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There are currently 174 terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
baddha adhovāyu फद्ध अधोिामु

baddhābaddhaṁ फद्धाफद्धॊ
Suppressed or loose motion irregularly

baddhadarśanaṁ फद्धदशनश ॊ
Blurred vision

baddhaṁ फद्धॊ

baddhamuṣṭi फद्धभत्ु ष्ट
Closed fist

bādhā फाधा

bādhirya फाधधमश
Loss of hearing

bahalaṁ फहरॊ

bahiḥśītaṁ फर्ह्शीतॊ
a process where material is cooled by removing heat source-External cooling

bahirjihvā फर्हत्जवश िा
Protrusion of tongue

bahirnirgamanaṁ guda फर्हतनगश भश नॊ गदु
Prolapsed Rectum

bahiścetana फर्हश्चेतन
living beings having externally manifested consciousness like those of humans

bahu nidrā फहु तनद्रा
Excessive sleep

bahu pratāna snāya फहु प्रतान स्नाम
Clear manifestation of tendon network

bahu pratāna फहु प्रतान
Multiple network

bahu फहु
Much, many, frequent, abundant, numerous, great or considerable in quantity. An attribute of Vāta.

bahubhuk फहुबकु ्
intake of more quantity of food

bāhuceṣṭāpahārī फाहुचेष्टाऩहायी
loss of motor function of upper limb

bahudhā darśanaṁ फहुधा दशनश ॊ
Multiple visions

bāhuḥ फाहु्
Upper limb

bāhukarmakṣayaḥ फाहुकभऺश म्
Loss of motor function of upper limb.

bahulā फहुरा
Excessive, thick

bāhulyaṁ फाहुल्मॊ

bahunidratā फहुतनद्रता
Excessive sleep.

bāhurajjula tāpāśaiḥ kaṇṭhapīḍanam फाहुयज्जुर ताऩाश्ै कण्ठऩीडनभ ्
strangulation (manual garroting) etc

bahuśaḥ फहुश्

bahuvāk फहुिाक्

bahvāśī फविाशी
Intake of more quantity of food

bāhya mala फावम भर
Impurities seen on external part of the body. It’s a sign of poor personnel hygiene, which may end up in many ailments like itching, burning sensation etc.

bāhyadruti फावमद्रतु त
It is a mercurial process where materials are Added after Melting the material outside separately.

bakkasa फतकस
it is the sediment part of the fermentation process and Synonym of surabija- seed and is used for an initiation of the fermentation process

bāla icchā फार इच्छा
Fond of Children

bala praṇāśa फर प्रणाश
Loss of physical strength or weakness

bala फर
Energy required to perform daily activities is Strength. – Individual strength has been classified in 3 types. Sahaja – Hereditary, Yuktija Strength achieved from exercise, food etc. Kalaja – natural strength received during Visarga kala. As long as the patient has good strength he can resist the all sorts of the diseases easily. If this strength or immunity is decreased minor diseases can create serious symptoms.

bāla फार
Childhood- it is determined from birth to 16 years, when dhatus are immature, sexual character are not manifested; the body is delicate with incomplete strength& dominance of kapha dhatu.

balābhāva फराबाि
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balabhraṁśa फरभ्रशॊ
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balādāna फरादान
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balahrāsa फरह्रास
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balakṣaya फरऺम
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balanāśa फरनाश
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balāpaharaṇa फराऩहयण
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balāpakarṣaṇa फराऩकषणश
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balaparihāni फरऩरयहातन
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balaparikṣaya फरऩरयऺम
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balasaṅkṣaya फरसङ्ऺम
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balavat puruṣe deśejanme फरित ् ऩरुु षे देशजे न्भे
Birth in a place which is endowed with energized persons. One among the strengthening factor which is concerned with the place. Individual taken birth in that place where there is a good vitality. That is birth in Jangala desha (arid place), will have good tolerance capacity.

