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ṛtu sandhi ऋतु सत्न्ध
Seasonal juncture, transitional period between two seasons - last seven days of a season and the first seven days of next season. In this period, one should taper the regimens of the previous rtu and practice those of the next Rtu in gradual, phased manner. Immediate abandoning and adoptionof regimens will cause various diseases due to improper adoptation.

ṛtucaryaa ऋतचु माश
Two months together are called a ŗtu. Ŗtucarya denotes the work or duties which are to be carried out during each Rtu, it includes seasonal food intake, seasonal activities and Seasonal cleansing process(Rtu Anusara śodhana)

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What is Ayurvedic Dictionary Sanskrit with translation?

Ayurvedic Sanskrit Dictionary is an A-Z database of Ayurvedic medical terminologies for the students of Ayurveda and the general public interested in Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, it contains 6000+ Ayurvedic Sanskrit terms with the meaning, simply search the term or use A-Z alphabets to get the term meaning with a description.

Can I submit Ayurvedic terms?

Yes, we welcome submissions, if you think we missed any term you can submit it along with its meaning and description. Just click on the Submit a term and enter the term with its meaning and description. The term will be published with your name.

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Who compiled the Ayurvedic terminology?

Ayurvedic Sanskrit Dictionary with translation (Sanskrit – English): Ayurvedic terminology dictionary. Compilation by the National Institute of Ayurveda India, information sourced from Updated by AyurMedia with minor typographical corrections and more helpful explanations.

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