॊ
Whirling of mouth

viyataḥ विमत्
Ether: space

vraṇa mukhāt purīṣapravartanaṁ व्रण भखु ात ् ऩयु ीषप्रितनश ॊ
Passing stool through ulcer

vraṇa viddha विद्ध व्रण
Punctured or stab wound.

vraṇa व्रण

vraṇadvārāvasādī raktaṁ व्रणद्िायािसादी यततॊ
Blood clotting in ulcer

vraṇai adhovāyu व्रणै अधोिामु
Passing Flatus through ulcer

vraṇaiḥ mūtraṁ व्रणै् भत्रू ॊ
Passing urine through ulcer

vrataḥ व्रत्
Continence: The exercise of self constraint

vratyārtha ित्ृ माथश
Maintain the health & life- foods consumed by healthy person, it is meant to maintain health & life.

vṛddhi िद्ृ धध
Growth, Increase; gain; a state of gain of anybody constituent resulting in a positive balance.

vṛddhi िद्ृ धध
A state of abnormal growth

vṛithi िवृ त्त:
It means round, circular, continued, routine works , daily regimen, regimen which is practised and adopted daily which may or may not responsible for good health.

vṛkṣaḥ िऺृ ्

vṛntāka mūṣā िन्ृ ताक भषू ा
Crucible with stem - a kind of crucible resembling brinjal -generally used in extraction of zinc from its ore.

vṛṣaṇaḥ िषृ ण्

vṛṣatā िषृ ता
Virility, generative power, ability to reproduce.

vṝścanaṁ िॄश्चनॊ
Cutting pain

vṝścikā िॄत्श्चका

vṝṣyaṁ िॄष्मॊ
Eugenics; aphrodisiacs; substances that enhance the sexual power like that of bull

vṝtta िॄत्त

vṛttāyattama ित्तृ ामत्तभ
property of gems

vṛttiḥ िवृ त्त्
path to be adopted. One should adopt only such of the means of livelihood as do not clash with virtuous path.

vṝttikara िॄवत्तकय
life sustaining

vyadha व्मध
Needling type of pain

vyādhikṣamatva व्माधधऺभत्ि
Immunity; Made of two words Vyādhi – disease and Kshamatva – Resistance i.e the power of the body which prevents the development of diseases or resists a developed disease is called as vyadhikshamatva. Compared to Immunity.when etiological factors come in contact with the body they try to produce disease. At the same time the body tries to resist, that power of resistance is Vyādhikśamatva.

vyāghra व्माघ्र

vyākhyānam व्माख्मानभ ्
Explanation; statements which elaborate a subject matter in detailed

vyakta व्मतत
Fifth stage of Kriyakāla characterized by the manifestation of specific symptoms of a disease.

vyaktānukūla akasmāt darśanaṁ व्मततानकु ू र अकस्भात ् दशनश ॊ
Looks as turbid and clear, frequently and alternatively

vyakulatva karṇaṁ व्मकु रत्ि कणं
Irritation in the ear

vyālīḍha व्मारीढ
It is a type of snake bite in which marks of one- two fangs are seen but there is no bleeding.

vyāluptam व्मारप्ु तभ ्
It is a type of snake bite in which marks of two fangs are seen along with bleeding.

vyāna Vāyu व्मान िामु
A subtype of Vāta that is seated in Hṛdaya. It is responsible for pumping Rasa from Hṛdaya to all parts of the body. It controls all types of movements in the body.

vyāpādanaṁ व्माऩादनॊ
Decaying, Defective or Putrefaction

vyapadeśastu bhūyasā व्मऩदेशस्तु बमू सा
concept of nomenclature of substances on the basis of the predominant mahābhūta within in it.

vyāpti व्मात्प्त
inherent and inseparable adherence between the two things

vyāsa व्मास
Throwing of extremities outward.

vyathā व्मथा

vyathana व्मथन

vyathita indriya व्मधथत इत्न्द्रम
Weakness of sense organs

vyathitaceta व्मधथतचेत
Disturbed mind

vyatirekavyapti — व्यतिरेकव्याप्तिः
Negative invariable concomitance

vyavasāyaḥ व्मिसाम्
the process by which ascertainment is made

vyavasthitatva व्मित्स्थतत्ि
Stability; substance is relatively stable than its properties and actions;

vyavaya — व्यवाय
It indicates sexual intercourse/sexual regimen.

vyavāyī व्मिामी
Quality due to which a substance permeates all over the body before getting digested; caused due to activated Vayu & akash; e.g.

vyāviddhaṁ iva darśanaṁ व्माविद्धॊ इि दशनश ॊ
Sees obejcts in distorted form

vyāvṛitiḥ akṣi व्माितृ त् अक्षऺ
Protrusion of the eye.

vyāyāma asahatvaṁ व्मामाभ असहत्िॊ
Intolerance to exercise.

vyāyāma śakti व्मामाभ शत्तत
Power of exercise- it is examined by capacity for work.

vyāyāma व्मामाभ
Exercise; The act or movement of the body that causes fatigue. Etymologically the meaning vyāyāma (व्ममभ) is intensive development of self control of the mind over body or intensive bending of the body in various directions.

yudasah— व्युदासः
Spasmodic movement or tics

yushita— व्युषित
Allowing to stay overnight –soaking

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