balavatpuruṣe kāla janme फरित्ऩरुु षे कार जन्भे
One among the strengthening factor which is concerned with the time. Individual taken birth in the time where there is a good vitality. That is birth in Visarga kala, will have good tolerance capacity.

balavighāta फरविघात
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balavināśa फरविनाश
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balavṛddhikara bhāva फरिद्ृ धधकय बाि
Factors which increase and maintain the strength of an individual it includes birth in a place having strong person, that in a time conducive for strength, favorable time, excellence of seed and soil, excellence of diet, body, suitability and psyche, natural mechanism, youth, physical exercise and cheerfulness.

balepaghāta फरेऩघात
Loss of physical strength or weakness

baliḥ फमर्
Sacrificial offering or propitiatory oblation.

balikarma icchā फमरकभश इच्छा
Likes to do oblation

baloptaptiḥ फरोप्तत्प्त्
Loss of physical strength or weakness

balya फल्म
strength, stamina & immunity promoter

bandha फन्ध

bandhanāśa ārtava फन्धनाश आतिश
Loss of menstrual blood.

bandhujīvakanibhaṁ फन्धुजीिकतनबॊ
Bright red eye, like the flower of Pentapetes phoenicae

bandhujīvapratīkāśaṁ फन्धुजीिप्रतीकाशॊ
Bright red eye, like the flower of Pentapetes phoenicae

bastābhagandha फस्ताबगन्ध
Resembling the smell of goat.

bastagandha mūtraṁ फस्तगन्ध भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembling the smell of goat.

basti फत्स्त

bastinibha udaraḥ फत्स्ततनब उदय्
Abdomen resembles like a bladder filled with water

between the lens and the cornea in the aqueous humor of the eye"

bhā बा
reflection of the skin color

bhagnatvaṁ iva बग्नत्िॊ इि
Micturition with breaking pain

bhagnatvaṁ बग्नत्िॊ
Breaking pain

bhairava बयि
Bizarre look

bhājana बाजन
A unit of Measurement; Synonym of one adhak_ =3.073 g of metric units

bhakṣaṇa बऺण
Ingestion - oral administration

bhakṣya बक्ष्म
masticable; dietary substances to be masticated; e.g.

Bhaktha बतत
Food or drinks consumed by the individual.

bhakti बत्तत
A natural inclination or fondness for something; Desire

bhaktivibhramaḥ बत्ततविभ्रभ्
Perverted desire or there will not be desire on things which were desired previously.

bhaṅgaḥ aṅgaḥ बङ्ग् अङ्ग्
Breaking pain in the body.

bhaṅgaḥ skandhasya बङ्ग् स्कन्धस्म
Drooping of shoulders.

bhaṅganīla बङ्गनीर
Bee like blue color

bhaṅguram बङ्गयु भ ्
Quality of material indicating Brittleness/ fragility

bhañjana बञ्जन
Breaking pain

bhānupaka बानऩु ाक
certain pharmaceutical products are to be prepared by exposing them to sun rays

bhāra बाय
Indicating measure 40 tulas are equal to one bhar i.e. 96 kg (rounded to 1.0 quintals) of metric units.

bhārāḍhaya बायाढम
Heavy in weight – indicating the concentration of the material

bhārikaṁ बारयकॊ
Heaviness of the head.

bharjana बजनश
Frying/Roasting- one of the process applied in purification/refining of the material

bhasma बस्भ

bhasmābhaḥ बस्भाब्
Ash color.

bhasmanibhaḥ बस्भतनब्
Ash color.

bhasmodakapratīkāśaṁ mūtraṁ बस्भोदकप्रतीकाशॊ भत्रू ॊ
Urine resembles the washings of ash.

bhastra बस्त्र
used for blowing purpose

bhāsvara बास्िय
Shining indicating the mineral property of reflecting of light by the surface -

bhauma sarpa बौभ सऩश
Terrestrial snakes.

