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ṣaḍ virecanaśatāni षड् वियेचनशतातन
Six hundred virecana preparations.

ṣaḍ virecanāśrayāḥ षड् वियेचनाश्रमा्
Six plant parts viz. latex, root, bark, leaf, flower, fruit used as sources for Virecana action.

ṣaḍaṅgapānīya षडङ्गऩानीम
A kind of decoction prepared with prescribed six drugs

ṣāḍava षाडि
Jam and jelly / squashes -

ṣaḍendriya prasādana षडत्न्द्रम प्रसादन
That which soothes the five sensory organs

ṣaḍśodhana vṛkṣa षड्शोधन िऺृ
Class of following six plants used for shodhan

ṣaḍūṣaṇa षडू षण
A group of following six plants having Ushna Virya

ṣaṇḍa षण्ड

ṣaṇḍatā षण्डता
Inability to perform sexual act

ṣāṇḍyakara/ puṁsatvopaghāti षाण्ड्मकय / ऩसॊु त्िोऩघातत
Substances that hamper male sexual and reproductive ability.

ṣṭhīvana ष्ठीिन

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Ayurvedic Sanskrit Dictionary is an A-Z database of Ayurvedic medical terminologies for the students of Ayurveda and the general public interested in Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, it contains 6000+ Ayurvedic Sanskrit terms with the meaning, simply search the term or use A-Z alphabets to get the term meaning with a description.

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Who compiled the Ayurvedic terminology?

Ayurvedic Sanskrit Dictionary with translation (Sanskrit – English): Ayurvedic terminology dictionary. Compilation by the National Institute of Ayurveda India, information sourced from Updated by AyurMedia with minor typographical corrections and more helpful explanations.

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