bhāvaḥ बाि्
state of existence

bhāvana बािन
Steeping - it’s a type of modulatory process of qualities of food & drugs. Steeping the food articles with any kind of decoction or juice will enhances the properties of the particular food and drug.

bhāvanā बािना
One of the process applied in purification/refining of the material

bhāvikasvapna बाविक स्िप्न
Dreams indicative of future happenings

bhayaḥ बम्

bheda बेद
Splitting pain Breaking pain

bhedana बेदन
Breaking pain

bhedanīya बेदनीम
a group of purgatives

bhekābha बेकाब
Color of frog

bheṣaja बेषज

bhidyata iva मबद्मत इि
Piercing pain, Breaking pain

bhindana iva मबन्दन इि
Breaking pain


bhinna kāṁsyapatratā मबन्न काॊस्मऩत्रता
Weak voice resembles the broken bell metal.

bhinna kāṁsyopama dhvani मबन्न काॊस्मोऩभ ध्ितन
Sound resembles the broken bell metal.

bhinna kansyapatrata — भिन्न कांस्यपत्रता
The weak voice resembles the broken bell metal.

bhinna svaraḥ मबन्न स्िय्
Hoarseness of voice

bhinna viṭka मबन्न विट्क
Loose motion

bhinnārci मबन्नाधचश
When poisonous food is put into fire, the food burns in severed & disjointed flames.

bhiṣak dveṣa मबषक् द्िेष
Aversion to physician

bhojanaśeṣaṁ बोजनशषे ॊ
Stomach contents

bhojanasyāvarodh बोजनस्माियोध
Stagnation of food in the gut.

bhojyoparodha बोज्मोऩयोध
Difficulty in deglutition.

bhrājaka pitta भ्राजक वऩत्त
One of the five subtypes of Pitta that causes Illumination or shining of the skin.

bhrājiṣṇu akṣi भ्रात्जष्णु अक्षऺ
Dazzling appearance of the eye

bhrājiṣṇu darśanaṁ भ्रात्जष्णु दशनश ॊ
Objects look as dazzling

bhrama भ्रभ
Giddiness, Dizziness or tremor.

bhramaṇa pāda भ्रभण ऩाद
Unsteady foot

bhramaṇa भ्रभण

bhramanti iva darśanaṁ भ्रभत्न्त इि दशनश ॊ
Objects look as revolving

bhrāmara भ्राभय
Variety of honey collected from Bhramara type of honey bee. Color of this honey will be of whitish.

bhraṁśa भ्रशॊ

bhrānta cetaḥ भ्रान्त चेत्
Perplexed mind

bhrānta darśanaṁ भ्रान्त दशनश ॊ
Perplexed sight

bhrāntaṁakṣi भ्रान्तअक्षऺ
Frantic eye

bhrāntaprekṣī भ्रान्तप्रेऺी
Seeing things in faulty manner

bhṛśa बशृ

bhṛśavegī बशृ िेगी
Excess flow

bhrūkṣepa भ्रऺू ेऩ
Spasmodic movement of the eyebrow

bhrūvyudāsa भ्रव्ू मदु ास
Spasmodic movement of the eyebrow.

bhū बू
Earth: the proto-element

bhūdhar yantra बधू य् मन्त्र
An apparatus used for purification, digestion etc processes by submerging it under ground and applying heat from above

bhugna बग्ु न

bhujaḥ बजु ्
Upper limb

bhuktopaghāta बतु तोऩघात
Loss of appetite

bhuri annaṁ बरु य अन्नॊ
Intake of more quantity of food

bhuritā बरु यता

bhūṣaṇa बषू ण

bhūta dhātri बतू धात्रत्र
It is made up two words, Bhuta – living things, Dhatri- women giving nutrition to the baby by own breast milk. It is another name of Ratri swabhava prabhava Nidra, is a type of Nidra comes due to the effect of night. It’s a natural sleep. This type of sleep nourishes one’s own body similar breast milk nourishing the new born baby.

bhūtāgni बतू ात्ग्न
Five types of Agni, those act after Jatharagni, but before Dhatvagni on the food and its metabolites. They are: Parthiva, Apya, Taijasa, Vayaviya and Nabhasa. They act on the corresponding substrate based on Pancabhautika composition to make them homologous to that of the bodily constituents.

bhūtaḥ बतू ्
Evil spirits or extrinsic micro-organism

bhūtātmā बतू ात्भा
The self consisting of the elements, The soul of all being.

bījakṣetraguṇa saṁpat फीजऺेत्रगणु सऩॊ त ्
Excellence of seed (sperm and ovum) & soil (Womb) - it is the one of the strengthening factors of the body. Child grown to the parents having Excellency in sperm, ovum and womb will be endowed with good strength, vitality and immunity.

bījāvarta फीजाितश
A stage of satvapatana in which flame attains color of melting material indicating the metal supposed to melt

bileśayā त्रफरेशमा
Includes animals living in burrows. Exp- toad, Iguana, snake, porcupine.

bilva त्रफल्ि
indicating measure Synonym of one pala=48 g of metric units

biṁbisī त्रफत्रफसी
defecation with burning and gripping pain

bindishatai chiyatechangeh — बिन्दुशतैः चियतेचाङ्गैः
Petechial patches.

bindu त्रफन्दु
A spot

bindubhiḥ ācaya त्रफन्दमु ब् आचम
Multiple spots on skin.

binduśaḥ mutraṁ त्रफन्दशु ् भत्रु ॊ
Passing urine drop by drop.


bodhaka kapha फोधक कप
One of the five subtypes of Kapha that helps in the perception of taste.

bradhnaḥ ब्रध्न्

brahmacarya ब्रवभचमश
A state of continence and chastity abstaining from sexual relations and experience

bramhā muhūrta ब्राम्ह भहु ूतश
Brahmā means relating to Bramha or creator or supreme spirit or to sacred knowledge or study or divine or presided over by a Bramha. Muhūrta refers to partic, period of the day. Brahmā muhūrta includes time between 4th Ghatika and 2nd Ghatika before sunrise, or 48 minutes of auspicious period before sunrise. It’s the relevant time for thinking brahmā or to study.

bramhacarya ब्राम्हचमाश
Avoidance of sexual act physically, mentally & verbally all ways under any circumstances. Control over genital organ, which leads to pleasant mind & helpful to attain knowledge about Bramha (supreme god)

bṛhat pañcamūla फहृ त ् ऩञ्चभरू
a combination of following five roots obtained from trees

bṛṁhaṇa फहॊृ ण
All procedures and treatment which increase body weight and strength is called Brimhana. This therapy is indicated for emaciated, weak and debilitated and for those in convalescence from chronic illness like

bṛṁhaṇīya फहॊृ णीम
anabolic/promoters of tissue growth

bubhukṣā फबु ऺु ा
Desire to take food.

bud bud tulyamāṁsa फद्ु फद्ु तल्ु मभाॊस
Skin covered with bubble like flesh.

buddhi upaghāta फद्ु धध उऩघात
Lack of intelligence

buddhi uparodha फद्ु धध उऩयोध
Lack of intelligence

buddhi फद्ु धध
The power of forming and retaining conceptions and general notions , intelligence , reason , intellect , discernment , judgment

buddhibhrama फद्ु धधभ्रभ
Perverted intelligence

buddhikṣaya फद्ु धधऺम
Lack of intelligence

buddhimoha फद्ु धधभोह
Perverted intelligence

buddhināśa फद्ु धधनाश
Lass of intelligence

buddhivibhrama फद्ु धधविभ्रभ
Perverted intelligence

buddhivibhraṁśa फद्ु धधविभ्रशॊ
intellectual aberration

buddhiviparyaya फद्ु धधविऩममश
Perverted intelligence

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